If you’re new to gambling, chances are you’ll have a hard time trying to distinguish between all the online casino games on the internet. Just typing in “live dealer casino games” will give you millions of search results on Google in a matter of seconds.

Our Recommended Live Casinos To Play- February 2024

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  1. DuckyLuck


    4.7 /5
    CasinoHEX rating
    Welcome bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 93.86%
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: 25 USD
    • Payout speed:Payout speed: 48-72 hours
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 283+
    • Best Payout
    • New Casino
    • DuckyLuck launched in 2020
    • Withdrawal limits: $2500 / weekly
    Deposit Methods:
    American ExpressBitcoinCash AppCredit CardsInterac
    Betsoft CasinosPlaytechRivalSaucify
    Live chat
  2. Planet 7 Casino

    Planet 7 Casino

    4.5 /5
    CasinoHEX rating
    Welcome bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 96.5%
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: 30 USD
    • Payout speed:Payout speed: 1 - 3 days
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 150+
    • Best Payout
    • Instant Withdrawal
    • Planet 7 Casino launched in 2002
    • Withdrawal limits: $2500 / week
    Deposit Methods:
    American ExpressBitcoinCash AppCredit CardsDebit Card
    Mobile App
    apple android
    Live chat
    Safe & Secure
  3. Welcome bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 99.4%
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: 20 USD
    • Payout speed:Payout speed: 1 - 3 hours
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 198+
    • Best Payout
    • Instant Withdrawal
    • Super Slots launched in 2000
    • Withdrawal limits: $10,000 / week
    Deposit Methods:
    American ExpressBitcoinCash AppCredit CardsMastercard
    Betsoft CasinosMicrogamingPlaytech
    Quick & Easy Cashouts
  4. Welcome bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 92%
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: 20 USD
    • Payout speed:Payout speed: 7 days
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 250+
    • Best Payout
    • Slots of Vegas launched in 2000
    • 250+ casino games
    • Withdrawal limits: $2,500 / week
    Deposit Methods:
    BitcoinCash AppCredit CardsDebit CardMastercard
    Live chat
  5. Shazam


    4.5 /5
    CasinoHEX rating
    Welcome bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 94%
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: 10 USD
    • Payout speed:Payout speed: 1-5 hours
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 256+
    • $10 Minimum Deposit Casinos
    • Best Payout
    • Instant Withdrawal
    • Withdrawal limits: $2000 / day
    Deposit Methods:
    American ExpressBitcoinMastercardNeosurfVisa
    Live chat
    Play Now
  6. Welcome bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 80%
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: $25
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 300+
    • Instant Withdrawal
    • Cocoa Casino launched in 2006
    • 300+ casino games
    Deposit Methods:
    Bank TransferBitcoinMastercardNeosurfNeteller
    Betsoft CasinosRivalSaucify
  7. True Fortune

    True Fortune

    4.5 /5
    CasinoHEX rating
    Welcome bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 93%
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: 10 USD
    • Payout speed:Payout speed: 1 - 3 days
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 247+
    • $10 Minimum Deposit Casinos
    • Best Payout
    • True Fortune launched in 2019
    • Withdrawal limits: $10,000 / month
    Deposit Methods:
    Bank TransferBitcoinDebit CardMastercardPrepaid CardsVisa
    Betsoft CasinosPlaytechRivalSaucify
    Live chat
  8. Lucky Tiger Casino

    Lucky Tiger Casino

    4.5 /5
    CasinoHEX rating
    Welcome bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 95%
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: 10 USD
    • Payout speed:Payout speed: 1-3 hours
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 219+
    • $10 Minimum Deposit Casinos
    • Best Payout
    • Instant Withdrawal
    • Withdrawal limits: $2000 / week
    Deposit Methods:
    American ExpressBitcoinMastercardNeosurfPrepaid CardsVisa
    Live chat
  9. Playamo


    4.4 /5
    Welcome bonus
    • WIN rate:WIN rate: 96.8%
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: 10 USD
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 8481+
    • $10 Minimum Deposit Casinos
    • Playamo launched in 2016
    • 8481+ casino games
    Deposit Methods:
    Belatra GamesBetsoft CasinosBgamingEndorphinaIGT
    Play Now
  10. Welcome bonus
    • Min.deposit:Min.deposit: 45 USD
    • Casino Games:Casino Games: 200+
    • MYBCasino launched in 2017
    • 200+ casino games
    • Offers VIP Program & Dedicated VIP Manager
    Deposit Methods:
    BitcoinMastercardPrepaid CardsVisa
    Betsoft CasinosPlaytech

Naturally, it takes some time to distinguish between not only the live dealer options but also the software behind them, as well as all the game variants. Because of how widespread online gambling has become, there are so many casinos online that can offer all kinds of live dealer experiences – including some premium HD live streams that can have you facing off against opponents in real-time.

However, hundreds of websites on the market posing as casinos are determined to rip you off, so keeping a keen eye out on those is vital.

This can naturally be intimidating for beginners, and this is where we at CasinoHEX come in! Our job is simple – combining experience and expertise in all things casino-related and transforming them into an objective review.

We take all measures necessary to comb through every nook and cranny of both casinos and games to ensure an unbiased perspective. Every casino featured on our site is guaranteed to be secure, as we make it our priority to put safety first before tackling any specific features. That is also why we have a dedicated blacklist for all the potential scam artist casinos.

Moreover, we make sure that any online casino we cover fulfills our requirement of a fun, legal, and easy-to-use experience!

That is exactly why we have put this guide together for all of you live casino lovers out there. Our job is to make sure your entertainment is always safe and enjoyable so that you can look forward to a jackpot without any worries!

This article will tackle some basic inquiries about live casinos and introduce some must-play live dealer games and providers.

Let’s dig in!

What are Live Casinos?

It’s all in the name.

It’s the ability to visit a casino without having to go in person to roll some dice. Live casinos are grounded in traditional dealer-based games that you would find at any casino venue, which includes an appointed person who distributes the cards, bets, and any payouts.

For the many people who don’t want to go one-on-one with a computer program, it’s an excellent alternative. It gives a feeling of presence and provides a more realistic experience from the comfort of your own couch.

They tend to be more ‘premium’ on the gambling scene, as they require a lot more prep when compared to other online gambling experiences. Usually employing cameras, croupiers, tech people, and even pit bosses — live dealer casinos take their job seriously – which is perfect for players who want to partake in realistic casino experiences.

How do Live Casinos Work?

Casinos have come a long way since trips to the nearest gondola establishment, where modern-day gambling was birthed. Thanks to the Internet, we now have a chance to participate in live casinos.

Live casinos work with three main components: the cameras, the game control unit, and the wheel.

Cameras ensure that every live dealer game is both transparent as well as entertaining to watch. There are usually multiple cameras capturing different angles – the players, the table, and the wheel – for an all-around engaging experience.

With no game control unit, there would be no live dealer game. To keep it simple, these are built-in scanners that constantly oversee the table and monitor which cards are being played, what the winning numbers are, as well as transfer all necessary data to everyone at the table. For example, a player would see a ’12 red’ on the feed, along with a notification that tells them whether their bet won or not.

Lastly, depending on the game, a live casino may have a wheel. They come in either a physical version with a croupier or are engineered so that the software randomizes the number it lands on.

With the main components out of the way, let’s get into why live casinos are so popular.

If you’re someone who really values the ability to communicate with either a dealer or another player directly, live casinos are the perfect substitution. The mood is identical to a physical casino, and you will always have another person to crack jokes with or to help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Plus, there’s no dress code, which means you can get loaded while still wearing your pj’s.

Another great advantage is the 24/7 availability. Live casinos are online all the time, which gives you ample chance to find various players from different parts of the world and at any given time.

Many players are worried about how legit live casinos are in reality. Unlike a big part of randomized online gambling, live dealer games never use generators. Everything is determined in real-time, and any events are down to pure chance – as they would be in an on-land casino.

Moreover, if you’re skeptical about the process, there’s always the possibility to spectate a table, just as you would at any physical game. Live casinos are excellent for beginners who are just getting into online gambling, as they give full transparency to any spectator as well as offer them a chance to observe strategies and learn from other players.

Last but not least, with technology being as advanced as it is, there are even VR live casinos that can give players a full 360-degree gambling experience, where they can not only play the game but even move around the room.

Well-Known Live Dealer Casino Games

There are several types of live dealer games. These are based on real-life, existing games, so they’re not going to include any surprises. However, if you’re a beginner or unfamiliar with some of the games, then you should probably get to know the wide assortment on the market.

Certain games require more skill than others, and some are based entirely on luck. Because of that, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from if you’re looking to cleanse your palette of specific games – or looking to make a palette of your own.

Even though live dealer casinos have made their best efforts to include a live dealer into every game from their roster, there are games where their presence is not needed. However, the majority of games will always have a dealer on the stream to ensure both the flow of the game and the dialogue as well as its transparency.


Originally known as Twenty One, Blackjack is one of the most popular options when it comes to any kind of gambling game. It’s fairly simple in nature and can still offer some pretty entertaining outcomes. First-timers, listen up: This fan-favorite is where you can test out your luck!

The game is fairly straightforward, having you compete against both the dealer and the players to play blackjack for real money. You take turns drawing cards until you want to stop, all the while adding up their values. The aim is to not go over 21 since that automatically means losing a hand. The trick is in trying to strike a balance between not staying too low and not flying over the top.

It’s essentially card counting that’s been made challenging and fun. Live dealer blackjack casinos usually have variants of the original game, and some even include infinite Blackjack, common draws, Blackjack parties, and more.


Roulette reigns supreme in the world of table games. Any time you enter a casino, on-site or otherwise, you will find it among the top games. That’s because there are several types of live roulette games on the market, including European, French, and American as the most common, with further variants popping up here and there as well.

The options that you might come across at some live dealer casinos include double ball, double wheel, speed roulette, and lucky star roulette, among others. Still, while there might be several versions of the game on the market, the basic premise remains – an online roulette wheel that gets spun by the croupier and lands on one of the numbered partitions.

The person with the winning number receives the payout. There’s no real 100% guarantee to win this, but there are ways to amp up your game by implementing some strategies.


Beginner players who are intimidated at the thought of going against experienced old-timers in more popular games may just strike a lucky streak with Baccarat. It’s one of the simplest live casino games to learn and ideal for anyone just starting in gambling.

While there are versions of Baccarat out there like American, the Chemmy, and Baccarat Banque, the game boils down to comparing two players’ hands, and the one with the highest score wins. What’s interesting about Baccarat is that there’s also the option for a tie – which can be bet on after all the previous bets have been placed.

It also means if you’re skilled or just lucky enough, you’re going to have one heck of a winning streak.

Sic Bo

Ancient China came up with some exciting inventions, and among them was Sic Bo. It’s easily the most popular gambling game in Asia but has slowly crept its way into the western market and live dealer casinos as well.

Since it’s not all that familiar to most people, it can seem intimidating. However, Sic Bo is fairly similar to craps in the sense that it involves a table with dice and several different betting options. Players make three bets with their chips on the outcome they want, the dealer rolls the dice, and the players win if the sum of the dice is what they predicted.

Texas Hold ’em Poker

Texas Hold ’em is one of the most popular poker variants. Players who are familiar with a classic poker game won’t have too hard of a time adapting to the rules, and the original premise is there – getting the pot.

Players who are not that savvy about gambling, in general, should spend some time learning the rules and analyzing different games. To put it simply, every player receives two cards that then get placed into a minimum bet, known as the ‘Blind’ bet.

You can either fold, call or raise your cards until everyone folds. Alternatively, you can wait to strike when the time’s right after more cards go face up, using your best 5 card poker hand. Just like any other live dealer casino, there are multiple variations of Hold ’em out there – you only have to pick your favorite!


The main concept of Craps is all about the roll.

Make a bet, roll the dice and get either a 7 or 11 to win. Numbers 2, 3, and 13 mean game over. Any other number is an additional roll until you get the former or latter scenario. They make for an excellent starter gambling experience for those who just want to have a bit of fun.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly is an evergreen game that has moved from our childhood bedrooms right onto our screens – with multiple variants available at live dealer casinos.

The rules are simple:

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel games are an excellent alternative for players wanting a break from dice and cards. Betting on the game is incredibly easy since you only have to choose one segment of the wheel and hope your bet hits.

The fun thing about Wheel of Fortune is that you can either go for a big payoff, knowing there’s a smaller chance of hitting, or you can decide on a smaller payoff that you’re more likely to get.

Either way, the choice is up to you, while Lady Luck takes care of the rest.

Comparing Live Dealer vs. Regular Online Casino Games

There’s no real comparison between the live dealer and regular online casino games since they are geared towards different audiences. However, there are some things to note.

While live dealer games tend to err on the side of realism, there are also fewer games to play than in a full-blown online casino that accepts Google Pay, where the options are nearly endless. On the other hand, getting caught up in action can lead to some less than desirable financial dwellings, and this is where having a brick-and-mortar experience at your own house can help.

Either way, it’s about your preferences and playing style.

Top-Tier Live Dealer Games Software Vendors

The games aside, having the right software can really make or break your playing experience. Nobody wants to feel like they’re back in 1999 when they head onto a gambling website. More importantly, no one wants to feel scammed out of their money.

That’s why we at CasinoHEX make sure that players can stay relaxed when they are researching what vendor to give a chance to. There are hundreds of thousands of vendors on the market, all of which promise a premium gaming experience, but we’ve ranked the best of the best, so you don’t have to look too far!

Here are our top picks.

Evolution Gaming

Without a doubt, Evolution Gaming is the market leader in the world of live dealer casinos. Since its initial launch as a live dealer-only website in 2006, they have been developing various casino software and finding solutions for players to enjoy en masse.

They have some cool features, such as dedicated tables for certain players, the option for Pre-Decisions Blackjack, multiple language tables, and top view models for observers – these are just some of the unique options you get when choosing them as a vendor.

They are currently the lead live casino innovators and offer a plethora of games to try. Moreover, their live dealer categories include anything from classics like roulette and blackjack, to some of the more innovative Super Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger options.

NetEnt Live

Another company that’s a must-visit for players is Net Entertainment. Based in Sweden and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, it is both trustworthy and fun and has been recognized internationally for its top-tier software work.

With a modern interface, special player chat, player viewing abilities, and dedicated dealers, their selection of games are sure to keep you busy and entertained at all times. Whether it’s poker, roulette, or Craps, you are sure to cash in big!


As a veteran on the gambling scene, Playtech has been an established software vendor since 1999. Their reputation is so solid that they’re typically the only operator in an online casino, despite hundreds of others lining up to be picked. That’s impressive considering the size of the market!

Moreover, they keep some pretty cool games in their pocket. For example, if you wanna gamble while taking on Greek Gods, have a go at Age of the Gods: Roulette for a one-on-one against Zeus.


As one of the newer vendors from 2012, Ezugi provides cutting-edge gaming for web and mobile users! Their goal is to create the most modern and engaging live dealer games for players to enjoy. Their interface is customizable, and their features are all personalized, which can make for some awesome-looking games.

Some fun stand-outs include Unlimited 21 Blackjack, OTT Roulette, Baccarat Dragon Bonus, and more!

Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming is a live casino-based game software vendor that looks to not only provide but seamlessly integrate many classic live dealer games into a more modern look. Their attention to detail is uncanny, and the games they provide are impeccable.

Their come-up may have been recent, but their dedication has propelled them to become a reliable vendor that offers some popular titles!

Authentic Gaming

When it comes to game-specific suppliers, Authentic Gaming is a frontrunner in delivering premium live casino classics like roulette. And while they only formed in 2015, their niche has always been live dealer games – that’s why their focus has remained on designing comprehensive player interfaces.

They also offer live streams of seven land-based casinos for a peek into some premium roulette games.


Microgaming is an industry giant that dates all the way back to 1994. In fact, they’re the first-ever software provider that designed casino software. Speaking of accomplishments, they’re also the first-ever operator to create a mobile-powered casino in 2004!

With a history like that, there’s no questioning their status in the world of gambling. When it comes to live dealer games, they have an exceptional choice that ranges from the classics to some pretty fun variations, all of which come at the cost of a single installation on your device – and happy winnings await!

Realtime Gaming

Upon entering Realtime Gaming’s website, the first thing you will see is the big, orange letters spelling out ‘Take gaming seriously’.

And they have been taking gaming seriously since 1998, it seems, as they have one of the largest collections of live dealer (and other) games to date! Moreover, they have some unique products, like their own branded games, as well as some must-play evergreens!

How to Choose a Live Dealer Casino

There is no real way to choose a live dealer casino since there are multiple metrics to go by. First and foremost, ensure that you are not getting scammed by reading through our guides and finding out which ones made it to our naughty, they-who-must-not-be-named list. Also, you should always pay attention to the instant withdrawal casino payment methods available. Trusted gambling sites accept only legit, secure, and reliable depositing and withdrawal payment systems that can be found in the best Bitcoin casinos and online casinos that take PayPal.

Otherwise, there are some other things to consider before choosing a live dealer casino. The biggest attraction with most of them is the bonuses, and these include anything from sign-up and specialty to loyalty and no deposit bonuses. Sift through the various options to see which one is the most suited for your budget – as well as your playing style.

Moreover, look into the dealer interaction and online reviews, which can give you insight into how the live casino handles their players and how well they support them based on their customer service.

Above all, just make sure that you’re having fun!

Live Casinos FAQ

What are live dealer games?

Live dealer games are a version of real-life human dealer casino games, except that they are played from the comfort of your own home. They are set up exactly like in a land-based casino, except you view the action on a computer screen. The chips, cards, and dice used during the games are identical to the ones used at a physical location, with the rules likewise staying the same – barring any special versions of the game at hand.

Which table games will I find at a live dealer casino?

This depends greatly on the live dealer casino that you visit, but there will always be classics such as Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps. Moreover, since online casinos have modernized the gambling industry, there are also some new and exciting games that are available to play at various live dealer casinos.

What are the most popular live dealer games?

There’s no real way to determine this, but Blackjack and Roulette are typically the most popular live dealer games online. This is because they are both relatively simple to play and learn since they are based on luck. Beginners can pick up on the rules in no time. Plus, both of them offer a lower house edge, meaning players tend to get a lot more from the games through a longer playing period.

Are there any free live dealer games?

Yes. Since online casinos are moving the needle in the world of gambling, part of that comes with offering players a chance to test the waters before fully dipping in. Free versions of any live dealer game are available online anywhere, but going for casinos is your best bet. Moreover, several casinos offer demos, automated versions, as well as trials to get you up and running. At Planet 7 casino review by CasinoHEX you will find more than 150 games available.

Are live dealer games rigged?

A common misconception among many gamblers is that live dealer games (and other online games) are rigged. Because of this scrutiny, online casinos, as well as the software providers behind the games, are inspected more often than on-land casinos. The live dealer casinos that are accredited will usually have a certification on their website to prove that there’s no foul play present. So, your odds are probably better favored online rather than offline.

Do mobile and tablet live dealer games exist?

With the invention of smartphones came the natural development of mobile versions of your favorite live dealer games. It’s important to note that not every live dealer game is going to be available on the phone, as the interface and software are tricky to adapt. However, based on the casino you choose and the games they offer, you can very well be able to strike gold as you cook breakfast while playing the mobile versions of your favorite games. The most popular games usually get the favored treatment, which is why there are already multiple mobile versions of Blackjack, Roulette, as well as 3-card Poker out there for players to enjoy.
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