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Games available in any reputable online casino bring a different experience and a diverse level of excitement. Not all games are equally simple, fast, or engaging, though. If you are looking for a game that will bring you the thrill, has a rapid pace, and keeps you entertained, Craps could be the answer. It is the most popular casino game played with dice.

Our Best Online Craps Casinos To Play Real Money – September 2023

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If you have never played it before, it may seem confusing at first or even pretty complicated. You may have that feeling because of the table’s appearance. But, the truth is entirely different – the game is simple, and you will figure out the table arrangement pretty fast. Keep in mind that Craps is one of the top-rated games on almost every online gambling site. People love playing it mainly because it is so easy to learn. So don’t worry, you will get around it fast.

Here, CasinoHex experts will explain all the game rules, and you will learn how to play it. In addition, you will get some valuable tips that could increase the chances of winning for you. But most importantly, with all the information you will gather here, you will be all set and ready to play Craps, enjoy, and win. So let’s jump into it.

How to play Craps online?

Craps is a straightforward game, even though it may seem intimidating at the beginning. But once you see the rules and try one round of the game, you will conclude it is easy and fun. It is a table game played with a board (table), chips used to place the wagers, and two dice. The game may include up to twenty players switching to roll the dice and be the shooter. The goal of the game is to predict the value of the dice once it is rolled.

The round of Craps starts when players place wagers on the first roll of the dice. One of the most popular bets is the pass/don’t pass bet. Here’s how it works.

However, it’s rare that you get a natural in the first roll. The dice can also show 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, this creates a “point”. After the point has been established, the game must continue before a winner can be determined. The dice is thrown again a couple of times, and if you hit the same number, that’s a win. If you hit 7, you “seven out.” In other words, you lose. The round ends there. The players take a turn, and a new player is now the shooter.

For these pass/don’t pass bets, players may place additional wagers if a point is created. You can either place a bet called pass odds or don’t pass odds. Basically, these wagers are a way for a player to double down on their commitment to their original bet. If you bet on pass and don’t get a win straight away, you’re forced to throw dice again. Here, you can bet on the point coming up before the seven, if you do win, you get both wagers! The same can be done with the don’t pass odds — it’s a wager on a seven coming up first. These bets pay more than 1:1.

Another popular bet is known as “come” or “don’t come.” The idea behind come/don’t come bets is that it’s a game within a game. The bets can be placed only after the point has been rolled. When you place a come bet, it first is placed on 7 or 11 — if the first throw gets you there, you win. If not, it’s moved to the point that was thrown in that round. Now, that point rolls before a seven, you win, if not, you lose. If another point is made — nothing happens.

Essentially, a pass line bet is a come bet on the first point, the come bet is the same bet, but on another point. Let’s say, the first point was 5 and you place a come bet. Seven gets you a win, but loss to the original pass line bet. If four is rolled, your come bet moves to it. Now, seven nullifies both bets while four or five make them win.

There are other bets you can place during the game. For example, you can bet on specific numbers, or on big six or big eight where you bet that six or eight will show up. You can also bet on a pair — a pair of ones or twelves, a bet that has a low chance of winning but a huge payout. In addition, there are other wagers, and you can explore them all once you start playing the game.

With all of this, the game may sound like something super complicated. In reality, once you start playing it, the story is a lot different. Learning the basics will not require too much of your time or effort. The more you play, the more you know, so make sure to start exploring the magic Craps is offering to players all around the globe. As soon as you begin, you will figure out why so many people love the game and play it every day.

Craps strategies

Craps is an exciting game rich in dynamics. You can place various bets, but like everyone, you want to win as often as possible. You can do that by following some of the strategies listed below. The methods we describe are just the options you may or may not try. It is entirely up to you. Some players use these strategies all the time. Others never use them and still win.

A way to go if you are a beginner

The game’s rules are easy, but you may still need some time to memorize all of them. That’s why you need to play smart. The best move you can make at the beginning of your Craps online journey is to find the casino that includes a demo or practice version. You will learn all the basics, types of bets, and terms used in the game by playing the demo. Then, you will prepare yourself for a real money gamble. But first, let’s check out some of the top-rated Craps strategies.

Pass Line Strategy

One of the most straightforward approaches to the game of Craps, especially if you are new to it, is betting on the pass line. Here, the house edge is pretty low, below 1.50 %. By gambling on the pass line, you are betting on the shooter rolling a natural (7 or 11) or rolling a point before the seven. The bet pays even money.

Don’t pass line strategy

Here, you are betting on the “don’t pass line” area. The house edge is slightly lower than the pass line approach mentioned above. You gamble on the shooter rolling a two or a three on the come-out or hitting a seven before the point if the come-out didn’t determine the winner. In many casinos, 12 will result in a push and an additional throw is needed to determine the winner. This bet also pays 1:1.

Six or eight strategy

Progression wagers are pretty popular in Craps. One of the gamble options you can go for is six or eight. You are placing the bet that one of these numbers will appear when dice are rolled. It is the strategy that falls into the category of advanced ones. The reason is, you only bet on the dealer not throwing a seven before a six or an eight, and six is an extremely easy number to roll. A lot of time may pass until you land a win, and it is the option for those whose budget allows them to lose some money. The upside is that it pays 6:5.

Additional tips

Aside from the strategies that may or may not serve you, some tips are handy. Let’s go through them:

When you are ready to play for real money, make sure to pick the casino with a good reputation. Feel free to check out CasinoHex reviews. The best gambling sites provide generous bonuses, and in some cases, the bonus you get can be spent on Craps.

Never play in places that are not considered trustworthy. You may win some money but never actually get it.

Learn to manage your bankroll – always pay attention to how much money you have and how much you can afford to lose. Also, avoid advanced strategies because they require bigger budgets.

Explore various Craps games – the game comes in many variations, and you need to give yourself some time to explore them. Rules may differ slightly, and one game variant could be much more interesting than the other.

Take breaks – Craps can be very fun, and if you pick one of the strategies and the losing streak hits, you could be spending more time waiting for the win, thinking it is just about to arrive. So make sure to take breaks often, especially when you don’t feel luck is on your side.

Craps odds

When it comes to Craps, the less likely the outcome is, the higher is the payout and vice versa.

If you go for the pass line bets and don’t pass bar wagers, the payout is one to one. In other words, you will lose your stake, or you will double the money. The bet that pays the most is snake eyes — two ones — or a 12 because there’s just one way to win and a ton of ways to lose. It pays 30:1. Bets with two ways to win like 2, 3, or Hi-Lo that wins when either 2 or 12 are rolled, are paid 15:1. Other payouts include 7:1 (craps or hard 4/10), and 5:1 (any 7).

The house edge in Craps varies, and it depends on the type of bet you have decided to go for. For example, the house edge for the pass bet is 1.41 %, and for the don’t pass bet is 1.36 %.

In some areas of the board/table, the payouts for specific bet types are shown. It means you can learn more about payouts when playing the game.

Craps Types

Craps is a game that comes in several variations. Players have a fantastic opportunity to explore all the game forms and eventually figure out what works for them. If one of the versions is not your cup of tea, move to the next.

You will probably be surprised by the possibilities for mobile gamblers. For example, the best Android casinos have Craps games that you can play for free and for real money, and all you have to do is explore the options and go for the one that matches your gameplay.

Many players prefer live online casino games as they bring a lot more excitement into the equation. But, when it comes to Craps, finding the live dealer game can be tricky. Still, it is not impossible, you have to be persistent, and you will find it in the library of one of the top-rated casinos. Here, we are going to share some of the popular variants of the game. Some have lower, and the others have a higher house edge, so keep that in mind when selecting the one you want to play.

Simplified Craps

It is the version that could be a picture-perfect option for the newbies. The name says it all. It is the simplified form of the game with only a few available bets. Some of the wagers are craps, natural numbers, and the pass line. That’s all! House edge is slightly higher here, 2.8 %. It is the form of the game that is at the very top for many, so make sure to check it out.

New York Craps

Here, pass, don’t pass, and place bets are removed. Instead, there is a 5 % commission on box numbers. It is the variant of the game prevalent in the casinos around the United States. Players can bet directly on numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. It’s definitely a more thrilling variant as the payouts are huge!

Bank Craps

This term describes almost all Craps games played in casinos as you’re playing against the dealer. The opposite of that is playing against another player, which is known as street craps. This variant is known by different names, and some of them are Vegas Craps and Casino Craps.

Crapless Craps

Another variation of the game. Here, there is no “Don’t pass” wager. In addition, the number 11 (which is the natural in other versions and lands you a win) is not a sure winner here. Another downside of this version is an extremely high house edge.

Craps Glossary

When playing any game in an online casino, you need to learn the terminology for it. The same goes for Craps. It has its own set of phrases that have a meaning. You will see that Craps has a long list of terms, but don’t try to memorize them all right away. The best way to learn the majority of phrases is on the go – when playing the game. You will pick up the terms along the way.

Online Craps FAQ

How do you win at craps every time?

Winning every time is not possible, but you can improve your chances by following tips and strategies. If you are entirely new to the game, play it for free first. When you start gambling for real money, try some techniques, but make sure to start small. Take breaks between rounds, especially if the losing strike hits. Then, go for the bets with better odds.

Why is Craps the best casino game?

Craps is loved by many gambling enthusiasts worldwide. It is because it has simple rules, various bets and keeps the player interested. Moreover, the game has pretty great odds, making it a top choice for most players. In addition, there are many variations of the game, so all the players can find the one that will be the perfect match for their gameplay.

What is the best bet in craps?

When it comes to Craps, the best bet would be a pass bet. It is because this wager has the lowest house edge of 1.40 %. It is also the wager the beginners should focus on, especially when they gamble for real money.

How do you win craps for beginners?

If you have never played Craps before, the game and especially the table layout may seem scary at first. However, it’s just until you learn the pretty simple rules. As a beginner, it is essential to play the game for free and get familiar with it. Next, when you start playing for real money, focus on the bet with the lowest house edge of 1.40 %, the pass bet.
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