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Besides traditional and alternative banking solutions on online gambling sites, eWallets are blooming by the day. And the one that catches the eye of every serious gambler is Google Pay.

Online casinos accepting Google Pay are ever-increasing. This banking option is simple and safe for Android users to make fast deposits. Besides, having a banking option that doesn’t tie any fees to it sounds pretty appealing, right?

But, the market already has many e-wallet options to play the best mobile online casino. So, what makes GPay stand out among so many choices?

Best Google Pay Casino Sites – May 2022

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What is Google Pay and How It Works?

Deposit Time:Instant
Number of Casinos:10+
Alternatives:Apple Pay, Neteller, eCheck

GPay – as many know it – is an e-wallet that allows online payment through Android phones. It’s an evolution of Android Pay which was released in 2015, but it is built upon Google Wallet that was released in 2011.

Being an app developed by Google – GPay is among the most straightforward payment methods out there.

Naturally, you should first set up your GPay by connecting your Google account so you can use it. Set it up through the official website or simply download the application from the Google Play Store. Once the download and installation process is finished – connect your credit/debit card.

Google Pay casinos require no additional steps before you begin spinning the reels. Once you set up your account – you are free to continue with your deposit or payment. Everything that you’ve been able to do with the gambling operator using a traditional transaction solution is accessible with GPay, too, with one difference – it’s faster and safer for all players!

How To Deposit To Online Casinos That Accept Google Pay

Depositing with GPay is one of the simplest things about this banking method – it only takes a few minutes.

The first thing before you jump into depositing is having a GPay account. Having the app on your phone is the best option because this simplifies the process even more. Nonetheless, you can always use their official website.

Once you’ve settled this, you can start your GPay depositing journey. We know how confusing this can be – especially for new players – so we made this simple step-by-step guide, showing you the straightforward way depositing with GPay for the first time:

  1. Step: Once you have your account and you’re logged in, your next step is finding an online casino that accepts Google Pay. Don’t worry; nearly all prominent and modern gambling platforms offer this option! After you pick your preferred operator, make sure to create an account.
  2. Step: Once in your account, visit the cashier section, where you’ll be met by the casino’s payment options. Choose GPay casino option.
  3. Step: Next, input the cash you’re ready to play with from your GPay. Before the deposit is fully completed, you may choose your preferred prepaid card that will be used for the transaction.
  4. Step: The last step is to confirm the action via your biometric identification or password. Sometimes there will be other methods like a Google Authenticator.
  5. Step: After you’ve cleared all previous steps, your funds will be deposited. It’s instant, so you can dive into your favorite game right away!

Lately, though – many gambling sites don’t accept credit cards as a banking option method. Nonetheless, by using GooglePay casino sites – you don’t have to worry about this! GPay acts as a barrier and enables you to make transactions with your connected cards anyway.

How to Withdraw Cash From Google Pay Casinos

Sadly, you can’t use GooglePay when it comes to withdrawing funds from an online casino. This means that every player using GPay must use a separate banking option for getting their payout.

Still, it doesn’t mean that GPay will not address this issue in the future. Google boasts the most advanced system, and it has updates coming one after the other. That is why we are certain that withdrawing cash will be added to its settings.

Google Pay Fees and Limits

By far, the most appealing advantage of Google Pay casino is that it’s entirely fee-free. This means that you may deposit any sum of money you wish, and you won’t be charged a penny more.

Usually, other methods pose a small fee – but not GPay.

If this is not enough to convince you, then GPay’s “limits” surely will! Namely, Google Pay doesn’t impose any deposit limits. With these two pros together, you can see why Google casinos are increasing in number. However, note that although GPay has no limits, that doesn’t mean that the casino won’t place some. In order to be up-to-date with this, make sure to read the T&C of the gambling site and pay close attention to transaction limits.

Bonuses for Gambling with Google Pay

All online casinos that accept Google Pay are certain to have a Google Pay sign up bonus for all customers. Loyal users can find various first deposit bonuses or, even better – no deposit free spins offers.

A Google Pay bonus is given to new players that want to start off on the right foot. The most frequent bonuses for new players are usually a matching welcome bonus or free spins at casino online real money.

The most common matching bonus gambling platforms feature is 100% up to a certain amount. So, for example, by depositing $100 – you will get $100 extra to play with; therefore, you will begin playing with $200. Some operators even feature 200% – make sure you get the most out of them.

You can easily claim these welcome offers by following the operator’s instructions, and that typically includes making an account, depositing the minimum required amount of cash and selecting the promotion. Here is the list of low deposit online casino sites.

If you’re about to claim free spins, remember that most operators will limit your spins to a specific slot, which is why reading the T&C is mandatory before participating in any promo.

Note that whatever GPay bonus you claim – there will always be wagering requirements attached to it. So, before you get all happy that you’ve won $500 using the free spins you’ve claimed – make sure to read the casino’s T&C and fulfill the wagering requirements first.

And the best part is that no matter what type of bonus you choose or receive by using Google Pay – all deposits will be instant. So, in a Google Pay casino, you can claim your bonus in an instant and go straight to playing casino games.

Pros and Cons for Using Google Pay At Casino Sites

Everything comes with specific merits and drawbacks. It goes without saying – Google Pay has its own pros and cons as well. To give you a better picture of this banking solution, we listed the pros and cons it has.

Instant transactions: As we said, depositing with GPay is always instant – your funds will arrive immediately.
Safe to use: GPay gives you additional security to the one already provided by your credit/debit card even gambling at live dealer casinos.
Available for both Android and iOS: Although powered by Google, the GPay app can be downloaded from the Apple Store too. This gives all punters a chance to try out this payment option.
Multiple cards option: You can connect all your credit and debit cards to GPay. And when you deposit in your favorite casino, you simply pick which one you’ll be using. You can add up to 5 cards as banking options.
No fees: GPay is fee-free and doesn’t charge anything extra on your casino transactions.
No withdrawals: Currently, this banking option doesn’t offer you to withdraw your cash.
A small range of operators: Considering GooglePay is a new method, there aren’t that many operators that offer GPay as a banking option. However, their number is increasing, so you can rest assured that the day when all casinos accept this method is nearby!

Is Google Pay a Safe Option to Use At Online Casinos?

Considering that GPay is Google’s product, security should be the last item on your list of worries. Google takes care in providing the top apps and services on the market.

Google Pay practically comes as an extra layer of safety. You can look at your debit/credit card as the first layer, which requires some actions in order to deposit or withdraw cash – and Google Pay is the next one!

Some of the security technologies that GPay uses are:
  • SMS security code;
  • E-mail code;
  • Payment history;
  • Know Your Customer (KYC);
  • Two-factor authentication.

Simply put, casino sites that accept Google Pay are always considered to be one of the safest and are highly recommended. These already have a license from a reputable organization, so adding this extra layer earns the stamp of approval of every serious player.

Where Can Google Pay Be Used?

Google Pay’s reach spreads to every online field – e-shops, brick-and-mortar shops, sites, apps, etc. And yes, the online gambling world is not an exception!

The current number of online gambling operators that allow transactions through Google Pay is small – but the future looks bright for this system. This goes for the withdrawal feature too.

Even though at present, you can only deposit cash – which is immediately processed – many gambling enthusiasts are glad to see this method as part of their favorite casino. That is because GPay bears an image of safety that reflects on the operator itself.

Namely, Google Pay stores all your information into a separate server which reduces the possibility of identity theft. Plus, customers can take many bonuses if they use GPay.

What Countries are Restricted from Google Pay?

Sadly, GPay is not a viable transaction solution in all countries worldwide. Currently, there are 42 countries that allow it. This means that there are many more that need to adapt to it and Google has announced that they are working hard on making this happen.

The countries that decided to forbid their citizens from using GPay online casino transactions are the following:

However, Google has expressed that in some of these countries, you can use GPay but only with participating websites and apps. And if you’re an iOS user, then remember that you can only use GPay if you’re a citizen of the US or India.

Google Pay Alternatives

As good as Google Pay is, sometimes gambling devotees might get discouraged by the simple fact that you can’t cash out your winnings using this method. Other times, gamblers won’t be able to use this app due to restrictions coming from their country.

Whatever the cause may be, it’s good to know that GPay has many alternatives. Ranging from prepaid cards, credit/debit cards, other e-wallets, or even the simple traditional wire transfer – players have a variety of options!

Because the market is filled with so many alternatives that can confuse players – we made a shortlist of the most notable banking methods at this moment.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the other side of the coin. What Google Pay is to Android users – Apple Pay does for iPhone owners. Yes, GPay can be used with iOS devices as well, but many rarely do because of the fact that they have Apple Pay right at their reach.

When it comes to using online casinos accepting Apple Pay as a banking solution, it’s a mirror image of GPay. This banking option has the same level of safety that GPay provides. There are no fees and you can only deposit with Google Pay casinos online and not withdraw cash.

Additional downsides are that, just like GPay, Apple Pay is restricted in some countries and not many gambling operators accept it. Nonetheless, the sites that do are 100% one of the most reputable on the market.


Credit cards and debit cards have been the most used payment method for years. Even though the technology used in online casino that accepts MasterCard is rapidly growing and creates more and more e-wallets and cryptocurrencies – credit/debit cards have already fortified their presence.

Unfortunately, many online gambling platforms have decided to stop using credit cards as a payment method. Some countries have even solidified this with a legal act. Yet, they say nothing about debit cards! The most commonly used debit card is MasterCard. The reason why this method has survived for so long is that they provide everything that a gambler would want within moderate limits. Namely, debit cards have a strong layer of safety considering that there is a bank that has its back.

Plus, debit cards allow withdrawals and deposits with a small unnoticeable fee. Of course, the period needed for these actions isn’t instant and can take up to a few days. But, most banks have mobile apps for their credit/debit cards, so you can always keep track of your money.

American Express

American Express or Amex for short, is a widely used transaction solution among US players. However, it doesn’t just limit its services to the US. Amex is a method that is available to many other countries too.

A lot of casinos accept this method because it provides safety but also allows gambling devotees to deposit and withdraw cash. The bad side here is that sometimes American Express might not be recognized as a method for withdrawal. Due to this fact, Amex places some fees when it comes to depositing cash.

On the other hand, for those casinos that allow it, American Express offers quick transactions. However, the time frame might get stretched out and take a few days.

Another thing is the annual fee which depends on the type of Amex card you have. Although the casino has no direct influence on this, it is important to note because it can derail many gamblers from this method.


Cryptocurrencies are the symbol of the modern era. Slowly, more casinos are getting used to the idea of using cryptocurrencies. They are faster than alternative payment solutions and provide a safety net for their users. Because they are part of the virtual world, cryptocurrencies don’t have any fees attached to them and bring higher limits to withdrawing and depositing cash. Plus, they can’t be banned by any financial institution, which is why numerous countries and gambling websites have adopted this solution.

However, this brings some uncertainties. Namely, considering they aren’t regulated by any law, many online gambling sites take advantage of it and provide poor services. But what’s more, they use fake digital certificates, which makes them easy prey for online hackers.

Additionally, always remember that cryptocurrencies are very volatile, which means that their rates can easily fluctuate. Simply put, you may have hundreds of dollars one day, and the next end up with just a few tens.


Can I use Google Pay for online gambling?

Yes, you can. Google Pay is one of the safest options to secure yourself an enjoyable and worry-free gambling experience. Simply connect your Google account to GPay and choose this method in your casino.

How Long Will it Take to Place a Deposit at Google Pay Online Casinos?

The best aspect about GPay is that your deposits are instant. So, the moment you place the amount you want, you can expect to see it within your casino balance straight away.

Is GPay fee-free?

A huge advantage of Google Pay is fee-free transactions; every amount that you input will never be subject to any type of fee. However, remember that casinos might charge one.

What is the difference between Google Pay and MasterCard?

The main difference is that MasterCard allows withdrawals as well as deposits. However, this action is much longer with a debit card and is subject to some fees.

What is the most legit Google Pay online casino?

Any online gambling operator that welcomes Google Pay as a viable payment option is a legit one in our books. GPay is backed up by Google, which is the world’s most famous system that is continuously working on providing the best services for its customers.
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