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Almost everyone has heard of the MasterCard payment option in this day and age. One of the most famous credit and debit card companies – MasterCard – is incredibly popular with online casinos as well.

In fact, considering the increasing popularity of both online transactions and online gambling, online MasterCard casinos are some of the best, most reliable, and most practical places where you can have fun and win some money.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to inform you about:

Best MasterCard Online Casino Sites in 2023

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What is MasterCard and How It Works?

Founded: 1996
Deposit Time: Instant
Withdrawal Time: Instant
Fees: 2%
Number of casinos: 20+
Alternatives: Visa, PayPal, Neteller

First founded in 1966 in the USA, the Interbank Card Association (ICA), as it was known back then, slowly started to spread its influence worldwide.

After changing their name to Master Charge, introducing the new logo, and finally merging with the European Access Card and Euro Card brands by 1979 – ICA had already become the MasterCard we all know and cherish today.

Along with VISA and Maestro, their own debit-focused brand, MasterCard is, by now, the most popular transaction and online transaction company in the entire world.

Thus, it makes sense that most casinos come with this payment option on board. Of course, we have to point out that the best MasterCard casino sites are usually fully licensed, reputable, and well-developed ones. It would have a variety of diverse games onboard alongside an easy-to-use website.

You can use your card to make deposits and withdrawals – it’s one of the fastest, safest, and simplest options you could go for. A MasterCard casino online transaction can be the smoothest sailing you’ve ever experienced.

Here is how to deposit and withdraw at an online casino accepting MasterCard:

How to Deposit at Top Mastercard Online Casinos

Depositing to a gambling venue is a straightforward action to take. We’ve outlined the steps you’ll need to take, and we’re sure you’ll memorize them from the get-go!

  1. Get a card issued by MasterCard: This should come as a given, but we still feel we need to point it out. In order to benefit the most from operators that accept this payment option, you’d first need to have a card issued by a bank.
  2. Take your pick from the best gambling platforms that accept MasterCard: Do your research. Look around a little bit, check out if the best online casino that accepts Mastercard are legal in your state or country, and from them, find those that come with a MasterCard deposit casino option. This shouldn’t be very difficult, as most online gambling operators accept this payment method. Go for the one that’s licensed and offers attractive welcome bonuses with Mastercard payments.
  3. Create your account and select a Mastercard payment method: Just sign up for an account with the online casino of your choice (it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes) and, once you’re done, visit the ‘Cashier’ or ‘Deposit’ section.
  4. Enter your Mastercard card details: Here, you’ll need to type in your card number, your name, and surname, the expiry date, as well as your CVV – the security number on the back of your card.
  5. Choose your amount: Mastercard deposit a given amount of money from your card to your casino account, and your balance will immediately get updated. A MasterCard payment is rather fast, so you wouldn’t have to wait at all.

    Your next step is to simply access the games and start playing.

    How to Withdraw Money from MasterCard Casinos

    The Mastercard withdrawal process is almost exactly the same as the deposit one, with slight tweaks – you will have to verify your account via ID, Passport, or Driver’s License.

    It’s worth noting that some casinos are a bit problematic about allowing you to withdraw money to a credit or debit card. Sometimes, even if it’s MasterCard we’re talking about, you may not be able to. So be certain to check with the rules of the particular casino and, of course, of your country or state.

    Other than that, the steps are the following:

    1. Choose a MasterCard payout option: You’ve earned some money; congratulations! Now you have to choose a withdrawal option. If available, go for a credit card alternative, and make sure to withdraw with MasterCard.
    2. Verify your details: Since getting money is a bit trickier than spending it, most online casinos would ask for account verification at the cashier – a picture or copy of your MasterCard, your ID, or something similar. Just enter your details and go to the next step.
    3. Wait for the transaction to be made: Unlike deposits, MasterCard withdrawals may take some time. Depending on the rules and upper/lower limits of the particular casino, as well as on those of the country or state you’re in, it may take between three and five days for the money to arrive at your bank account. Fret not, however. Sooner or later, they’ll be there.

    That’s basically it. We mentioned that there might be some fees and limits that you should be aware of before making a deposit or withdrawal.

    MasterCard Fees and Limits

    Neither fees nor limits are ever fixed, so we can’t really tell you for sure how much extra you’ll be charged or what would the minimum or maximum amount of money that you’ll be allowed to deposit or withdraw be.

    You should know, though, that MasterCard fees and limits don’t depend on the same parties.

    Usually, fees are connected to the particular card issuer or the bank where you have your account. Some banks have annual fees, while otнhers may have around a 2% fee on transactions. MasterCard doesn’t charge their client's extra fees, whereas casinos might.

    MasterCard limits are a different subject altogether. Most of the time, each casino may or may not set a fixed minimum or maximum limit on either deposits or withdrawals. It could be the same limit for both transactions, or they could be different. There may also be no limits.

    Luckily, it’s usually openly stated on the online casino’s website, so be sure to thoroughly research preferred sites before making any transactions. You should know well what you’re getting into.

    But that’s no difficult thing – snoop around, read all that needs to be read – and you’re good to go. Not only could you earn some good money, but with the best MasterCard casinos online, you can get some first-class bonuses.

    Bonuses for Gambling Online With MasterCard

    One of the best things about top-quality online gambling sites is the plethora of bonuses that come along. Among other things, a variety of diverse bonuses testifies to the validity of the gambling platform, along with its license, its range of games, and mandatory safety precautions such as a KYC process.

    All of the best gambling platforms have multiple types of Mastercard deposit bonuses they offer to their users, and we’ll outline the most commonly encountered ones. These usually boil down to welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashback, reload, and others.

    Welcome Bonus (Deposit Bonus)

    As the name itself suggests, this type of bonus tends to be awarded at your “entrance” into the online MasterCard casino. It’s usually instant, so you’ll get it right away, but the specific amount of the bonus usually depends on the casino platform itself and its terms and conditions. If a good welcome bonus makes or breaks a casino for you, make sure to investigate properly before choosing your option. Most of the time, welcome bonuses are either a 50% or a 100% deposit match.

    No Deposit Bonus

    One of the rarest types of bonuses, usually reserved for special casino events, celebrations, anniversaries, or milestones – a no deposit bonus – is something to keep your eyes on. A good operator will definitely go above and beyond to deliver such a bonus.

    Free Spins

    These can be limited by certain wagering requirements by the particular gambling house but are a great bonus to claim when available. Unlike welcome bonuses, free spins can be awarded to long-standing casino regulars or as part of game releases and reload promotions. They basically allow you to win extra money, and it’s a fantastic option to keep your eye on.

    Besides these, there are almost always other, more unique MasterCard online casinos bonuses, but they would be specific for only some casinos. The best way to find what you’re looking for is to look for a list of the best operators online and, if possible, select a list of bonuses.

    You’ll see all the different types of bonuses and which gambling operators offer them. You could also select a specific bonus you’re looking for and find a list of all the top online casinos that accept MasterCard deposits.

    As you can see, there are a lot of bonuses to choose from, and it’s pretty easy to look around to find them. The online casino world is yours to explore!

    Pros and Cons for Using MasterCard at Online Casino Sites

    MasterCard is a considerable player in the online casino world, so we think it’s mandatory to succinctly and clearly point out the particular benefits and drawbacks that you’ll get by opting for an online MasterCard casino.

    Widespread: almost all licensed operators offer MasterCard as their first payment option.
    Ease of transfer: both deposit and withdrawal processes are simple and easy to complete.
    Instant: best casinos that accept MasterCard deposits are always instant, whereas withdrawals can take up a few days.
    Bonuses: there are many bonuses offered for MasterCard users.
    Secure: through encryption and data protection, this payment provider offers one of the safest user experiences.
    Mobile: MasterCard online casinos are adapted for mobile banking.
    Withdrawal difficulties: not all casinos allow withdrawals with credit cards.
    Withdrawal time: due to detailed security checks, it may take up to a few days until a payout is realized on your account.
    Fees: depending on your card issuer, there may be some fees on your transactions.
    Ethical issues: considering MasterCard’s monopoly on the credit card world, some users are inclined against it.
    Recent lawsuits: MasterCard has been sued for breaching some rules in the past few years, and some players might have issues with that.

    Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that if you’re up for a quick and easy gambling session at your favorite gambling platform – be sure that this payment provider is one of the best options to go for.

    Not only is it so widespread in its influence that by merely being an option, it vouches for the validity of the casino, but it also offers one of the safest user experiences which you can encounter.

    Is MasterCard a Safe Option to Use at Online Casinos?

    Even when not considering gambling online, MasterCard is one of the safest companies to go for when it comes to credit cards. In fact, their level of security is so high and well-developed that users have to prove their own security before signing onto their accounts.

    So, whether you’re doing deposits or withdrawals at your favorite gambling operator, or you’re simply worried about the security of your wallet – you’re in the best possible hands.

    For example, all US users have a free ID Theft Protection system that can easily detect and deal with identity theft. Moreover, all accounts come with a complex SSL encryption that prevents tracking and stealing of details, as well as a Zero Liability Protection, which reimburses you for all unauthorized transactions.

    All transactions have to go through security verification. You can even opt for an extra Secure Code for online transactions, which sends you a code to verify your transaction.

    As you can see, you can gamble to your heart’s delight – you’re in safe hands.

    Where Can MasterCard be Used?

    With certain exceptions – almost everywhere. Yes, that’s right. But it should hardly come as a surprise, no? Considering how this payment provider is so widespread, it only makes sense that the majority of all casinos will have this payment provider as their first option, like at Spinoverse online casino.

    You can use your MasterCard wherever and however you want! Just set it up as part of your casino account online, and you’ll be good to go. Due to its popularity, there are hundreds of bonuses available at the best casinos online, so you’ll be in for a treat as soon as you start looking.

    Geographically speaking, most US states legally allow online casinos that accept MasterCard. Most countries that prohibit MasterCard online casinos are countries where gambling is illegal or countries that have set certain limits at withdrawal or deposit amounts.

    There are a few countries where MasterCard is restricted too, so, in case you were planning on traveling any time soon, we’ve prepared the list for you:

    What Countries are Restricted from MasterCard?

    The following countries are all restricted from using MasterCard:

    If you find yourself in any of these countries, whatever the reason, please be aware that you won’t be able to find MasterCard online casinos. In fact, you won’t be able to use your card in any way.

    As long as you’re in any other country, though, feel free to look for a way to play through your vacation.

    MasterCard Alternatives

    Of course, great as it may be, MasterCard is not the only option when it comes to credit cards for online casinos. In fact, depending on both the casino and your country, there may be whole lists of available cards that you can use.

    These are the most recommended alternatives:

    Visa Cards

    VISA is the single most famous and secure credit card brand in the entire world, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s our first pick as an alternative.

    In fact, probabilistically, if you do not own a MasterCard or a Maestro Card, you probably own a VISA credit card. VISA cards are encrypted and safe to make transactions with, suitable both for instant deposits and rather fast withdrawals.

    Credit Cards

    Most credit cards are suitable for depositing at an online casino. In this day and age, most credit card providers take good care of their client’s safety and security. After all, with competitors like MasterCard and VISA, they have to.

    According to the card provider, transaction time may vary, but your money should be safely deposited and withdrawn. Besides, when you make a Neteller casino deposit, there are no fees for the transaction, so you will not have to worry about incurring additional costs.

    American Express

    When discussing brands, American Express is arguably the third most popular option after MasterCard and VISA. AMEX (as it is also known) even has its own app, which you could download on your Android or iOS mobile phone. From this, it’s safe to conclude that they’re perfectly well optimized for all kinds of online transactions.

    Prepaid Cards

    You can also use prepaid or gift cards at almost all casinos as well — no need to fear if you’re reluctant to employ your standard credit card. Online casinos that accept prepaid Mastercard are well optimized with all kinds of users and cards in mind.


    Is MasterCard Accepted at Most Online Casinos?

    Yes, MasterCard is available at most, if not all, online casinos. Wherever you happen to be, the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand – you’ll probably find that MasterCard is the first option offered at most online casinos.

    Will My MasterCard Payment Be Secure?

    MasterCard guarantees some of the most secure payments on the market – they have some of the best reviews. Not only do they come with the latest SSL encryption, but you have to authorize every transaction with several steps, some of which include you getting a unique code that you have to enter in the online casino.

    How Fast is a MasterCard Deposit?

    Every MasterCard casino deposit is instant. Unlike withdrawals, the moment you decide to put some money on your online MasterCard casino account and go through all the necessary steps – you’ll immediately get your desired balance ready to use. No time wasted with MasterCard.

    What Bonuses Can I Get?

    There are many different bonuses that you can get by being a MasterCard user. Some of the most common ones include welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses, etc. You can check each top MasterCard casino online individually to see what exactly they offer.

    Will I Have to Pay Fees on Deposits and Withdrawals?

    Unfortunately, we can’t assure you anything about fees, as that mostly depends on your card issuer and/or bank and online casino. While certain casinos charge zero fees, others will charge up to 10%, so – make sure to read the terms and conditions.
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