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Within the vast exhibition of online casino games, one of the more popular card games among gamblers is undoubtedly Blackjack. If you’re reading this article here, you know the game rules for Blackjack beforehand, so we’ll skip the formalities and dive right into the details.

Winning a game of Blackjack might sound a bit tricky, and most would argue that it’s purely a game of luck. However, that’s not the case anymore. By learning this effortless counting card practice you can significantly boost your odds of taking out the dealer’s hand with your own and winning big time to play blackjack for money.

Your Blackjack calculating strategy will aid you in winning fabulous prizes across multiple online casinos. It’s time to turn the tide against the house and rack in fortune-filled victories for all players. The numbers game is quite simple, and even beginners can practice and learn to apply it skillfully.

You can solidify your Blackjack card calculating strategy and win exciting cash prizes at casinos with detailed guidelines. It doesn’t calculate on any platform.

Learn more tips and tricks in our comprehensive guide for counting cards Blackjack.

What is Card Counting in Blackjack?

The primary objective in this intellectual battle is to defeat the dealer by landing equal or closer to 21. You’ll win bets if your final value is closest to 21. You’ll feel that the house will always be at an advantage.

That’s where card counting comes into play. You assign calculate values to Blackjack card numbers and count them. The total sum of these numbering values is considered your “running count.” The higher the running total, the better chances for you to raise your bets and win.

Your task is to increase the ratio of high-valued cards remaining in the deck before each reshuffle. It may sound like a lot of work at times. Thankfully, a handful of easy-to-learn adding systems are available for players to learn and utilize in their Blackjack play sessions.

Several online apps are also available on App Store and Google Play, where players can further practice their Blackjack mathematic skills. We’ll be sharing our recommended list for these online apps with you in a bit.

How Does Card Counting Work?

Most professional Blackjack players will recommend the “High-Low” summing up system. Initially, you’ll need to assign an integer value to each card. Look at the ranks below:

  • High: 10, J, Q, K, A (adding value of -1).
  • Neutral: 7, 8, 9 (adding value of 0).
  • Low: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (adding value of +1).

As the house deals the deck to each player, keep an eye on each Blackjack card’s value until it’s time to state your bets.

A strong hand undoubtedly wins you the current bet, but you’ll struggle more in later sessions. The idea is that high cards decrease the net player advantage for upcoming games, as fewer high cards now remain in the deck before re-shuffling.

The low cards follow the same theory as well. If a player receives a low card, the net player advantage increases as fewer low cards remain, and the chances of drawing a high card increase. Finally, as the name suggests, neutrals don’t favour any sides.

Once you’ve calculated the “Running Count” or the total sum of values in play, you can make your next move. A positive and higher running count means more high cards are available to draw, so you take more risks and raise your bets. Meanwhile, a negative and lower running sum up is your signal to play it safe for now.

Don’t confuse the running сalculation with the “True Count,” which helps to determine how much you should raise the stakes. Keep reading to learn more.

Blackjack Card Counting Strategy for Beginners

The majority of calculating systems are exceptionally beginner-friendly. Most novice players can readily master their strategy. The “Meaningful Pairs” technique saves time for you to calculate your Running Count efficiently.

Don’t assign values as the dealer deals out the deck. You can wait till all cards are on the table. The final sum for each player’s cards adds up and determines the Running Count.

Once finalized, you can readily determine whether the net player advantage favors an offensive or a defensive approach.

As newcomers to the gambling realm, you can refer to our recommended “how to play Blackjack online” and “how to win online Blackjack” tips.

Blackjack Card Values

In Blackjack, each card is worth a different score. Getting a score close to 21 increases your chances to beat the dealer and win the bet. If there are no perfect scores of 21 by anyone, the one with the highest score wins the bet. You’ll get a “bust” for going beyond 21 and lose the game immediately.

Knowing when to “hit” or “stand.” The worth of each playing card in Blackjack is listed below:

  • Numbers: Same as their face value (a number 2 is worth 2 points).
  • Pictures: 10 points.
  • Ace: 1 or 11 points (relies on best combination available).

How to Count Cards in Blackjack Guide: Steps

These step-by-step tips guide you to solidify your counting strategy count-cards/” target=”_blank”>counting strategy in Blackjack and win tones of money. As per the following:

  1. Learn and master any Blackjack summing up system (for example, the High-Low count system).
  2. Assign your designated card values in Blackjack.
  3. Calculate the Running Count across the table.
  4. Determine the True Count or “Count per deck.”
  5. Raise your bets if the True Count value is higher.

True Count

The True Count determines the margin of raising your bets. The formula required to find this value is mentioned below, like the following:

Blackjack True Count = Running Count / Unfinished decks.

For example, a True Count of 5 requires the Running Count of +10 and 2 remaining decks. Now, you can raise your bets by 5x the stakes.

Live Online Blackjack Card Counting

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular Blackjack card countin strategies for you. The preset Blackjack cards value for these adding systems are defined below, as the following:

  • Hi-Lo: Count level of 1 (Low: +1, Neutral: 0, High: -1).
  • KO: Count level of 1 (Low: +1, Neutral: 0, High: -1).
  • Red 7: Count level of 1 (Low: +1, Neutral: 0, High: -1).
  • Hi-Opt I: Count level of 1 (Low: +1, Neutral: 0, High: -1).
  • Hi-Opt II: Count level of 2 (Low: +1, +2, Neutral: 0, High: -2).
  • Omega II: Count level of 2 (Low: +1, +2, Neutral: 0, High: -1, -2).
  • Zen Count: Count level of 2 (Low: +1, +2, Neutral: 0, High: -1, -2).
  • 10 Count: Count level of 2 (Low: +1, Neutral: +1, High: -2).
  • Halves: Count level of 3 (Low: +0.5, +1, +1.5, Neutral: 0, High: -0.5, -1).

Each online casino works differently for Blackjack card counters. Many online casinos can evade summing up strategies as their software reshuffles the packs immediately after a few rounds. You are prevented from achieving a high True Count, making it harder to win online games. You can still calculate but at much lower stakes.

However, a few online game services allow players to use card counters by nullifying immediate reshuffling. These casinos encourage more players to join and play their online Blackjack games for more chances of winning money and other exciting prizes.

Learn more about Blackjack card numbers and mathematic systems, single deck blackjack strategy and rules right here at

Blackjack Card Counting Apps

For players with little to no experience in Blackjack card calculating, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of high-rated online apps where you can practice your math skills before jumping right into the real action. Check out:

  • Blackjack 101 Play Perfect (Available on iOS).
  • Blackjack All-In-One Trainer (Available for free on Android).
  • Blackjack Card Counter (Available for free on Android).
  • Card Counter Lite (Available for free on iOS & Android).
  • Blackjack & Card Counting Pro (Available for iOS & Android).

Is Counting Cards Illegal in the US?

Under the federal and state laws of the United States, assigning card values in blackjack and summing up them are not considered illegal. If you’re doing all the maths in your head, you’ll be in clean waters.

Learning how to count cards in Blackjack is an exciting skill to learn and experience. However, be mindful that casino owners can call the police on you for misconduct on their premises or playing using unfair means. You certainly don’t want to end up in jail for some extra money, which belongs to the casino, in the first place.


The adding cards Blackjack practice is a fascinating strategy for winning more frequently in Blackjack games, on paper at least. If you’re trying the technique out in real-world casinos, you have better odds of your calculating system coming in clutch and fetching you heaps of money. As for online casinos, it’s mostly a hit or a miss (though not the Blackjack one).

The stakes aren’t as high as real-world casinos, but you can still try out your skills and win exciting cash prizes. All that potential comes right out of your pockets and from the comfort of your homes.

So, what’s the wait? Check out the best online casinos for Blackjack games right here at Play with real money and win prizes or try out demo versions for free to learn more about this thrilling card game. Join in on the fun today.


Can you count cards in online Blackjack?

Yes, you absolutely can count cards in online Blackjack. Compared to regular Blackjack in a real casino, the stakes are much lower for card counters.

Is it illegal to count cards at a casino?

It is not cheating, to sum up cards at any casino if you are not using unfair means to gain an advantage. Remember always to gamble online responsibly.

When should I bet when counting cards?

It depends upon your “true count” value while calculating cards. The higher the value, the more flexibility in betting at higher stakes.
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