The Best Blackjack Betting Strategy

Blackjack betting strategies are popular. Whenever you have a casino game, you have people who have worked on developing strategies. The most talked-about strategies for casino table games are roulette strategies, and some roulette strategies have existed for centuries.

Our blackjack betting guide will provide a selection of blackjack betting strategies for players keen to up their game. Read on to find out more.

Is it Worth it to Use Blackjack Systems?

How does blackjack betting work? Some players are just trying their luck, but some people prefer to use a tried-and-tested system as they prefer a concrete system to follow so that they are in control when playing the best blackjack sites online.

Though no fail-proof strategy exists for any casino game, there are optimal strategies that can help improve your chances (and frequency) of winning. Here is a selection of effective blackjack strategies to try at the table:

Martingale Betting System Blackjack

The Martingale Betting System came about in 18th century France. It is among the oldest betting systems around and for this reason, many players consider it to be the best blackjack betting system. The idea behind is that you can avoid a loss for even money if you double the sum after every loss. It’s most likely that this system was first used with roulette. However, it can also be used in things like stock trading too. People also use this strategy frequently to play blackjack, even though this game isn’t an even-money game. What’s more, players can run into a bad card streak so if you’re playing at a $5 table and lose eight hands straight, you’ll have to wager $1280 on the next hand, so you might just be better accepting your $5 loss.

Here is an example of how the Martingale system might play out.

Hand number Bet unit Outcome of hand Net win
1 1 Win 1
2 2 Lose 0
3 3 Lose -2
4 4 Lose -6
5 8 Win  +2
It’s an old strategy that people still use today, which means it must have some substance and success. A fun strategy.
You can win decent amounts with this strategy, but you need to bet big to get them.
Blackjack isn’t an even money game, so the strategy isn’t as effective.
Losing streaks are common in blackjack, so this system is really only useful for high rollers.
An aggressive and risky strategy.
Lots of blackjack tables have limits, so you might not be able to use the Martingale system if you keep having losses.

The System Hand by Hand

Let’s use an example of this system and describe how you would use it hand by hand in blackjack.

If you use $5 on a hand and lose this hand, you would go on to double your next bet up to $10.

If you then lose that next bet, you’d need to go for $20 on the following bet. You’ll keep doing this until you get a win. Once you have a win, you then go back to $5 on a hand.

As you can see, if you get a losing streak, you’ll be paying out a lot of money. Even if you only start playing $5, after eight losses, you’d have lost $1,275.

So, an example of this system would go like this.

Hand number Bet unit Outcome of hand Net win
1 1 Win 1.5
2 1 Lose 0.5
3 2 Lose -1.5
4 4 Win +4.5
5 1 Win +6
Works well for high rollers.
Works for all bets and not just even money bets.
A win will recoup previous losses.
You need a big bankroll.
Keeping track of bankroll is tricky.

Positive Progressive Blackjack Betting System

Like the Martingale system blackjack betting, a positive progressive system means you increase your limit after losing. These systems are popular because they’re easy to understand. However, they’re also high risk.

When you play on a positive progressive system, it’s easy to get big losses. Many gambling experts advise chipping away at your losses instead of trying to regain them as quickly as possible. Positive systems don’t follow that advice, which makes them riskier.

Hand number Bet
Outcome of hand
Net winnings
1 1 Lose -1
2 1 Win 0
3 2 Lose -2
4 1 Win -1
5 2 Win  +1
A good strategy for high stakes rollers.
You can win large amounts.
Easy to get big losses.

Negative Progressive Blackjack Betting System

Another popular strategy for blackjack is the negative progressive betting blackjack system. You probably won’t be surprised that this is the opposite of the positive betting blackjack system.

This system can also be risky because it is easy to lose large amounts if you have a winning streak but then lose. The idea behind a negative progressive system is that the player will increase their bet size after losing their previous one. You can then choose the amount in the next round.

The idea behind this strategy is that you will win a hand eventually – and due to the high wagers, you will be able to restore a large part of your previous losses.

After winning a hand, you return to the first bet size you began with. Provided you’re winning, you will stick to your minimum bet amount. However, losing means you increase the amount wagered until another win comes along. The idea behind negative progressive strategies is that you restore losses. However, unless you have a large amount of capital, you won’t be able to continue and may destroy your capital.

Since it’s not possible to know when luck will go your way, it’s hard to know how long to keep going. Since the game of blackjack itself is down to pure luck, you can never guarantee that a system will work in your favor.

Hand number Bet Outcome of hand Net winnings
1 1 Lose -1
2 2 Win  +1
3 1 Lose 0
4 1 Win  +2
5 1 Win +3
An interesting strategy.
It is possible to achieve big wins, but you might need a large amount of capital to achieve them.
Blackjack isn’t an even money game, so the strategy won’t work as well as it does for roulette.
It’s a better system for anyone with a lot of money, as streaks are common in blackjack, and you could lose a lot of money (but also win a lot too).

Conclusion – the best blackjack betting strategy

No matter the strategy or system used, you can use them to bring the payouts that you want. However, it’s worth knowing just how much you could also lose with these systems – especially if there are limits on the online blackjack. When luck is on your side, the strategies mentioned in this article will work. But it is purely down to luck whether they do, and you can lose a lot of money trying to regain lost funds. Other strategies worth exploring are the blackjack betting strategy 2 1 2 (also called the Manhattan strategy) or the blackjack betting strategy 1-2-3-5. Ultimately, there is no best way to bet in blackjack and the best blackjack betting strategy for you will only be the best until you lose, as blackjack is based on luck alone.

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