ORGSlots are by far the most played games at any online casino. They are simple enough to understand when you’re talking about classic three-reel slots. But as the popularity of slots keeps growing more and more, new mechanics and variations are introduced.

If you enjoy the genre and want to try out new slots, you will need a list of terms. Understanding slot machine meaning is the first step to enjoying them. You also need to understand the exact slot machine credits to keep track of the value of the coins used.

In this article, we’ll discuss the list of slot machine terms and their meaning. By the end of the article, you will be familiarized with slots’ lingo. Let’s start learning about slot terminology.

List of Slot Machine Terminology with Definitions

When reading about the terminology and its definitions, the first thing that you should do is make a list of the most popular games. Since there are subtle differences between the different games, you need to know what you are dealing with.

You can find the slot machine lines explained in different reviews. But why learn about just one game when you can learn about the lingo in general? That way, you shouldn’t run into any problems when you’re trying out a new slot.

But enough of that, let’s take a look at slot terminology in alphabetical order.

1,024 Ways

Similar to a 234 ways slot machine, the 1024-ways slot machine comes with an extra row of symbols. With five reels and four columns, you have exponentially more ways to win.

234 Ways

The specialty of a 234 ways slot machine is that you get a payout for symbols anywhere on the paytable. Paytable will come up in the list of slot machine terms later on. As long as the symbols are adjacent in a 234 ways machine, you will get a payout for that.

3 Reel

3 reels mean there are three columns of symbols. 3-reel slots are the most traditional and played type of all time. You can find detailed guides on slot machine lines explained for three reel slots.

5 Reel

The  meaning of the 5 reels term is quite simple. Instead of three columns of symbols like in a 3 reel, you now have 5. This means you have more combinations in hand that can result in a win.

6 Reel

Similar to the 3 reels and the 5 reels, the 6 reel has six columns. If you know anything about slot machine lines, you should know that more lines mean more paylines. This means more money to win.


Action refers to the specific amount that a player bets within a fixed time. It’s important to know about the meaning of credits before wagering money on the lines.

Active Payline

Active Payline is one of the terms from the list that are used in all slots. There are certain slots that let players choose which paylines to keep activated and deactivated. The lines that you choose for your paylines are the active paylines.

All Ways

All Ways slots are some of the most straightforward to play at any online casino. They are also the simplest to understand because you can have winning combinations going from left to right and in the opposite direction as well.

Annuity Winner

Annuity winner is a terminology that isn’t relevant to this game. The definition of this term refers to a player who takes the reward for the jackpot in payments instead of a lump sum.


Autoplay is a term for a feature that’s useful for fast players. The game tends to be slow, and clicking on the spin button can get tiring if you’re not winning. Using the autospin/autoplay feature, you can preset the number of spins you’d like to make.


Bars is a lingo that’s associated with classic slots. Bars are often the lowest-paying symbols. But stacked bars can be worth more. When talking about slot machine credits meaning, “Bars” is a common terminology that comes up.


This is the most common terminology in the casino industry. Bet is the amount of money/coin wagered by the players.

Bonus Feature

Bonus feature must be the most sought-after term in the terms’ list. It refers to a game mechanic where you can enjoy additional rewards such as free cash, free spins, etc. The bonus feature is different for each individual game.

Buy a Feature

Buy a feature is another terminology that doesn’t apply to all games. In certain games, you will have the option to buy specific bonuses as double rewards on the next spins, free spins, and many more. If you’re playing a slot like that, this definition of this term will come in handy.


It’s not a literal candle, in case you were wondering. This is also a lingo for land-based casinos. A candle is a light on the top of a slot machine. You can use the candle to call an employee to help you out with any issue.

Cascading Wilds

If you want to win big with options that support cascading wild, you will want to pay attention to this terminology. Wilds are special symbols that replace other symbols to create winning combinations. Cascading wilds takes it a step further and converts other symbols into wilds for even more winning combinations.

Cascading wild is an important term if you want to understand the meaning of this game properly. It will allow you to nab more wins and even concurrent wins as well.


Coins represent the amount of money you have available to spend on slots. Coins are part of slot machine credits, meaning you will see some games that use coins instead of money. You will need to buy coins before you want to play.

At new sweeps casinos 2023 real money sites gamblers can get gold or sweeps coins to play social games or online slots.

Coin Value

Tying into the previous terminology, there will be certain slots where you can have different values assigned to the coins at the casino. Usually, in these slots, you have the option to freely control the coin value. This comes in handy to minimize losses and maximize your winnings.

Collect Button

A collect button is common to an online slot as well as a physical one. If you are discussing meanings for different terms, you will come across the collect button. The purpose of this collect button is to let you cash out the remaining money that you have in the slot.


If you want to know about slot machine credits meaning, it’s fairly simple. Credits are the unit that you use when you deposit money into the slot. You can find the indicator for credits at the bottom of the screen.

Demo Mode

As the term suggests, a demo mode is a practice mode for an online slot. It’s one of the terms that players need to understand. New players have a misconception that they can win money from demo mode. But all the spins and wins you get in a demo mode are made with demo cash, so you can’t cash anything out.

Expanding Wilds

If you loved learning about the slot machine meaning of cascading wilds, you would love this one. Expanding wilds is a one-of-a-kind of wild symbol that expands beyond a single space. The most common case is expanding to the entire reel, which means you get more chances to win.

Fixed Jackpot

There are two jackpot terms that will come up in the list. One is the fixed jackpot, and the other is the progressive jackpot. A fixed jackpot slot is where the grand prize for the jackpot combination is capped at a certain value.

Free Play

Free play is a similar lingo, just like Demo Mode at Endorphina slots. You can try out free play slots without risking any real money. The best online casinos will often use free play for advertising new games that the casino adds to the collections.

Free Spins

This is probably the most sought-after term in slots. You can spin the reels of the slot without staking any money. There are various ways to get free spins. You can get them as part of a bonus, as a feature buy, or by triggering the bonus rounds.


There is a different meaning for the word “gamble”. According to slot machine credits meaning, gambling refers to when you want to double the prize for your previous win.


The way hit works is by landing a paying combination. Every time you land a combination like that, you hit once.


A jackpot is the highest reward on a slot machine. You can only get the jackpot by landing the jackpot combination. There is only one jackpot combination. Sometimes, there is another requirement where you can win the jackpot on max bet.

Line Bet

Line bet is one of the points on the list that apply to specific games only. You will run into certain options that allow for adjustable line bets. That will help determine the amount of payout a player can enjoy by landing a winning combo.

Max Bet

You can deduce the meaning of max bet just from the words. You will find a dedicated button to assign the maximum bet. Sometimes, you will see that the jackpot can only be won when you’re playing at max bet.

Min Bet

Opposite to the max bet, the min bet is the least amount you can wager on a slot, opposite to the max bet. If you’re playing with coins, it’s going to be one coin per payline. As for the value, it can go as little as a cent.

Mobile Slots

Mobile slots are derived from a term in the list. You can enjoy mobile slots by visiting the online casino from your phone. You can play mobile slots from your phone browser or use the dedicated casino app if there is one.


The “slot machine lines explained” guides are handy when you’re trying to understand multi-line slots. In a multi-line game, there are numerous paylines. With each added line, your chances of winning are drastically boosted.


A multiplier exists to increase your winnings drastically. The more multipliers you have, the more money you can make. The multiplier has to be one of the sought-after things in the terms list.


There are different symbols that you will find in a video slot. Numbers are the low-paying symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A are the number symbols in most video slots.


Payline refers to the winning combination you need to land to win. Depending on the layout, the slot machine lines will be different for winning combinations. You can find the list of paylines from the paytable.


The amount of money that you get for landing a winning combination is the payout. The payout depends on many things, such as the number of symbols you land on the lines and active multipliers.


Perhaps the most important word on the list of terms when it comes to understanding a slot. You can find all the information about the game from the paytable. The value of the symbols, the conditions for triggering the free spins, and any other special mechanic relevant to the game.

Progressive Jackpot

This refers to a slot where the jackpot is not fixed. The grand prize keeps growing with each spin made by all the players with best progressive jackpot slots. There is no limit to how big the prizes can grow. The player who finally it’s the jackpot combination wins it all.


The wild symbol is a special one, as it has the power to transform into other symbols to create winning combinations. The inclusion of wild symbols in the best online slots is one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

Win Both Ways

Just as the name suggests, the meaning of “win both ways” states that your winning combination can go from left to right or from right to left. This increases the number of chances you have to win.


By going through the list of slot machine terms, you will better understand the genre in general. Once you have basic knowledge of the lingo of slot machines, you will have a much easier time trying out brand-new games and start playing with real money. Such knowledge helps to understand better how to bet with real money and increase your chances of winning.

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