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All online casinos offer 3 reel slots. Even though some people say these are old-fashioned, you’ll still find thousands of players logging onto their favorite sites just to play these games. Some players even choose to play free 3 reel slots just for the fun of it and the buzz they get. Lots of these three reel slots also have a jackpot attached to them, which is another reason for their popularity. This article will give you the lowdown on 3 reel slot games, so you’re fully informed.

What Are 3 Reels Slots?

Not many people are old enough to remember the first-ever mechanical free slots online real money, but these were the first individual casino machines to come about. Often nicknamed ‘fruit machines’ because of their fruity symbols, these weren’t all that popular, to begin with, and were just a side-line for a casino’s main business: the table games.

The clue is in the name – a 3 real slot is a game that has three spinning wheels. Each wheel has a number of symbols, and depending on where the symbols land, you’ll get a payout (or not).

3 reel slots often have bonuses attached too. Here are some of their special features:

Classic 3 Reel Slots

The original 3 reel slot was invented by a car mechanic called Charles Fray in 1985. The machine, made in San Francisco, was called Liberty Bell, and it was the original mechanical slot on which all classic 3 reel slot games are based.

It wasn’t until the 1910s that the classic cast-iron analog machines arrived properly in casino halls. Soon after, though, they were replaced with wooden machines, and they stayed this way for the best part of three decades. The mid-1990s, however, saw a digital revolution, and slots became available online for the first time. Nowadays, over 130 years on, classic 3 reel slots are still popular despite new 5 reel slots and exciting video slots being released. There’s something to be said for the nostalgia of classic 3 reel games – and they’re available in all good online casinos too!

Popular 3 reel games from the most popular software developers include:

  • Break Da Bank by Microgaming
  • Triple Diamond by IGT
  • Alchemist’s Lab by Playtech
  • Mega Joker by NetEnt

3 Reel Slots for Fun

Who says you need more reels to have fun? The number of reels a game has doesn’t mean anything in terms of excitement or, importantly, winnings. Players can win just as much and just as frequently on 3 reel slots as they can on 5 reel slots and video slots. However, playing for fun is what matters most to some people. Sure, everyone would love to win big, but these games are often accessed for the amount of enjoyment they bring rather than the big winnings available.

These games are generally simple to grasp, and you don’t find as many special features to throw you. Yes, you’ll see the odd scatters, wilds, or mini games, but they’re not as frequent as with multi-reel slots.

Free 3 Reel Slots

Some people like to play free 3 reel slots no download instant play titles. The first metal and cast iron machines were for gambling only, but now, it’s possible to play slot games all day long in demo mode without parting with a dollar. Playing for fun is just that – fun! It’s also a great way of working out how a game works and testing things out before playing real money casino.

Of course, if you’re not playing with real money, your winnings aren’t real money either. However, you also can’t lose money!

When electronic slots first came about, most were 3 reel slots, and so lots of people still appreciate the simplicity of these games, even if it’s just for the nostalgia factor.

Top 5 Slots With 3 Reels According to Casino Hex Users’ Votes

Here are the 5 most popular 3 reel slots according to our user votes:

Couch Potato by Microgaming

This video slot has 3 reels and 2 paylines. It has a fun theme with great graphics. The reels sit beside the paytable, so it’s really easy to see how much each symbol is worth and what you could win. In terms of RTP, Couch Potato’s is above average at 97.43%. It has high volatility if you have one payline in play, but because of its high RTP, you can get a good payout. There is also a jackpot with a value of 180.

This game was originally a desktop game, but HTML5 has now been enabled to allow best mobile casinos. There are no scatter symbols, bonus rounds, or free spins, but you will see multipliers and Wild symbols.

Double Diamond by IGT

This is a popular 3 reel slot with simple gameplay and great graphics. It has an RTP of 95.44% on average, and it also has high variance, which means payouts aren’t regular or consistent. In terms of bonus features, you will find bonus rounds, wild symbols, multipliers, and free spin bonus on offer. Interestingly, Double Diamond was first developed as a slot game for land-based casino slot machines, and it has been one of the most successful in transferring to the online casino world. This game offers low wagering, which is good for those who aren’t high rollers. It feels like a classic, authentic slot with its diamond, bars, and seven symbols, but it’s also got high-quality graphics and modern audio to give it a more up-to-date feel.

Break da Bank by Microgaming

A popular money-themed game, Microgaming’s Break da Bank is a simple 3 reel slot with no difficult rules. The symbols are dollar signs and bar symbols, and there’s also a Wild symbol that looks like a safe with the title of the game written on it. In terms of jackpot, the most you can win is 2400 coins. Break da Bank has an RTP of 95.75% and is of medium volatility. There are free spins rounds too. If you like this game, there’s a sequel called Break da Bank again, and this has 5 reels.

The Wizard of Oz by WMS

This is a fantastic game with a great theme. There are lots of great features too. Most people call this The Wizard of Oz, but its real name is Road to Emerald City. You’ll see free spin bonuses too. It has 3 reels, 9 paylines and features a progressive jackpot too. The RTP is 96%, and it has a medium volatility. The game shows video clips of the classic film too, which is nice.

Alchemist’s Lab by Playtech

This Playtech slot contains a bonus round, and players can wager as much as three coins on each line. You can choose between three betting options – Bet Max, Bet Two, or Bet One. It’s pretty straightforward as slots go, and there are no extra features like Wild symbol combos. It has a great RTP of 97.32%, which is above average. In terms of volatility, Alchemist’s Lab is low to medium variance. This means you get a game that pays out often, and with that RTP, it’s one of the best games to play all around!

Tips to Play and Win 3 Reel Slot Machines

In order to use 3 reel slot games, you’ll need to create an account at your chosen online casino and make a deposit (unless you’re playing in demo mode, then a deposit isn’t required).

The first thing you need to do is adjust how much you want to bet per line. Just because the game only has 3 reels doesn’t mean there is only one payline. Some 3 reel slots have 2, 3, or even 9 paylines. The bet size can be changed by altering the coin value. This is typically at the bottom of the screen.

It’s not common to find 3 reel slots with different bet levels. The bet level means how many coins you can choose to play per line. Some games let you play as many as five, while others go up to ten.

The aim of the game at Belatra slots online is to land 3 of the same symbols to win. These need to be in adjacent positions. If the game has one pay line, the symbols will need to match horizontally. Some complicated 3 reel slots have other paylines accepted, like diagonal symbols.

The prize won will usually be paid in currency or multiplier values. With currency values, you’ll notice the pay table change with a decrease or increase in the bet. The paytable amounts shown are the prizes available for landing on the stipulated symbols.

With multiplier values, the paytable amounts will be multiplied according to the bet you’ve placed per line. For instance, if the payout for three matching symbols is 400 and you bet $1, you’ll win $400.

How to play 3 reel slots

Most platforms will, like ComicPlay Casino let you try out the games in demo mode without making bets. Some sites prefer you to be logged into your account for this so that they can protect minors from accessing potentially addictive games. With free play, you’ll experience the game in the same way, but you can try it out without spending cash and altering your balance. If you’re a beginner, this is a good idea.

Playing demo games is great. You can try out different games and slots with no risk. As a beginner, it’s a good idea to play 5 reel slots for free because you can have fun as much as you like without gambling.

Here are some steps to follow for three reel slot games:

Step 1: Choose your preferred slot and click to open. You will see the reels in front of you as well as the spin button and max bet button. The balance of your bankroll will be visible on the screen too.

Step 2: Have a glance at the paytable so that you can see which symbols pay the best and which ones you need to aim for.

Step 3: Choose your bet amount and the number of paylines to play with if this is something you can choose. If you want to bet the most possible, select ‘max bet.’

Step 4: Select the ‘spin’ button to start the reels. When the spinning has stopped, you’ll be told your winnings, if you’ve won, of course! Some games offer players the opportunity to gamble any winnings for a bigger prize. It’s obviously possible to lose this way, too, though!

Step 5: Continue pressing spin as long as you want – or your bankroll allows. Some games have an auto spin feature too.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of 3 reel slots:

The majority of 3 reel slot games (even free ones) have low variance, which means it’s easier to win on them. This is because they often don’t have more than five different symbols, and you only need to match three to win. They also only have 1, 2 or 3 paylines usually, although you can get some 3 reel games that go up to 9 paylines.
Easy combinations – lots of 3 reel slots have different winning combinations that you can match together.
There aren’t many bonuses. Most 3 reel games don’t have any bonus round, and it’s rare to find one that does. You also don’t see free spins, scatters, or wilds very often too.
The payouts are low. Because winning is pretty easy, you won’t find big prizes. There are also very few 3 reel progressive jackpots too.


Where is a good place for playing 3-reel slots?

It’s difficult to recommend casinos in this instance because there are so many, and it does depend on the individual player. Whichever casino you choose, always go for one that is licensed and regulated. Some good casinos with 3 reel slots include Spin Casino, Jackpot City, and Royal Vegas. Don’t forget to try out their demo modes first so that you get to grips with the game before using real money bets.

How do you decide which 3 reel slot to play?

This all depends on what you’re interested in. Above all, though, it’s a great idea to see what other players and gambling experts recommend. If a slot is highly rated both by players and by independent experts, then you’re likely to find it enjoyable and profitable.

Why should you play 3 reel slots over 5 reel slots?

The choice is yours, but many people choose 3 reel slots because they are nostalgic about traditional-style slot games. A lot of the time, the number of reels won’t matter too much. You’ll get games with similar RTPs and volatility, no matter if they’re 3 or 5 reel games.

There are some benefits, though, including:

  • They’re simple in features and not too complex
  • They have smaller paylines
  • The whole focus is on the symbols value
  • They have classic, nostalgic fruit machine sounds
  • There aren’t too many different options and settings
  • You can adjust your bets
  • You’ll be able to see the paytable because there are fewer symbols and reels taking up space.

How big are the bonuses for 3-reel slots?

It is up to the different software developers to decide the bonus limits on all slots, including 3 reel slots. The casinos, however, have control over their own welcome bonuses and free spins that you could use on games. Remember, you can always play free 3 reel slots for fun and don’t have to bet at all.

Is it true that 3 reel slots are much easier to win?

The size of winnings and their frequency isn’t really affected by the number of reels a game has. Whether you play with 3 reels or 5 reels, you’ve got similar odds of winning depend on the game’s RTP and volatility. If a 3 reel slot has an RTP of 96% and medium volatility, it will be no easier to get a win than on a 5 reel slot with the same RTP and variance.
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