Skill games (also known as “cash games”) are exciting online games where you can play against other people in tournaments for real money. It helps to match players based on their skill levels, ensuring everyone has a fair shot of winning a game.

Skill games are available at various online casinos throughout the United States. You can find many types of Skillz, including traditional casino-style and arcade-based games on, this platform is set up for game developers, which means new games are coming online all the time.

The best thing is that you could win real money playing Skillz games with easy to deposit methods like most popular e-wallets, credit cards and bank transfers. To withdraw funds on Skillz, you can use PayPal, Apple Pay, or various credit or debit cards to fund your account and take out whatever you win.

Reading this brief guide you will find out:

What Are Skillz Games?

Skills games for money are games that players can compete on their Android and iOS devices around the world for either real cash or our virtual currency. A player will load a Skillz game and start playing with either a virtual in-game currency or real cash.

A Skillz game entails players competing against one another in tournaments. The gaming platform will review what players are available and match them together based on their skill levels and past performances.

Each player will compete in knockout games, with the winners progressing in a tournament until a single winner is reached. Players will receive rewards based on how far they move in the tournament, with the top finishers getting the best prizes.

Skillz will rank you based on your Game Level, a measure of how well you have mastered a game. You can check your Level by reviewing the proper section on the Skillz app to see how well you are performing.

Players can deposit money in their Skillz account and use it to enter various competitions. The Skillz app makes it easy for iOS and Android users. These games are available in many forms, as you can find bingo variants, chess, board and card games, physics-based challenges, puzzles, sports games, and even trivia competitions.

Skillz has been producing these exciting online games for gamblers since 2012 so gamblers will find plenty of great things such as:

You can play Skill games on your mobile device and win real money in most parts of the United States. Since skill games are not considered as online gambling activities, they are completely legal. Therefore, it is easier for people around the United States to play Skillz because they aren’t subject to gambling-related laws.

According to the official Skillz FAQ page, Skillz games are legal in states where cash tournaments are legal based on local regulations.

Skillz games for real money are not legal in these states as of July 2020:

You can still play for fun with free virtual currency, but you won’t be able to compete in a cash tournament if you’re in any of these states listed above. The Skillz app uses GPS technology to review your location to confirm that you can compete in an event.

Note: You will have to scan a QR code on the Skillz website to get access to a proper page where you can download the Skillz app or any other app available from the company. Almost all of these codes will lead you to Android and iOS downloads.

Skill Game Types

You can enjoy various exciting games on the Skillz platform, with many of these games giving you the opportunity to win real money. The games here include arcade games, traditional card games, word games, and many more. Each game has different rules and challenges for you to try. You’ll also find many other skill game categories from Skillz, including bingo, chess, mahjong, puzzle, sports, and trivia games. There’s something for everyone on the Skillz platform, giving you many ways to have fun and challenge yourself. The potential for you to win real money through these games also adds to the fun.

Arcade Games

The arcade games on Skillz include many inspired by classic coin-operated games from the past. These games can test your reflexes and ability to respond to many tight situations. You’ll find a Breakout-style game, a few pinball games, and a classic Pong game in the Arcade section at Skillz. Other games available here include a shooting skill game and a few driving challenges.

You can play single-player versions of these arcade games to practice, or you can compete against others for prizes. Friendly competitions with others are also available for those preparing for the big paid tournaments.

Card Games

Card games are always exciting, as there’s no telling which of the 52 cards in a deck will appear next. But you’ll need to have your wits on hand and plan various strategies to improve your chances of winning a card game. Skillz has multiple card games for people to play, including solitaire, gin rummy, hearts, spades, and even a Texas Hold’em-inspired puzzle game. The rules for many of these games are similar to their traditional variants, but each place has different standards to explore. Check out all the card games here to see which ones excite you the most.

Word Games

Anyone with a way with words and knows plenty of terms will love the word games at Skillz. You can enjoy word search games where you can win when you find the right words the fastest. Word Cube is a fun game for Scrabble fans, while the Prize Crossword offers prizes to people who can complete daily crosswords faster. Whether it entails finding a word or thinking of what you can devise with whatever letters you have, you’ll find some fun challenges in the word games section at Skillz.

Games of Skill vs. Games of Chance

The difference between games of skill and games of chance entails the factors that dictate the result. The outcome in a game of skill is determined by the player’s skills, whether it involves figuring out a possible result or responding to something faster. A game of chance entails a random factor determining the possible outcome. Roulette and lottery games are common examples of games of chance, while blackjack is a popular game of skill.

Skill Games Games of Chance
✅ The house edge isn’t too strong ✅ Easy to play these games
✅ You aren’t dependent on luck ✅ You can predict the end result in many ways
✅ You have more control over the end result ❌ Based mainly on luck
❌ Luck or chance may still play a part ❌ The house might have an unfair edge
❌ You will need to do more work to win ❌ Little room for variance
❌ The rules of some games of skill may be too complex for some players

You will find a thorough assortment of Skillz games for Android devices on the Skillz app. Here’s a closer look at some of the best android casino games you can play now:

The Best Casino Apps For Skill Games

Note: The bonus amounts listed here are the free signup bonuses. Some other bonuses may be available at certain of the best online casino games, but they will require purchases. The values of the real money coins or points you earn will also vary at sweeps coins casino; 1 Sweeps Coin at Luckyland is worth $1, while 1 Premium Point at Funzpoints is worth $0.01, for instance.

Casino Bonus Amount Number of Games Payout Rate
Luckyland Slots 7,777 Gold Coins and 10 Sweeps Coins About 50 90 to 95%
Funzpoints 250 Premium Points More than 30 92 to 95%
Pulsz 5,000 Gold Coins More than 300 90 to 97%
Chumba Casino 2 million Gold Coins and 2 Sweeps Coins More than 100 90 to 95%

How To Play For Free?

You will also find plenty of great Skillz games for money that you can play for free through Google Play or the App Store.

How to Deposit and Cash Out at Skillz Games?

You can win real money on many Skillz games, but you must follow the proper rules for completing a deposit first. Here’s how you can deposit funds through the Skillz app:

  1. Log into your account on the Skillz app. You should have a username and password ready.
  2. Go to the Store icon on the app and tap the proper amount of money you want to add to your account. The screen will show the denominations available and the specific bonuses you can also earn.
  3. Select your payment option and then tap to confirm your purchase.
  4. You should get your money added to your Skillz account right away.
  5. The process for withdrawing funds works like this:
  6. Go to the main menu and tap the Withdraw button.
  7. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw from your account.
  8. Confirm your address to continue the process.

Skillz will process your withdrawal and return your money in the same way how you deposited your funds. Any winnings that exceed the initial deposit will be sent to you via a paper check.

It can take as long as four weeks for you to get the money you are withdrawing.

What Payment Options Are Available?

Skillz supports these payment options: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay. Remember that when you withdraw your funds that you must do so with the same payment method you use for the deposit.

Bonus Cash and Other Skillz Game Rewards For Gamblers

You can get bonus cash and rewards for use on the most popular Skillz games through many measures:

Using Bonus Cash

You will not be able to directly withdraw bonus cash from your account, as you’ll need to play through the bonus funds first. Skillz uses a 90:10 ratio for how it handles the bonus funds you receive. For example, if you spent $1 on a game, 90 cents would be used from your base account and 10 cents would come from your bonus funds. Any money you win on a competition where you spent your bonus funds on will be returned to you as real money you can withdraw.

You will forfeit any bonus funds you get when you withdraw any money from your account, so be sure you check how well you’re spending your funds. You can check your account info on the Skillz app to see how much you have in bonus cash.


1️⃣ Is Skillz Gaming legit?

Skillz Gaming is legitimate, as it operates as an online gaming platform and not as a gambling setup. The design allows players to spend real money to compete in tournaments where they can win even greater real money prizes. You can also earn bonus funds with your purchases, although you’d have to spend enough money in your account before you can withdraw whatever you get as a bonus.

2️⃣ How do Skillz games work?

Skillz games will entail players competing together in tournaments on various games. Players will spend real money to enter tournaments and then compete in knockout matches against one another, eventually narrowing the tournament down to a smaller number of contenders. The players with the best finishes will win the most valuable cash prizes.

3️⃣ Can you make money on Skillz?

All Skillz games for iOS and Android users can pay out real money, as each game is funded through real money that players spend to play it. The amount you could win on Skillz will vary based on how well you play. The matchmaking system Skillz uses ensures all players will have a fair shot at winning, so you won’t worry about a few people dominating a game and winning everything.
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