3 card poker game

Three Card Poker is like a miniature version of poker, as you will play this game with three cards in your hand. The goal of 3 Card Poker is to have a three-card hand with a higher ranking than the dealer’s hand.

The 3 Card Poker is a unique table game, the variety of online poker for real money to enjoy at an online casino. You can find it through many virtual gaming halls, and this guide will help you learn more about where you can play this game.

You’ll learn about various things in this guide on playing Three Card Poker online, including:

3 Card Poker is a very entertaining game, but you’ll have more success when playing if you know how it works and what you should do during a round.

Where to Play 3 Card Poker Online?

Many of these places where you can play 3 Card Poker are ones that offer separate welcome bonuses for people who deposit money through cryptocurrencies and those who don’t. The crypto-based deposit bonuses are always worth more money, as it is easier for these websites to collect funds through crypto payments.


BetUS is the first of the online casinos where people in the United States can play 3 Card Poker. BetUS is mostly popular for its sportsbook, but it also has a thorough online casino where you can play various table games, video poker machines, slots, and live dealer games.

BetUS has a license for operation in Curacao. The website has been in operation since 1994 and has a thorough staff of more than a thousand people working to keep the casino and sportsbook operational while also responding to customer queries.

It offers multiple poker games like Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, Mississippi Stud, Pai Gow, Triple Edge, and Oasis poker with crypto welcome bonuses, including a 250% casino bonus of up to $5,000 when you use Bitcoin for your first deposit.

For non-Bitcoin users, there are three welcome bonuses including a 150% casino bonus of up to $3,000, or a 100% sportsbook and 25% casino bonus of up to $625 for casino games and $2,500 for sportsbook bets.


Bovada is the second of the best three Card Poker online casinos to explore when looking for a place to play. Bovada is another online casino that is popular for its sportsbook, but it has been growing its casino section since the website’s formation in 2011.

Bovada is licensed for operation in Curacao and it has full poker section with live tournaments throughout the day. The website operates in the United States and Australia as a spin-off of Bodog, an online sportsbook that is highly popular in Canada.

You can play two available games of 3 Card Poker, or Let ‘Em Ride, Pai Gow poker, Andar Bahar, and Teen Patti on the casino section.

New users can get a 125% match of up to $1,250 on each of their first three Bitcoin deposits. Non-Bitcoin users can get a welcome bonus of 100% of up to $1,000 on each of their first three deposits.

Ignition Casino

The third casino to visit for 3 Card Poker is the Ignition Casino, a website that includes a virtual poker hall and an online casino with hundreds of games.

The Ignition Casino has a license for operation in Curacao. Beaufort Media B.V. currently operates the casino, which has been offering online casino games for American players since 2016. Three Card Poker, Pai Gow poker, and a virtual poker hall with daily tournaments are all available.

Cryptocurrency users will get a 150% welcome bonus of up to $1,500 on the first deposit, plus a separate 150% bonus of up to $1,500 for the poker hall.  Credit card users will get a 100% welcome bonus of up to $1,000 for both the casino and poker room.

How to Play 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is played with a single 52-card deck and entails the player and dealer both being given three cards. The goal of 3 Card Poker is to have a higher-value hand than what the dealer holds. You will win if you have a higher value, but the payout will be greater if the dealer’s hand includes at least a Queen or higher.

Here are some steps for how to play 3 Card Poker:

  1. Place a wager at the start. The initial wager is called the ante.
  2. You will receive three cards after you place your bet. The dealer will also get three cards, but they will not be revealed until after you raise or fold. Some tables may allow the dealer to reveal one’s first card, but most tables do not offer this feature.
  3. You can choose to either raise or fold after getting your cards. By raising, you will add the same value as the ante to your wager, effectively doubling the bet. You can also fold if you feel you might lose, meaning you will lose your initial ante.
  4. After choosing to raise or fold, the dealer’s three cards are revealed.
  5. If you choose to raise your bet, you will win if your hand has a higher value than whatever the dealer gets.

3 Card Poker Rules

The highest hand between the player and dealer will be declared the winner. The dealer must have a Queen or higher to qualify.

You will automatically win if the dealer doesn’t qualify, but you will only receive the ante bet. For example, you might bet $1 on the ante and $1 for the raise, but you will only get $3 for the $2 bet, as the raise will be returned to you as a push.

For cases where the dealer’s hand qualifies, you will get a 1:1 payout, meaning you will get $4 for a $1 ante and a $1 raise.

The payouts will also vary by game, with many casinos offering ante-bonus payouts if you have a high-value hand. For example, you could get a 1:1 bonus payout if you have a straight. That bonus payout will go alongside whatever you earn from your ante and raise, plus you can get that bonus even if the dealer’s hand is more valuable than yours. For instance, if you had a $1 ante and raise and the dealer qualifies, you will win $5 with a 1:1 payout for the raise, ante, and the bonus for the straight. In cases where you and the dealer have a hand of the same value, the game is a push.

For situations where your card is of the same value as the dealer’s, the tiebreaker will entail the other cards in each hand. For instance, if you have an Ace, King, and a 5 and the dealer has an Ace, King, and a 3, you will win because your third card has a higher value.

Bet Types

There are two bet types in 3 Card Poker.

If you fold after receiving your cards, you will also forfeit your pair-plus bet, meaning you will not get anything from that wager even if your hand did qualify.

Strategies to Win at the 3 Card Poker Table

You can use various strategies when playing on a Three Card Poker app or website to boost your chances to win:

Always raise whenever your high card is either an Ace or King. This move can work regardless of the value of the other two cards.

For cases where your high card is a Queen, raise when your other two cards are a 6 and 4 or higher.

Always fold whenever you have a hand where the high card is a Jack or lower.

For versions of the game where one of the dealer’s cards is visible, raise your bet when the dealer’s visible card is a Jack or lower. For cases where the card is a Queen or higher, only raise if you have that same card plus a 9 and 2 or better.

3 Card Hand Rankings and Probability

This listing is ranged from the most probable to the least. The probability is a percentage measure of the odds that you’ll get this hand.

Poker HandDescriptionProbability
High CardYou have a hand with a Queen, King, or Ace and two other cards of different value..7439
PairTwo cards in your hand are of the same value..1694
FlushAll three of your cards are of the same suit..0496
StraightYour three cards are in consecutive order regardless of suit. An A-2-3 straight is the lowest-valued one, while a Q-K-A straight is the highest..0326
Three of a KindAll three cards in your hand are of the same value..0024
Straight FlushYour three cards are in consecutive order and are all of the same suit. An A-2-3 straight flush is the least valuable one, while a Q-K-A one is the best you can get..0022

The 3 Card Poker payout you’ll get will be higher when you get a straight or greater. A straight can give you a 1:1 bonus, while a three of a kind can provide a 4:1 bonus. A straight flush will have a 5:1 bonus in most cases.

The pair-plus values are even higher, with a straight flush offering a 40:1 payout on a pair-plus bet.


1️⃣ Where can I play 3 Card Poker online?

You can play 3 Card Poker through various online casinos, including many that accept American players. These include places like the Café Casino, Super Slots Casino, and Wild Casino. Websites that also have sportsbooks like BetUS and Bovada also offer the 3 Card Poker game as part of their casino sections.

2️⃣ How do you play 3 Card Poker?

You will play 3 Card Poker by first placing an ante bet and then receiving three cards. You will raise or fold at the next point. The dealer will then reveal one’s cards, and you will win if you raised your bet and your hand is more valuable than what the dealer gets or the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify. Some tables will allow the dealer’s first card to appear before you raise or fold.

3️⃣ What is a flush in 3 Card Poker?

A flush is when all three of the cards in a hand are of the same suit. This hand is the fourth-most valuable one you can get in this game.
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