cricket betting sites If you are into sports betting online and want to enjoy higher returns in the most exciting way, a cricket bet is a right option for you. Online cricket betting has become quite popular in Canada for some time as more and more casinos have started supporting gambling on cricket. Not everyone likes to play casino or table games for gambling, so cricket betting sites provide exciting opportunities to bet on live cricket matches and other cricket tournaments.

In this article, we are going to explore the details and facts about cricket in Canada and cricket bets that every gambler must know. You will also come to learn about cricket betting sites available in Canada, where you can play for real money while betting on online games by different Canadian casinos.

Why Bet on Cricket?

In general, most people choose to take advantage of sports betting because they are avid fans of the sport rather than casual gamblers who only want to play for fun and relax after a busy day’s work.

Cricket is a popular sport in Canadian online casinos and even in other countries, but very few people know the many benefits of betting on cricket and the best cricket betting sites. The major reason why you should bet on cricket is that it offers a lot of entertainment for players and spectators.

When you bet on cricket matches, you will be getting to enjoy real-time excitement, staggering prizes, and also attractive rates. You can also participate in betting at many casinos that offer online sports games, including cricket betting.

In general, most people choose to take advantage of sports betting because they are avid fans of the sport rather than casual gamblers who only want to play for fun and relax after a busy day’s work.

Top Cricket Betting Events

Cricket is a popular sport that is played in most countries and different events are organized at the local and international levels. Tournaments will help you to choose the right tournament to place your bet on the favorite team or player. Here are a few top legal events where you can bet on cricket:

Test Match Cricket Test matches are usually played over the duration of 5 days where both teams get to play twice. This one is a slow option where bettors have to wait for 5 days to get the results.
One Day Internationals One-day internationals are played over the duration of one day to decide the winner between two teams. These matches get rated by many bookies based on previous records and betting trends.
T20 Cricket League T20 leagues are organized in different countries like India, Australia, and other countries. These leagues get rated by bookies based on their last performance and playing skills of players. The rules are a bit different in each country, but the overall concept remains the same.
Big Bash League Big bash league is organized in Australia where major teams of this region participate for the league title. As the name suggests, this league will last for 8 weeks and the best team will be declared at the end.
Pakistan Super League Pakistan super league is organized in Pakistan where the best of the players are invited to play. The event is held at the international level and teams will compete with other teams on both local and international levels.
IPL Indian Premier League is one of the biggest leagues where bettors try their luck. IPL betting is said to be pretty promising where you can make some real bucks.
ICC World Cup It is the biggest event in the cricket world where top cricket teams from all over the world participate. You need to be updated about the upcoming dates of this cricket event.

You can choose any option of cricket betting that you like, but the point is to remember that most people prefer to bet on their favorite team or player rather than join a specific league.

Types of Cricket Bets

Apart from betting on the winner or loser, there are different other types of bets that you can make in a cricket match. You can bet on the pre-match market, live bets, or specific segments of a match. You can get live score updates of the match and get updates about betting movements. Every bet type of cricket match has different odds and offers different winning odds.

Match Winner

You can place bets on the winner of each match. The winner of the match is the team that wins all the points, so it’s a very useful bet type where you can get better odds. You can get better odds for placing bets on the winner of the match. The odds depend on how many points you win.

Series Winner

You can also bet on the winner of a series. The team that wins 3 or 4 matches will be declared as the winner of a series. You can find all of these options on cricket sportsbooks at different betting sites. So, you can place your bets on different cricket matches and it will create more winning opportunities.

Outright Winner

You can place your bets on the outright winner of a tournament. You need to check if the tournament is big or small and the number of participating teams. The odds will vary based on the popularity of each team and other factors. If you bet on a small tournament, it’s very easy to guess the winner and get higher payout rates, but if you bet on major tournaments, it’s easy to get confused about the right option.

Tied Match

You can also find cricket betting sites that offer tied match wagers. Some big tournaments allow you to bet on a tied match and get more payout rates. You can lose or win money in such situations and it’s important to understand the right bets for such situations.

Player Proposition Bets

You can also bet on a player’s performance in a match. When you are aware of cricket betting strategies, you can easily analyze the performance of players and predict their performance for better winning chances. Here are some options in this category:

How to Choose Top Cricket Betting Sites Canada?

If you want to bet on cricket in Canada, you have different options where every site offers some perks and cons. You need to focus on some specific factors while choosing any gambling site for cricket betting.

Here are a few important factors to consider for choosing the best online cricket betting sites:

  1. Safety and Legality. Every casino that you choose for cricket betting must have a valid license from the top regulatory authority. The safety of your personal data and transactions must be top-notch where you can freely place bets without worrying about security breaches. Make sure that your casino is audited and regulated by legit authorities and all the casino details are transparent and free of issues.
  2. Competitive Odds. Top cricket betting sites in Canada offer very competitive wagering rates for different cricket matches. The odds can change with time and you need to compare them with other betting sites to find the best option. Cricket bets are more popular in some countries than others, so you need to pick the right site for getting better odds.
  3. Bonuses and Promotions. Cricket betting sites offer special bonuses for new players and you can get attractive welcome bonus packages. They also offer season match betting offers and cashback offers on your losses. These bonuses can be used for free bets, cashback offers, and other free prizes, so you should know about them before choosing a cricket betting site.
  4. Mobile Cricket Betting. You can also bet on cricket while you are on go. You should always check if the site has a responsive design and offers an app for mobile devices. Some betting sites have dedicated apps for mobile users, so you can download them directly from respective sites. It’s a good practice to check the entire website to find out if it’s compatible with different phones and tablets or other popular mobile OSs.
  5. Available Payment Methods for Canadian Cricket Bettors. You can safely deposit money into any betting site’s account using any of the payment methods. Some sites also allow various direct deposits into players’ accounts, so you can easily withdraw your winnings online.

Understanding Strategies for Betting on Cricket

If you want to bet on cricket, it’s a good idea to learn some basics from a cricket bookmaker. The best part of cricket betting is that the predictions vary from time to time and you need to be aware of the prevailing trends. You can follow a few simple strategies for cricket betting that will help you make better bets:


The first thing that you should note about cricket is its amazing skills and skilled players. Cricket players have specific roles in various combinations and these roles form a combination of a team. To make a correct prediction, you need to focus on each player’s role in team plays and how they have performed in practice matches as well as their previous performances.

Check past Win History

Apart from the latest performance, you also need to consider past performances. Cricket betting sites keep statistics of wins, losses, and draws for each team. These statistics will help you determine if the team is due for a win or not. If one team has experienced a major change in their lineup or some other factors, it’s essential to check their history before placing bets on them.

Take Calculated Risk

A cricket match is an important game for all sides, so you need to be careful with cricket betting online. You need to take calculated risks by calculating the match’s win percentage. You can do so with the help of Cricket betting experts. If you are an experienced player, there are free betting tools that will help you predict the results of your bets.

Don’t let Emotional Control you

There are several Canadian sports betting sites for cricket that might seem tempting. Sports betting can be very exciting, and you need to avoid emotions while placing bets. You should also avoid crossing the line where you become biased for one side or another. You need to bet according to your knowledge of the game.


If you have all the details about Canada cricket online matches and players, it’s time to make your predictions by placing bets. You can use any popular betting site in Canada or any other country where cricket is popular and make your picks based on your research and experience in betting on this sport.


Is online cricket betting legal in Canada?

Online cricket betting is legal in most countries, especially in Canada. Even though you are betting online on cricket matches, it’s still illegal in some countries. You should make sure that your country allows online cricket betting before registering with any of the cricket betting sites.

What is the best site for cricket betting in Canada?

There are different options for cricket betting, and depending upon your requirements and needs, the best site for cricket betting in Canada may vary. Some of the major names for cricket betting sites include 888 Sport, Betway Sports, Bet 90, Bet Online, and Spin Sports.

What to consider before joining a cricket betting site?

There are several factors like legal status, security, deposits, promotions, and customer support features that must be considered before choosing any site for cricket betting.
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