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Sports Betting sites are the continuation of a grand tradition. People have always bet on sports whenever they spectated it, going as far back as hundreds of years. Of course, back then you didn’t have the internet. You just had to wager with your friends or talk to local bookies.

Today, you can place whatever sports bets you want no matter where you are, thanks to the power of online betting! Sports betting websites and apps have opened up incredible possibilities for everyone. That’s why they are so popular in Canada!

Keeping reading to get sports betting review of apps and websites in Canada:

Canadian Casino Sites Offering Sports Betting

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Canadians enjoy a lot of different sports. In fact, their tastes are surprisingly similar to that of Americans:

Additionally, the various North American leagues are also popular. Similarly, the NBA, even if it’s an American league, sees significant viewership from Canadians. The Toronto Raptors are one of the more popular teams in the league.

The UFC is surprisingly popular among Canadians. It features plenty of brutal action that gets the blood pumping, which is probably an upside when it gets cold! The UFC is one of the most popular markets for sports bookies and sees hundreds of wagers place a year.

Horse Racing is still one of the relatively popular avenues of gambling in Canada. It is a timeless sport that has been refined to an art by now. Races are short and payouts are great, so it’s for those who like to get quick action! Both the Triple Crown and international events draw lots of wagering.

The Superbowl isn’t a uniquely American phenomenon. The sheer hype has infected the neighbours as well, and the NFL is one of the most popular leagues for Canadians. While Canada doesn’t have any teams in the NFL, it also has its own football league and variant of the game.

Finally, Canadians love Hockey so much they made both versions of it their national sport. The NHL is one of the biggest markets for online sports betting Canada has.

Sports Betting Odds

In Sports Betting, the probability of winning is calculated by considering the probability of an event occurring.

Match Odds Odds on Events like ‘Wins the Match’ or ‘Scores the first Goal’. If one team has a higher probability of winning the game, their odds will be higher and the profit you get from betting on them will be lower. An example of a Match Betting Canada odds would be 21.0 for the Toronto Raptors against the Philadelphia 79ers. That means if the Raptors win, you earn $20 plus the $1 initial stake.
Spread Betting A handicap is added to one team. If one side is favoured to win, then they will have a handicap like -3 or -5 or so. This means they have to win by a margin of 3 or 5 or greater in order for it to count. For example, if Man City is favoured to beat Liverpool by a significant amount, then Man City might get a Spread of -2. They have to win by more than 2 goals.
Fractions & Decimals These are actually just different ways of showing the odds. In Decimals, the odds are shown as a single number. 5.0 means you will get back $5.0 for every $1 you stake. With fractions, the odds would be shown like this: 10 / 1. For every $1 you stake, you earn $10 on a win plus get the original $1 back.

Betting Types of Canadian Sportsbooks

There are several different types of Canada’s sports betting. The four main ones you’ll encounter are:

Straight Bet

A straight bet is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a straightforward wager where you do not need to worry about other wagers or combining them. Each straight wager is considered its own unique bet that is not affected by others. So, straights may not be as volatile or rewarding as other types, but they’re definitely easier to deal with.

System Bet

You can select several bets to be grouped together. The interesting thing is that you don’t actually have to win all of them. Winning just 2 out of 3, or 6 out of 8, would give you the full winnings. For instance, you have three teams against each other: Barcelona, Juventus, and Madrid. You could place 3 wagers: Barcelona beats Juventus, Barcelona beats Madrid, Madrid beats Juventus. So, if any two win, you’re guaranteed to make a profit. If only one wins, you could still profit if the returns were high enough.


In a Parlay, one combines several different bets together. Parlays are quite risky since in order to get the payout, every single one of the components must win.For example, there are two matches coming up – The Raptors and the Lakers are playing the 79ers and the Clippers respectively. Both of them have 2.0 payouts. If you wager $10 on both to win individually, you would get $40 on a win. But with a Parlay, you could increase the winning odds and go up to $60 or $80!

In-Play Bettin

In-play bets are made while a game is ongoing. They are a great way to participate in a game you missed the start of, or simply didn’t remember to wager on until it was too late. The best betting sites Canada has will let you live stream the match, watch the points move in real-time, and place your wagers accordingly. In-Play wagers can be more volatile, however, so be careful. For instance, a Soccer match has started but there have been no goals yet. You could wager on one team scoring a goal before half-time. The close it gets to half-time, the more the payout of that wager increases.

While Canadian online casinos are legal, betting on Sportsbooks existed is a somewhat legal gray area. Essentially, you would not be prosecuted or fined for playing at one since you are not breaking any laws. The only rule that applied was that you had to be 18 or older to gamble.

However, there could be no sports betting sites Canada-based. They were all overseas. Playing at overseas sites introduces risks for Canadian players. For instance, if a player gets scammed or frauded and loses their money, they cannot really take legal action. The laws that regular Canadian operators do not extend to those overseas.

That said, in August 2021, Canada legalized Single-Game Sports Betting. Soon, we expect that more online sports betting sites in Canada will appear that are fully above-board and legal for Canadian players, and local gamers will be able to play with more safety and security. It was a great move making all sportsbooks Canada legal.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site in Canada

There are scores of options for choosing the best sports betting sites Canada. Fortunately, our expert reviewers have simplified it down to a finely refined process that covers every factor players need to know about.

The key criteria we use to review include:

  1. Bonuses and Promos. Most online betting sites have lots of bonuses they’ll hand out to players to reward or welcome them. With bonuses, you can play longer and spend more for sports betting, so they’re great to have.
  2. Odds and Markets. The sportsbook should offer good odds that aren’t biased in one direction or give too much of an edge to the house. It should also support as many markets as possible so you can have as much variety as you want.
  3. Banking Options. A wide range of payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals are necessary to ensure everyone can participate. So, a sports betting site should be accessible to people without credit cards or bank accounts, as it is popular with a huge variety of people.
  4. Safety and Security. Before you can try gambling online, you need to know that your money or personal info won’t be stolen. A safe and secure Canadian sports betting site will keep you safe from those issues.
  5. User Experience. A sports betting site should include not just lists of matches and markets, but also a list of the exact odds, some analytics and details on the market and live statistics. All of these have to be presented in a good way without confusing everyone.

Top 10 Betting Sites in Canada

You must be looking for the best Canadian sportsbooks by now. Fortunately, we have a list of real money casino Canada websites right here for you! Some of them offer straights, others focus on no risk matched betting Canada.

Advantages of Canadian Sports Betting Online

Being at the games in person sounds more exciting, but online sportsbooks have their advantages.

  • You can place a bet from anywhere. You could be at your home in Quebec and be betting on a event in Ontario or Manitoba.
  • You can place the bet at any time, even if there is no PC nearby. All you need is a few minutes with your phone. You could place it on the go, or while on break at work.
  • Online sports betting Canada has a lot more variety of markets. International markets are supported, not just local ones. Niche games and betting is readily available.
  • Online sportsbooks give you better and more accurate odds
  • Various bonuses and promotions are available.

All these are great benefits you only get from sites for online betting Canada.

Free Sports Bet, Bonuses and Promotions

You’ve perhaps seen the welcome bonuses listed at the top 10 betting sites in Canada. You might even be wondering exactly what those bonuses mean, especially if you’re new to the scene. Here’s a quick overview!

Best Betting Apps in Canada 2021

Mobile sports betting works just with a desktop PC. You log in to the app, check out the betting markets available, then place wagers as you like! The best sports betting Apps Canada has are:

Sports Betting Tips for Canadian Players

Getting started with Canadian sports gambling can be intimidating, but don’t worry! Here are a handful of tips to get you in the game.

  1. Make a Bankroll and stick to it! The Bankroll is basically your budget. Make sure you don’t dip into other finances and only use the Bankroll. If there’s a streak of bad luck, you will only have lost some entertainment money.
  2. Do as much research as possible! This particular form of gambling isn’t random unlike others – it is possible to predict the odds of a team or player winning based on their past history. So, the more research you do into the nuances of the game and the qualities of the players, the more likely you are to make a correct prediction and win.

Final Thoughts

If there is one thing that has united people for thousands of years, it is a love of sports and games. Do you know what else is a part of our lifestyle? Gambling. That is a tradition that has lasted for thousands of years and is still going strong. And when these two meet, what you get is Sports Betting.

In Canada, you have a lot of options and ways to bet on Sports. Take advantage of it to have fun whether by yourself or with friends, and even make some money while cheering on your favourite teams!

Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Canada?

Yes, sports betting is not illegal in Canada. The laws may vary slightly from province to province, but since August 2021, all types of sports wagering, including Single-Game bets, are allowed.

How do sports betting odds work?

The sportsbook operator or bookie calculates the probability of an event happening or one side winning. They generate the odds based on that.

What are the best sports betting sites in Canada?

We’ve listed the best sites in Canada above. Check out our list above. We recommend Betway, 888Sports and Casumo.

What are the most popular sports to bet on in Canada?

The most popular sports in Canada include Hockey, Football, Basketball, the UFC, etc. Check out the best Canadian betting sites for each one above.

Which sport is the easiest to bet on?

Any sports can be easy to wager on. You just need to be aware of the easier markets and do your research beforehand.

How Old Should I Be to Bet on Sports in Canada?

The minimum age requirement to gamble on sports is 18. You must be 18 years or older to bet on sports legally.