Frame 44 removebg preview When it comes to basketball as a sport, it is quite popular in Canada. While it may be true that most Canadians prefer hockey over anything else, basketball has been growing in popularity ever since 1994 when the Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors were given franchises by the NBA.

There are many other reasons why sports betting sites are becoming more and more popular in Canada though. And because of this rise, it is not difficult to understand why basketball betting is becoming big in the country and the best NBA betting sites are placed by many online gambling platforms.

For those who are interested in gambling on basketball matches in Canada, the good news is that there are many online websites that allow them to do so. In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about the best NBA betting Canada sites and how you should go about choosing the one that’s right for your needs.

Why Bet on NBA?

The NBA, or the National Basketball Association of the US, is arguably the largest basketball league in the world. Betting on NBA games is great for those who are aware of the sport and know the teams well. However, people who are new to the sport can also take a gamble as it is not a difficult sport to understand.

One of the biggest reasons why NBA betting online in Canada is becoming so common, other than the fact that newcomers to Canada are particularly involved in the sport themselves, is that this league has a lot of opportunities for wagering. There are a whopping 82 games each season, played between a total of 30 teams.

Because of such a long season, bettors have a lot to gamble on and there are plenty of chances to win some good money.

Top NBA Betting Events

As mentioned before, there are plenty of matches each season that you can bet on. However, any NBA bookmaker will tell you that one of the most famous events in the NBA gambling scene is the All-Star Game. This is a one-off game that brings with it many different gambling opportunities. Not only can people wager on which team is going to win but also on other aspects of the game, like who is going to get the title of MVP.

Types of NBA Bets

One reason why betting on NBA matches is so interesting for gamblers is because of the many types of bets one can make. If you are good at understanding NBA odds, you can very easily win some money in one of many ways. Let’s take a look at some of the types of bets you can make:

These are some of the most common types of bets you can make. However, there are many more kinds that you will see in most basketball sportsbooks:

How To Choose Top NBA Betting Sites Canada

Before you join one of the many online casinos that allow you to wager on basketball tournaments, you should go over certain factors very carefully to choose the top option. Here are some of the most important points that must be considered:

Safety and Legality

The very first thing you should check is whether the casino is legal or not. There are many scams happening all around us, especially over the internet, so wherever you are placing your basketball bets has to be a legal and safe website. The legality can often be determined by the license such a website has. Your website of choice should also utilize encryption technologies to ensure that your data will be kept safe.

Competitive Odds

There are many websites where you can gamble on basketball matches so it is always good to check what kind of odds are being offered by each one. Because of the stiff competition in this market, basketball betting sites will try to offer better odds than their competitor. Better odds mean you will be able to win more money, more often.

Bonuses and Promotions

Perhaps the best part for many gamblers about online gambling is the presence of bonuses. Many platforms offer such bonuses to attract new customers and you should know how to use them properly. Some casinos may not have the best odds but they might have a loyalty program that pays off in the long run. Others may allow new players to place free bets when they join as part of a welcome bonus. Always look at the bonuses and promotions that are being offered by different NBA sports betting platforms so that you can utilize them in the best way possible.

Some of the best kinds of bonuses include a welcome bonus, a no-deposit bonus, a deposit bonus, free bets, money-back bonuses, and even referral bonuses. Using as many of these as you are eligible for is a great idea not only to gain some more money but also to place wagers with lesser risk to your own capital.

Mobile NBA Betting

For wagering on live games in real-time, you need to make sure that the platform you choose offers on-the-go gambling on mobile devices. A lot of online casinos and NBA bookmaker sites don’t have dedicated apps, but most of the good ones are optimized for use on mobile phones. So be sure to check out whether your choice can be used easily and smoothly on your smartphone or not. You might miss out on some events if it doesn’t.

Available Payment Methods for Canadian NBA Bettors

When it comes to online gambling, perhaps the most important consideration to have is regarding the payment methods you can use. You don’t want to join a website that does not allow you to securely and quickly make a deposit or ask for a withdrawal. There are many online banking options in Canada, one of the most famous ones being Interac, so you should be able to find your preferred payment method on a top-tier platform.

Understanding Strategies for Betting on Basketball

Even though basketball games are quite easy to understand and bettors can start placing different kinds of wagers quite easily on a match, there are still some strategies that can help you do better in this space. Understanding NBA odds, being careful about your choices, and playing it safe are some of the basic things you should always remember when you bet on NBA games. However, you should also try to follow some of these tips and tricks to get some more success:

  1. Keep an eye on the starting lineup of both teams. You can never know until the very last moment who is starting the game and who isn’t. Many teams do not announce which player on their team is injured or resting until the very last moment. Knowing this information can often turn the tables as the favorite team without their key players might not win.
  2. Don’t rely too much on home-court advantage, as it isn’t an advantage always. Use your knowledge about basketball, the players, and the teams’ current form to make your wagers rather than relying on who’s playing on their home court.
  3. Keep an eye out for players who might be getting tired as the game progresses. NBA games can get very intense and you will often see players getting fatigued, which can change the outcome of a game.
  4. Study the teams’ past performances to make wagers for or against them. Be sure to evaluate their performance in the current season too. Just because a team did amazingly well in the last season doesn’t mean it will dominate this season too.
  5. Don’t bet on your favorite team just because you support it. Understand the differences between both teams and objectively decide which one is likely to win.
  6. If you’re new to the world of basketball betting, make sure to start small. Set aside a small budget to wager and even if you win, don’t go overboard by wagering larger amounts. Stick to smaller budgets and make sure you learn the craft of making successful bets before moving to the big leagues.

Final Thoughts

NBA betting online in Canada is gaining more and more traction as time goes on simply because of how popular the sport is in the country. It offers people a fun and entertaining way to watch the games while also making some money along the way. There is a lot to learn though, and you should always keep that in mind.

Owing to this popularity, you’ll see a huge number of online NBA bookmaker sites popping up where you can register yourself and start making bets. But not all of these sites are made equal. Before joining any of them, be sure to do your due diligence about what they offer, what kinds of events you can wager on, what NBA odds the sites are offering, what type of bonuses you can get, and what payment methods you can use, among other things. Paying attention to all of these factors will not only lead you to a safe website but to one that is also lucrative and fun to be a part of in the long run.


Is NBA betting legal?

Yes, NBA betting is legal in Canada since 1985. It is also legal in a number of countries around the world.

Are Canadian NBA betting sites safe?

Those sites that are properly licensed and regulated by applicable laws and authorities are perfectly safe.

What is the best site for NBA betting in Canada?

There are many to choose from. You can choose your favorite one from the best sites for NBA betting in Canada on our website.

Can I bet on the NBA on mobile?

Yes, most of the top-rated online casinos and gambling platforms have websites that are optimized very well for use on mobile. You can also find some platforms with dedicated mobile apps.
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