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In our work, we have two main priorities: variety and high quality. That’s why, on our website you’ll find not only casino slots made by worldwide renowned providers but also by those that are just starting their way in the industry.

Roughly speaking, you can think of any popular casino slot released for the last decade and we already have it in our list, whether it’s a classic fruit machine or an advanced 3D game.

As for the quality, we are always keeping a finger on the pulse to be sure you’ll get everything you came here for. All the demo games on Casino Hex are working properly and all the news are up to date. If you happen to see something to be off — please, report it through our contact form and we’ll fix it right away.

Besides the free games, you can also enjoy our casino reviews, interesting facts about gambling in different countries, and other useful information. But for now…let’s get down with talking and start playing.

Below, you’ll see the list of the most popular free slots. Click the green button to load more if you want to dig deeper and may the luck be on your side!

Free Slots Collection from Casino Hex

Why Do We Still Play Free Slots?

With so many great online casinos available, you might now be asking yourself — Why would I play free slot games if I can’t win any money?

Well, even though free slots truly can’t bring you any real money wins, there are still reasons why people keep playing them (besides the fact that it’s just fun). So, when playing free slot games, you can get…

….the hassle-free gameplay

Playing free slots takes far less preparation than making real money bets in an online casino where you need to create an account, pick and set up online payment service, confirm your transaction, and wait for it to be completed.

With slot games played for fun, all you need to do is to look through the game list, choose the slot you like the most, and hit the “PLAY FREE” button.

On Casino Hex, we require no download and no registration — you can start playing right away with no delays.

If loading the game list seems long and boring, you can always find the specific slot using a search bar or browse the categories in the drop-down menu located on the top of the menu.

So, even though free slots are not really lucrative in terms of real money, they can be the option when you just want to play this very minute.

….the chance to get in shape

If you’ve never played casino slots before, playing for fun might be a better idea than making a real money deposit with no preparations. It’s a thing when there is no need to hurry. Give yourself some time, try different slots, and see how the game mechanics works at all.

There is a high chance you’ll fall in love with slots and will immediately want to make a real bet but there is also a chance that you won’t like it and decide to try roulette or blackjack instead.

….the mind-blowing choice

Most of the online casinos you can find on Casino Hex have a rather long list of games — sometimes hundreds and hundreds of online slots. But even the best casino can’t have them all.

Some websites only work with specific game providers so you’ll only find slots made by Microgaming, for instance.

Some offer their players more choice but allow no demo games so you are required to pay before you try.

Here, you can choose among a few thousands of slots and if you still can’t find the one you were looking for — just contact us and we’ll try to find and add it for you.

How to Start Playing Online Slots?

Well, playing online slots is not rocket science and it’s even simpler when you play them for fun as no financial operations are involved.

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be all set:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to choose the slot you want to play for fun. This might be tricky considering the number of games we have here, but not impossible. Think which slot you’d want to try. A simple 3-reel one? More advanced 5-reel video slot? A horror-themed spooky slot or a bright cartoonish game? It will help you narrow down the list.
  2. Now click the “PLAY FREE” button on the slot of your choice and wait for it to load.
  3. That’s it! Now you can start spinning the reels and enjoying the game.

Basic Slot Machine Types: Is There Even a Difference? 🤔

Of course there is! You can’t say that iсe skating and curling are the same games just because there is some ice involved, do you?

The fact is, all the casino slots can be divided into several groups, each of them having its peculiarities. Now let’s look at those groups in more detail.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are the simplest slot games you can find online. All they have is three reels, one to twenty possible winning combinations and no complicated graphics — in most cases, game symbols will only include fruits and numbers.

These are the games we used to call “one-arm bandits” back then and now we can play them online.

The big advantage of classic slots is that they are usually the low limits games meaning you can only bet 50 cents or even less to start playing. It doesn’t mean that you can’t win decent money, though. Winning a jackpot might be difficult here but the payout rate of some classic slots can be up to 97%.

Video Slots

Even though video slots are considered to be the “modern version” of classic slots, they are in fact older than 59% of our readers.

These games are much more advanced: they have 5 reels, up to 100 possible winning combinations, and a bunch of additional features and game symbols.

It’s easier to win here too — while classic slots require you three identical symbols in a line, video slots will let you have your money sometimes with just two providing you got them on a winning line.

Progressive Slots

If we had to name the most popular kind of slots, it would definitely be the progressive ones.

Progressive slots — regardless of whether they are classic or video ones — can bring you a huge jackpot.

The amount of money you can win progressively increases the more people play the game and the more bets they make.

It might seem like a perfect game that will make you a millionaire with a couple of spins but in reality, progressive slots have a lower RTP number than other games and your chances of winning big will rarely exceed 1:100000.

3D Slots

Even though 3D slots are not exactly a separate kind of game as they are just the more advanced version of video slots, they are worth special mention.

As you could have guessed from the name, these are the slot games made with bright and bold 3D graphics to make them look like the real video games. They even include storylines, cut-scenes, and special bonuses so that you can forget you are actually playing a casino game until it brings you the money.

On Casino Hex, you can find a variety of 3D slots to try for free and find your favorite one before you make a real bet.

Read Before You Play! Slot Features Explained…👇

Newbies often think that slots are so simple that you don’t need to know anything to start playing and winning. But in fact, there are a lot of complex features, especially if you play the cutting-edge video slots.

Without knowing their basic mechanics, you can spend a lot of money without getting anything in return.

To help you avoid this unpleasant situation, we’ve prepared a quick guide to the most common features you can meet in slots.

Wild Symbol It’s the most common symbol you can find in almost every video slot.

It appears on the reels randomly and can replace one of the game symbols to create a winning combination.

Scatter Symbol This symbol is more rare than the Wild one and it’s also more lucrative.

Besides bringing you the money by just appearing on the reels, it can also trigger a Free Spins, Bonus Game or a Multiplier — depending on a slot you are playing.

Multipliers As the name suggests, multiplier is a game symbol that can multiply your wins by appearing in a payline — sometimes up to 10x or even 100x.
Re-spins Re-spins is usually the feature you’ll need to pay for, though there are some slots that can give it to you for free.

The feature allows you to respin some of the reels while keeping the other freezed.

Bonus Games The modern video slots offer a variety of Bonus games that can be triggered by different symbols, including the scatter ones.

The games can look just like the additional round with Free Spins or involve some actual action like picking the right chest to find some coins inside.

Free Spins This symbol is probably the favorite one of all the slot fans.

Triggered by Scatter symbol or a special Free Spins symbol, it gives you a chance to spin the reels for free while still winning the money.

If luck permits, you can even multiply the number of free spins and get up to a hundred!

Free Casino Slots with Free Spins

The choice of many people today is online slots with Free Spins. Video slots nowadays are very popular, have various themes bonus features. We will tell you about casino slots with Free Spins right now. To awaken your ability to risk and start playing real money slots, you can choose online slots with Free Spins feature.

The main benefit of Free Spins feature is, obviously, its FREE nature. You should not pay for them and you do not risk your win in any way. Moreover, every experienced gambler will say that you are a lucky person because Free Spins is the goal of every online casino player. Of course, their number varies from game to game starting from 5 up to 150.

Developers of online slots also reward gamblers with other pleasant bonuses during Free Spins. In one game you can enjoy Free Spins and multiply your payout at the same time. In another one, you can even decide on the number you want and which multiplier you prefer. Many gamblers play video slots with Free Spins during which special Wild symbols bring them an awesome money.

New Online Slots

After you’ve found a few online slots you might be interested in playing, the next step is to ensure that the casino you’ll be playing the game at is reputable and vouched for. You can do this by checking out player reviews (there you might get some useful firsthand information about a casino’s customer service, for instance) or going directly to a casino’s site and scrolling to the bottom of the homepage. Most reputable places will list their licensing information there, and you can look up for yourself how that individual casino has performed in past evaluations. This is a great strategy if you haven’t heard of a casino before or if the player reviews don’t mention its licensing body. This is a great strategy even if you prefer to play no download casino slots, but definitely make sure you do this if the casino requires you to download software in order to play the game. This way, you can protect yourself, your data, and your personal computer from any bad actors while still being able to enjoy the newest online casino slots.

First, let’s go over some of the best real money slots that are brand new and ready to play. The following slots have been evaluated by us against a variety of criteria, including gameplay, bonus rounds, and animation quality. Have a look to see if you can find your new favorite.

Developed by Microgaming (a renowned, U.K.-based developer), Dream Date is a terrific slot for any kind of gambler. It’s a romantic slot game that replaces the classic numbers and fruit with good-looking men. Like a history or classic English novels? The historical era has archers and pirates. Prefer the modern man? Dream Date accommodates for that as well. A notable aspect of this game is the Hot Zone feature whereby you can win 8 free spins or a cool prize of up to 40 times the stake if you get a certain combination of reels.
Inspired by the glam of Art Nouveau, Diamond Empire is a glitzy experience that’s sure to entertain you for hours on end. First, let’s start with the best part: it is FREE to play! This game is also developed by Microgaming, so you know that the animations are going to be seamlessly immersive. It also offers players a fun bonus opportunity: you just need to get three bonus icon reels and then you get a free spin! Diamond Empire is a perfect game option for both new players and more demanding gamblers thanks to its classic feel and intuitive controls.
Interested in an Asia-inspired game full of secret bonuses and fun imagery? Lucky Dragons is the new slot game for you. It’s a 5-reel, 50 payline slot that offers a bonus of 800 coins, making it a fun and beautiful addition to your regular slot game rotation. The Buddha statuette serves as this game’s scatter icon, and that, combined with a few other opportunities for wildcards, makes this game ideal for players looking for dynamic and entertaining gameplay that actually gives you a fair shot at winning big.

Top Online Casinos with New Slots – November 2023

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Finally, It’s High Time for Mobile Slots

It’s a well-known fact: 50% of all the internet traffic comes from mobile devices and this number continues to rise every day.

The mobile application market is not even on its peak position now which means more and more applications will be developed and more and more money will be spent by users. Of course, the gambling industry couldn’t just lose such an opportunity and now we have mobile slots to play.

Basically, mobile slots don’t really differ from their desktop counterparts — you just need to tap the spin button instead of clicking on it.

Almost every popular slot made by large casino games providers is compatible with mobile devices and we must admit most of them work perfectly smoothly even on small screens.

If you haven’t tried mobile gambling yet, free mobile slots might be the best way to start. Just visit our website from your mobile phone and we’ll show you hundreds of mobile slots to play with no downloads and no registration before you move to the real money gambling.


Is playing online slots legal?

Online gambling laws vary from one country to another. In some places, playing online slots is completely legal, some have it in the gray area, and some are pretty strict when it comes to making real money bets. Anyways, playing slots for free is 100% legal in every part of the world so you can do it right now with no worries.

Can I win money playing slots online?

Of course you can! Even though no one can guarantee you winning a million dollar jackpot, the winnings are real as long as you are playing in the reliable casinos. Online casino slots have quite high RTP rate, sometimes up to 97-98% which is quite enough to try your luck and make a bet in slots.

What are the best slots you recommend to play?

It depends on what you like in casino games. If you are more into simple gameplay with minimum features, you can try one of the classic slots. If they seem too boring — opt for the video slots made by some large provider like Playtech or Microgaming to start with, as they have a decent choice of games of all kinds, whether it’s an Asian-themed or a horror slot.

Where can I play mobile slots?

On Casino Hex, you’ll find a list of the best mobile casinos compatible with all the mobile platforms. Please open it from your smartphone or tablet so that you can start playing mobile slots right away.

Do free slots feature real cash bonuses?

No. Unfortunately, you can only get real money if you bet real money. But you can always start with low limits slots to try the game without spending a fortune.
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