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These days, there are various payment methods you can choose to deposit the money to your online casino account. You will find all the essential information about top Flexepin casino sites, steps to make a deposit, and many other things that could be of importance to you.

Best Flexepin Casino Sites 2023

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With so many options available, making the final decision and picking one of many may seem like a complicated task. But, when you know all about the specific method, its benefits, and reasons to use it, the selection becomes much more manageable.

With that being said, one of the payment options that is becoming more and more popular with each passing day is Flexepin. It is one of the best options for Canadian gamblers. Making deposits has never been this simple. If you don’t know much about this method and want to discover all about it, you are in the right place.

Canadian Online Casinos that Accept Flexepin

Flexepin is an online payment system that lets its users pay online and top-up accounts you own. It is one of the most accessible options to use to add deposits to your casino account.

Every online casino Flexepin works similarly. The payment option is a prepaid one, and to use it, you will have to buy a voucher first. To play at the sites that accept prepaid cards, you need to buy vouchers at various locations across the country, from kiosks to stores and gas stations.

The vouchers are available in various denominations, such as CA$20 and CA$50. But, if you want the ones with higher amounts, don’t worry because they are also available. Once you get the voucher, you will choose your favorite Flexepin online casino, and when selecting the deposit option, you will select this popular prepaid method.

Pros and Cons of Using Flexepin Deposits

Availability and Convenience: Flexepin became one of the favorite payment options for all gambling enthusiasts pretty quickly. Its coverage keeps expanding, and there are many Flexepin casino Canada options, which should not come as a surprise.
Instant Online Account Top Up: Flexepin is one of the best choices for those who love playing casino games because the speed of transactions is superb. The account will get the funds within minutes. No waiting is required, thanks to instant depositing
Security & Anonymity: When it comes to casinos, finding a reliable option that is safe and secure is the most important thing. If you choose one of the best online casinos that accept Flexepin, you can rest assured your data will be kept at bay away from prying eyes.
Multiple Voucher Denominations: When you are ready to deposit the money to your account, you’ll need a voucher, and Flexepin has different denominations, so you can choose whatever suits you best. The options are $20, $50, $100, $150, $250, $300, and $500. Unfortunately, Flexepin won’t suit for 1 dollar deposit casinos Canada.
No withdrawal: Let’s say you played online slots and you earned the money you want to withdraw. It is the moment when the biggest Flexepin flaw comes in. You cannot use it for that purpose. The only way to use it is to make deposits and add funds to your account.
Limited Markets Coverage: It is available in Canada and Australia. However, it is a fairly young option, and there is enough space and time for it to grow and expand to other counties and areas around the globe.
Limited Currencies Support: It does not come as a surprise considering the system is not available in various countries. For now, it supports EUR< AUD, CAD, and GBP

Making a deposit with a Flexepin Casino

Depositing on one of the casinos that accept Flexepin is very simple. There is no fuss, no complicated or confusing steps you need to follow. Every part of the process is transparent and straightforward.

Advantages of Using Flexepin as Deposit Methods

The Flexepin gambling option is one of the most convenient these days. The whole process is simple because everything you need to make a deposit is a prepaid voucher. It is a method that’s safe and secure and provides complete anonymity. There are various values of vouchers you can choose from. The lowest amount is CAD$20, and the highest one is CAD$500. The deposit will reach your casino account within seconds.

Transaction fees

One of the main reasons this payment option is the favorite of so many gamblers is that transaction Flexepin fees are meager. If you compare the value of commissions of this method with others, you will spot the difference right away. Other systems come with much higher fees, while Flexepin stays on the low side. Casinos do have the right to charge truncation commissions, but lately, that’s not been the widespread practice, and many websites have decided not to do it.

Even if the site does charge the commission, it will be reasonable. In Canada, users need to pay for the convenience fee, and its value varies and depends on the value of the voucher. Logically, the higher amount on the voucher, the higher the fee.

Flexepin Markets Coverage

Flexepin Casino Welcome Bonus 
Zodiac CasinoC$20
Casino Luxury OnlineC$1000
Yukon Gold125 Free Spins
Platinum PlayC$800
Royal VegasC$1200

Flexepin is not quite popular option which is available in a couple of countries only. Canada and Australia are the main markets for Flexepin. It is also available in Cyprus, Romania, and Greece, but the network of distributors in these countries is still poor.

Each day the number of Flexepin stores in Canada is getting bigger and bigger. You can easily find Flexepin vouchers in each big Canadian city, including Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and others. Canadian gamblers can easily find a Flexepin store, as well as a decent Flexepin online casino Canada. However, there are several Canadian casino sites considered to be the highest payout online casinos accept Flexepin on the web:

Making a Withdrawal with Flexepin Casino

Many great sites are among the top online casinos that accept Flexepin but only as a method used to make deposits. Unfortunately, withdrawing money using this payment option is not possible because it is a prepaid card. You can use this option for depositing in Flexepin casino, but when it comes the time to withdraw the winnings, you will have to select another option that works for you. Most casinos offer a variety of options, and players can pick the one that suits them best.

Flexepin alternatives

There are several Flexepin alternatives you can use when it comes the time to withdraw your winnings. The most popular options are that suit the majority of players are Visa and MasterCard, Interac, PaySafe Card, and Bitcoin.

All these methods are not only popular but are safe and secure, so you can rest assured everything will go smoothly and without any issues. When using the alternatives, minimum and maximum deposits vary and depend on the casino you select. In most cases, the minimum deposit is $10, and the maximum goes between $2000 and $5000. The withdrawal minimum varies as well, but in most places, it is set to $10 or $20.

All these alternatives may feature the fees, but these charges are pretty small. When it comes to withdrawal time, in most cases, the minimum wait for the money to reach your account is 48 hours, and the maximum is seven business days.

How to Choose the Best Flexepin Online Casino?

These days, there are many Flexepin online casinos. Many players have the same question: how to select the website and what things to consider along the way.

Casino reputation

First of all, the thing you want to take into account is the reputation of the casino. The site should have all the required licenses and papers needed to operate. When you select such a place, you can rest assured that you will have lots of fun in a safe and secure environment.

Choice of games

The next thing to think about is the games. If you want to have the time of your life and the experience that will be on the highest level, you must select one of the best Flexepin online casino sites with a rich library of games. If you are up to some live-action and even more fun, remember many live casinos allow the option to make Flexepin deposits.


Bonuses are also essential because the excellent offer makes the fun last longer and allows you to play more. So, before you make the final decision to create an account, explore the package of bonuses and promotions. If you like what you see, and if the options suit you, you are ready to jump and start your gambling adventure.

Safety and security of the payment method

The simplicity is not the only perk best Flexepin online casino sites offer. It is one of the safest and secure payment methods. When choosing some other option, you could keep asking yourself whether you made the right choice and will something happen with your data and personal information. When it comes to Flexepin, you can completely relax because the method offers security and complete anonymity.

Various voucher options and simplicity of use

You get to choose between several voucher options $20, $50, $100, $150, $250, $300, and $500. Adding a deposit is beyond simple. Just choose the payment method and type the PIN. Everything is completed within minutes, and most importantly, it is simple.

Now, when you know how Flexepin works and in which countries it is available, you must probably want to see what makes it stand out from the other payment options and why it is worth using in online casinos. So, let us tell you the main advantages of using Flexepin for the best online casino sites for real money.

Flexepin Casino Bonuses

  1. Welcome bonus. When you pick a casino you like, it’s time to get the welcome bonus that will greet you right at the start of your adventure. The package of bonuses and promotions is different on every site, some offer deposit bonuses, but some websites provide no deposit bonus, which is the best option. Before you create an account on a casino website, make sure to take a closer look at the offer of bonuses and promotions.
  2. No deposit bonus. It is a great option that many casinos are offering. You don’t have to add a deposit as its name suggests. Al you have to do is register, and you will get a bonus.
  3. Match-up deposit bonus. Another excellent type of bonus you may land is a match-up deposit bonus. The amount you will get from the casino will mirror the amount you added as a deposit. Such a deposit will boost the funds on your account, so you can play a lot longer.
  4. Free spins. In addition, many casinos offer free spins that you can use on specific online slots. You won’t have to spend a cent of your real money, and still, you will get the chance to play, win, and explore the casino and its performance. When claiming a bonus, there is no waiting or some complicated procedures. It is all straightforward and quick.

Disadvantages of Using Flexepin Casino Deposit Method

While there are many great things about Flexepin, it, unfortunately, has its own set of drawbacks. But that’s normal. There is no ideal method in every way, so perks and disadvantages are part of the package.

The biggest flaw of this system is that you can’t use it to withdraw the funds from your casino account. Everything revolves around the prepaid voucher, and there is no option to move the money from the website account to that voucher. When it comes the time to withdraw the money, you will have to select another system that works for you.

The next disadvantage is that you have to add the entire amount from the voucher to your account. If you are new to this payment system, you should be aware that the PIN on the card can be used one time only. Once you use it, it will no longer be active. In other words, you can’t divide the funds from the voucher and use them for different things or several bonuses. It won’t work because the PIN won’t work, and the second transfer won’t be an option. Also, it would be best if you kept an eye on the voucher, and you can’t lose it, misplace it or damage it before usage. There is no way to replace the lost or stolen one, so you must be extra careful.

Another drawback is that this payment system is available in a few countries only, Canada and Australia being the most important markets. For now, only a few more countries can purchase the vouchers and use them for online gambling, while for the rest, this payment system remains the dream. But, as the option is still considered new, the situation could change in the future, and it may become available globally.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to Flexepin, you know more about this payment system, and you can try it out. As you may notice, many advantages make it so popular among users, especially in Canada. It is all made to be very simple. You can deposit the money and play the games in the luxury environment provided by some of the best online casino sites that accept Flexepin deposits.

The system has its own set of drawbacks as well, but the perks outgrow the flaws. You can enjoy the simplicity, the easiness, the fact the method is safe, secure, and anonymous. Getting a bonus is another benefit! It is still considered new, but it has a huge fan base for a reason. The fees are barely noticeable, and that’s another motive to try it out. There will be less focus on the technicalities and more on the game and fun, and that’s what great casinos are all about.

Flexepin Casino FAQ

Is Gambling in Flexepin Casinos legal?

Yes, gambling in Flexepin Casinos is legal. It is the payment method like any other available in the online casinos. Before you create the account in any casino, make sure it has all the needed licenses to operate, and you will be good to go.

What is the Minimum Amount Canadian Gamblers Can Deposit with Flexepin?

The minimum amount you can deposit using this payment option is CAD $20, the lowest voucher value. You can consider buying other voucher options, but whichever you choose, you will have to add the whole amount at once as the PIN from the voucher can’t be used two times.

What is the Maximum Amount Canadian Gamblers Can Deposit with Flexepin?

The maximum amount Canadian gamblers can deposit using Flexepin is CAD$500. The voucher of CAD$500 has the highest value of all voucher options that are available for purchase. Deposits are made instantly. There is no waiting required.

Do All Canadian Online Casinos Accept Flexepin Deposits?

No. Not all Canadian online gambling websites accept the deposits made via Flexepin. The method is trendy among the players, and it has built an excellent reputation. However, many still consider it new, so many casinos didn’t include it just yet. The number of casinos that have it in the offer keeps increasing.

Can I use Flexepin for Winnings Withdrawals?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t use Flexepin to withdraw the winnings. When the withdrawal comes, you will have to select another method that works for you. Casinos offer debit and credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, Interac, and more. You will find something that will suit you.

What bonuses Flexepin Gambling Sites Offer?

The bonus offer varies from one gambling site to another. Every casino has its own set of bonuses and promotions. Some may offer deposit bonuses, while others provide no deposit bonuses that consist of free spins. The only thing to do to acquire such a bonus is to create an account. As soon as you do that, the prize will be added, and you will be able to play and enjoy it!
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