how to become a casino dealerDo you love the excitement of playing casino games? Does the thought of being in charge of casino game proceedings excite you? If the answer to both questions is yes, you should consider a career as a casino dealer. Read on to find out how to become a casino dealer.

What It Takes to Become a Casino Dealer

You can’t become a dealer if you can’t play the games available. So, the first step would be to find out about the various games that require a dealer. Different games also come in several variants. You can make learning easier by mastering the variants associated with one game, like blackjack, before learning a new game like poker.

All that aside, here are other important skills to have:

Also, keep in mind that casino games have an age restriction. At most establishments, you need to be a minimum of 19 years to apply.

Casino Job Variations: Types of Dealers

Once you’re aware of the various requirements a casino dealer needs, it’s time for you to choose which type of dealer you’d like to become. There are several variations, each with its benefits over the others. So based on your card gaming skill set, one option may be more favorable than the others. Besides that, your casino game preference also plays a part in the type of career you should pursue.

We’ve broken down the dealer types below to give you a better look at what each requires. Besides that, you’ll also get a chance to see what’s required in each case.

Croupier (or Roulette Dealer)

If you’re a fan of roulette games, then you should consider looking for a croupier position. Some of the major activities you would be in charge of include:

Card Game Dealer

A card game dealer is responsible for managing the flow of casino card games like poker, blackjack, or baccarat. Their job includes:

Craps Dealer

A game of craps, just like real money roulette, has different gameplay from other casino games. That’s because players bet on the roll of a pair of dice. As such, you’ll find the game tends to have more than one dealer at the table.

A dealer involved in this casino game will be in charge of activities like:

Live Dealer

live casino dealer requirements These are a new breed of casino dealers that work for games available at online casinos. As such, they don’t interact physically with players on the floor. So, if you prefer the somewhat isolated environment created by online gaming, this may be the option for you. That’s because the dealers are situated at the online casino’s studios as they wait for players that would like to play the game they’re managing.

From the casino’s game studio, the dealer gets filmed as they conduct the game. To always ensure fairness, live dealer games happen in real-time. Every action carried out by the dealer gets live-streamed to the players. For a live dealer casino, other than informing players of the various stages of the ongoing game like making bets, folding or raising hands, and announcing winners, they also get to:

How to Become Card Dealer: Step-By-Step Guide

Unlike other careers out there, becoming a dealer doesn’t take years of study. A few months of training and the ideal license are all you need to apply for this casino job. It’s something you can pursue even if you only have a GED or high school diploma.

Have a look at the steps you need to follow to get started with this career.

Do your research

Every industry has requirements that job applicants must comply with. In this case, you need to understand:

Also, find out which companies are the best employers and what they offer their employees. That way, you’ll have an idea of things like the salary you should start with.

Take a course

Courses to help you become a dealer take a short time. Pick a recognized school where you can also get your dealer license at the end of your training. That way, you’re ready to start making applications for the position.

Look for job vacancies

Once you’re qualified, start looking for job vacancy adverts. In most cases, you won’t need prior experience at a casino to apply for a beginner-level position.

Make your application

Since becoming a dealer is a position that many can apply for, applications don’t stay open long. So once you find an advert, ensure you provide the necessary information as soon as possible. Waiting for the deadline isn’t a good idea because the position may be filled by then.

Be willing to start from the bottom

If you don’t have casino experience, then be willing to work your way up the ranks. That means if you’re given less busy tables, don’t worry. That gives you a chance to perfect your skills for the job while you’re on the job.

Dealer Appearance – How to Look

casino card dealer There’s a lot more that goes into becoming a dealer than just your gaming skill set. Your appearance also plays a vital role in determining your suitability for the position. You have to look professional every time you head to the tables. That way, players don’t worry about how old you are and whether you can do the job as expected.

Some of the appearance requirements at most casinos include:

  1. Wearing neat and ironed casino uniforms at all times
  2. No going to the tables with jewelry on. The only exception is a wedding band.
  3. Keep hair trimmed and styled for gents, while ladies keep long hair tied in a neat ponytail.
  4. Male dealers also need to have clean-shaven faces. No beards, mustaches, or goatees.

How to Apply for a Dealer Job

Before you can apply to become a dealer, you need to qualify for the position. Some people are privileged enough to get favors that allow them to become dealers without the necessary qualifications. However, advancing to different companies becomes hard since you don’t have the required papers.

Getting your license is a vital part of proving you’re a professional in this industry. It serves as confirmation that you’re aware of what it takes to be a dealer in Canada. That’s because the courses also teach you about the country’s various gambling laws.

Don’t just sign up at any school claiming to be the best casino school. Finding the right institution will open up several doors for you. For starters, applications for people from a recognized institution tend to pass the vetting phase faster. Besides that, you would also be able to qualify for your license while you learn. So, at the end of your course, you’re ready for the job market.

Some schools you can sign up at in Canada include:

Both these institutions have courses for various gambling activities available. The best part is that you receive training from industry experts. So, you can rest assured that they know what is expected of students at their schools.

The Benefits of Being a Casino Dealer

If you enjoy the casino environment, becoming a professionally recognized dealer is the first benefit you get if your job application is successful. Beyond that, you can also look forward to perks like:

  1. Getting to play every day. You get to enjoy several games during your work shift. And although you can’t collect the winnings, you still get to experience the thrills of playing card games.
  2. Flexible work schedule. Since card dealers work in shifts, you have the flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Whenever you have urgent matters to attend to, just request a shift change so you can handle your affairs, then head to work once you’re free.
  3. Earning tips. Apart from the salary you get, most dealers also get tips from players. Depending on how well you do your job, the tips you get can even surpass your wages from the casino every month.
  4. Traveling the world. If you love to travel, getting employed by a cruise ship casino will be worth your while. You get some travel time in while doing a job you love.
  5. Employee benefits.

Depending on the type of employer you have, your dealer job may entitle you to employee privileges like:

Keep in mind that some of these benefits depend on the company you get to work for. However, they’re terms you can find out about during your application process. That way, you know what you’re in for once you get accepted.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a casino card dealer is one of the easiest professions you can join. That’s whether you’re fresh out of high school or you’d like to switch professions. It offers a flexible schedule, so you can even use it as a stepping stone toward your dream career.

That’s especially if you love casino games.

All you need are the right qualifications to join a casino with a vacancy. There are also plenty of perks that come with this position, like the tips you can get.