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For most of us, Blackjack is one of the first card games we ever learn. Whether as kids or teens, it is an extremely simple game that takes only a few minutes to learn.

However, the game goes a lot further beyond that. It’s an absolutely classic title that has been played at casinos and gambling establishments for centuries! There isn’t a single gambler around who does not know what Blackjack is.

But what about online Blackjack real money? Well, it simply refers to games that are played at online casinos and make use of real money. There’s an immense gulf between a video game of blackjack using virtual cash, and spending your own hard-earned money.

Here, you’ll be learning all about how to play real money blackjack online. We’ll explain how to find the best website to play blackjack for real money and then make the most of it!

By the time you reach the end, you may not be an expert, but you won’t be completely clueless either. You’ll have great odds at winning some of the best online blackjack real money games out there!

What is Real Money Online Blackjack?

The basic premise of the game is that two players draw cards one by one. Their hand values are calculated by summing up the numbers on each card. So, if you have a 2 and a 4 in hand, the hand value is 6. For Royal cards, the value’s fixed at 10, and for the Ace the value can be either 1 or 11.

The goal is to try and stop as close to the critical number of 21 as possible. Going over this is called a ‘Bust’. It is an automatic loss, so avoid it! Hence, it’s also known as ‘Twenty-Ones’, or in a more old-fashioned style, ‘Pontoon’. If you see either one of those names, remember that it’s the same game.

Twenty-One online is really popular among Canadian gamblers because of how simple and easy it is to play. It is also one of the best games when it comes to profitability. The house edge for this game is only 0.04%, which means an expert player loses next to nothing in the long run.

How to Play Online Blackjack for Real Money

To play online blackjack games for real money, the first thing you have to do is sign up at an online casino. There are hundreds of such sites available to Canadian players. Choose a reputable and popular site, sign up, and then deposit some cash.

Once you have done that, you are ready to start playing! Simply visit the Table Games or the Live Games section and choose your pick of Blackjack games. If one still can find some old-school players and tourists in Las Vegas or in legal offline casinos in Canada, the millennials are more attracted by real cash opportunities and high limit blackjack offered by the best virtual casinos.

Basic Rules of Real Money Online Blackjack

The basic rules of real money online Blackjack are the same as anywhere else – get as close to 21 as possible without going over. The player who is closer – wins.

The game starts with the dealer handing out two cards for themselves and two to the player. One of the dealer’s cards is visible. The two take turns “Hit”-ing, meaning they draw a card. This goes on until both are satisfied with their hand. When the player stands, the two hands are compared.

Real Money Blackjack Apps

It’s not just casino sites where you may play online casino real money Blackjack. Many modern casinos also have apps. Mobile apps allow players who are on the move to play their favorite games without worrying.

You can play a few rounds of Black Jack on the bus or train, or while waiting for your food to be prepared at a lunch outside. Mobile Blackjack apps open up unlimited possibilities right at your fingertips at all times.

Odds in the Real Money Blackjack

The odds in real money Blackjack are quite good. The return to player in Blackjack is generally above 98%. However, It is a game that’s been optimized and studied by mathematicians as well! They have worked out that if you played the game perfectly, you could get an RTP of 99.6%!

But since the player knows the dealer’s up cards it allows one to calculate the real probability of the dealer going bust and play the best strategy to alleviate the edge effect and consequently win more money.

If, for example, the dealer turns up a 6. We should calculate how the values of his next cards will influence the overall odds of dealer’s going bust. So that if we consider a 10-value card we define the probability of its showing up to be at best 4/13 since in the game of blackjack there are 4 cards with that value in the suit. Consequently, a card with a value more than 5 should come up for the dealer to go over 21 after initially getting 6 and 10. Since there are 8 such cards in the suit the probability that such a card will show up equals 8/13. Now in order to calculate the overall chances that the dealer will go bust with the above-mentioned sequence of cards, we should multiply their odds: 4/13 * 8/13 = 32/169 (or 18.3%).

Find the Best Real Money Blackjack Casinos in Canada

There are hundreds of online casino sites. It’s quite impossible to figure out which one would be the best online Blackjack real money Canada website. However, we went through scores of casinos in our review process. We’ve highlighted the best sites here where you can play Twenty-Ones or Pontoon for fun.

Jackpotcity Casino

Jackpot City is among Canada’s most popular betting sites. It features an attractive layout and a great reputation. They’ve been around for over 23 years and have a stellar list of features. Plus, they’re licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and audited by eCOGRA, so it’s a great, safe environment for all players.

There are over 400 titles from mainly Microgaming here. For fans of Twenty-Ones, they have Classic, Atlantic City, European, and Live Blackjack titles. Different variants have different rules. For instance, Atlantic City Blackjack splits a pair into three, not two. In the European blackjack, doubling-down is more limited compared to normal.

There are also massive bonuses at Jackpot City, including a big C$1,600 welcome package!

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune is a premium online casino in Canada. It’s a great site to play Blackjack online real money Canada for myriad reasons.

One reason is that it’s a trustworthy site with both MGA and Kahnawake gaming licenses. Another is that it has Evolution Gaming and Microgaming titles. Both these providers have decades of experience in the sector. What’s more, Evolution Gaming is credited with having developed the first live dealer games. Rest assured, plenty of fun awaits you.

While Ruby Fortune’s C$750 welcome bonus isn’t as big as JackpotCity’s, it makes up for it with more variety in games. There are 10 blackjack tables here – more than any other one of our top choices.

Spin Palace

A premium online casino offering Canadian players more than C$1,000 in bonuses, Spin Palace is an excellent choice for Blackjack. They are trustworthy, featuring a Kahnawake gaming license. Out of our top selections for casinos, they offer the most games: 600+

Out of these, there are 6 Blackjack titles: Atlantic City Blackjack Gold, European, Vegas Strip Single Deck, Vegas Downtown

Multi-Hand, Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Gold and Pontoon Gold. And if you ever tire of playing this game, you can simply hop over to one of Spin Palace’s hundreds of slots titles.

If you decide to stay in for the long haul, then Spin Palace’s VIP section will be really helpful. There are lots of perks and rewards to becoming one. If you enjoy Blackjack and spend enough on it, you could be one yourself eventually!

The Features of a Good Blackjack Online Casino

With thousands of casinos operating online and offering different varieties of blackjack games for cash, you need to understand what are the real criteria for choosing the best online casino that will satisfy your intention to play and win in online blackjack real money.

  1. First of all, check if the online blackjack casino has the license to serve users in your country. You will not have to bother about that on our website since the smart online technologies that we use prevent players from seeing any cash-winning options that are restricted for them.
  2. Check whether substantial amounts of cash bonuses are offered.
  3. Look at its payout report and check when it was established since older casinos are more likely to have a higher percentage of real money paid out to its players.
  4. Look for online casino blackjack sites that provide 24/7 customer support so as to be sure that your questions would be answered rapidly.
  5. Make sure that the online casino supports your language and cash currency.
  6. Check the quality of game graphics. The best online gambling casino sites that let you play for real money use software from the top game developers such as NetEnt, Playtech, Betsoft and Microgaming.
  7. Don’t forget to check game reviews about online casino real experience with the particular casino and the best cash winning options it offers.
  8. Find out what are its banking opportunities. It is best when you can instantly withdraw your money and not to wait for weeks to cash in your wins.

Real Money vs Free Online Blackjack Games

Some players are conflicted over which one to play: free online Blackjack games, or real money games with actual stakes. There are advantages and disadvantages to each one. So, what’s the best way to determine this? By comparing them head-to-head by looking at their advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the pros and cons of both online blackjack real money games and free games. After you’ve read them, we hope you can choose between the two.

For Real Money Games, the pros and cons include:

It is possible to make a profit from Blackjack, though this is not to be relied on. It depends on your luck.
It is way more exciting and thrilling to wager your hard-earned income on the game. Winning feels even better, losing feels even worse.
Immersive Live Casino games are exclusively real cash only. No casino will waste live dealers on free games.
Some people have gambling problems. Playing this could exacerbate those.
Sometimes, losing a lot of games in a row could empty your bankroll. Then you won’t be able to play anymore.

What about the other side? Here are the pros and cons of free blackjack:

You don’t need to worry about losing. You can simply have fun playing the game.
Budget players aren’t limited by how much money they have. They can play as much as they like.
Free games are good for practice. You could turn this practice into preparation for real money games.
The availability of games is lower. Many casinos don’t offer Free blackjack games at all. There are no immersive live tables for this.
Some players get bored. They need the increased tension and stakes from online blackjack real money to feel excited.

Reasons to Play Online Blackjack for Money

So, what are the reasons to play online blackjack for cash?

  1. It is more exciting. Everyone wants some excitement in their lives. Think about mountain climbing or paragliding. They are dangerous activities, but people who enjoy them also enjoy that thrill.
  2. Similarly, when you play blackjack online real money Canada games, there is a danger of losing all your cash. But that danger only makes it even more thrilling and pushes players to perform their best.
  3. Live games. Plus, if you play real money blackjack, you can play immersive live casino titles instead. These are tables where instead of a computer-controlled opponent on virtual graphics, a real dealer is present. They deal out cards and you can even chat with them as if you were in a brick-and-mortar casino for real!

Gambling is extremely popular in Canada. The thrill of spending something real is one of the main reasons for that!

The Variations of Online Blackjack Games for Real Money

There are several types of blackjack games being played in online gambling sites with real differences in the rules. Getting a better understanding will help you to choose the type that suits you best to win more money.

What Real Money Bonuses You Can Get

There’re plentiful opportunities for bonus offers at the best online blackjack real money sites. For instance, we have:

How to Win at Money Blackjack: Tips and Strategies

Do your best to avoid the following mistakes which many online players make when playing real money casinos in Canada.

You can check the corresponding page for more blackjack winning strategies in real online blackjack for money.


Is playing blackjack online for real money safe for Canadians?

Yes, it is completely safe to play online casino real money blackjack games. As long as you play at a trustworthy and licensed casino, your winnings will be safe and you won’t get scammed. We only recommend the most reliable and trustworthy sites out there, so you can use our recommendations if you are worried!

Can you win real money from blackjack?

Yes! That is the whole point of playing online blackjack real money. There is a unique thrill in winning or risking losing your hard-earned cash while betting. It’s not possible to get that kind of feeling with virtual or video games of blackjack, which is why real money blackjack online is so popular.

Can you play blackjack for money on your phone?

Yes. All modern online casinos now offer a mobile site. The mobile website is basically the same as the normal site, except it is redesigned for mobile players on small screens using touch controls. Everything else, such as the gameplay, rules, how you place bets, odds and bonuses, are all the same. So, you can definitely play blackjack for money on your phone.

What is the best online casino for blackjack?

It is hard to say which one is the best website to play Blackjack for real since they are all unique. However, we suggest you choose one of our recommended sites. They are all top-notch and should give you the ultimate online casino real money Blackjack experience. You could try each site out for a while and see which one suits you best!
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