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🙄 Feel embarrassed when a pair of dice is in your hands and it’s time to act? Then you can start conquering dice horizons right now!

📚 Here, we share all the ins and outs of playing online craps for real money & free as well as answer the most popular questions on craps and give our feedback on craps online casinos that you can find on the web.

📌 Whether you have never played craps and want to try or got lost in the woods of all the range of bets and options, you have every chance to clarify things by perusing the information below and practicing craps in the demo regime on our website.

⭐ Yeah, we make it really simple – read & play in parallel and become a step closer to perfection!

Best Online Casinos to Play Craps for Real Money — 2023

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2 NationalCasino
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3 Casiqo
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4 Mega Casino
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5 Slots City
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6 JeetCity
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7 iLucki
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8 21bit
$2550 + 250 FS Play Now Read Review 21bit 4000+
9 NightRush
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10 Royal Vegas
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11 QuickWin
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12 Gslot
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13 LevelUp
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14 Wazamba
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15 Nomini
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16 Lucky Days
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17 Lucky Louis
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18 Golden Lion
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19 SmokAce
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20 7signs
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21 Bob Casino
C$1500 CAD + 130 FS Play Now Read Review Bob Casino 5408+
22 Leo Vegas
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23 Mummys Gold
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24 Yukon Gold
125 Free Spins Play Now Read Review Yukon Gold 687+
25 1xSlots
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26 Gate 777
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27 Betway
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28 Hyper
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29 SlotJoint
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30 Read Review Casino Cruise 1200+
31 Zodiac Casino
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32 El Royale
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33 Casimba
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34 Simple Casino
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35 Duelz
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36 Casino Heroes
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37 ZodiacBet
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38 RiverBelle Casino
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39 PlayOJO
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40 Jonny Jackpot
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41 Nine Casino
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42 Wildz
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44 Playzee
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45 NetBet
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46 Lucky Nugget Casino
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47 Oshi
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48 All Slots
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49 Vulkan Vegas
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50 AmunRa
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The Ultimate Online Craps Guide

Based on a pretty simple concept of predicting the outcome of a throw of a pair of dice, craps is one of the most difficult games to grasp, yet it is amazing – hardly will you find any other game offering such a huge variety of unpredictable outcomes, tension, and dynamic action. Not for nothing craps are filmed in tons of movies, even your favorite ones, though most likely you didn’t realize that what was shown on the screen was craps.

Truth be told, mastering craps online is harder than slots and most other table games, but still, it takes no longer than an hour or two at maximum. Take your time to read the guide on the best online craps games and hone your skills in the demo mode until you feel enough power to play for money.

Basic Rules – How to Play Craps Online

Craps looks confusing to most rookies, but it’s much easier to learn if you read and play in parallel. That’s why the best way to go is to pick one of the casinos represented on our website, launch the craps table in the demo mode and learn craps while playing it. Before we proceed to break down the gameplay, try to memorize the following:

The Gameplay of Craps: the Come Out Roll Phase

The craps game starts with placing the wager on Pass Line; there are many other bets, but Pass Line is the optimal wager for beginners. After you make your Pass Line bet (which is actually a bet on one of two outcomes, 7 or 11), the Come Out Roll starts. The Shooter throws the dice and there can be 3 possible outcomes:

The Gameplay of Craps: the Point Phase

Once Point Phase starts, the Shooter rolls the dice again. If the Shooter hits Point Number, all Pass Line bets win even money. If the Shooter hits 7 before the Point Number, all Pass Line bets lose. That’s it – you’ve just learned the basics! Everything else is additional wagers and intricacies that you don’t even have to comprehend at the basic level. 📌 Recommendation: Play a few games by taking Pass Line wagers to get the hang of the game and continue reading once you feel ready for more information. You can even take a break for a day or two to better digest the basics of craps. Do not rush to learn all the possible outcomes and odds – as long as you have the demo mode at hand, you do not risk anything and can learn all the ins & outs of playing craps online step-by-step.

Types of Craps Bets

What makes online craps so exciting & intriguing is the abundance of wagers. Since you have already learned Pass Line wagers, which are undoubtedly the most popular craps bets, it’s time to master the whole range.

Free Craps Games

Popular Craps Strategies Overview

You might think craps is based mainly on luck, but that would be wrong. Luck does take place sometimes, like in the remarkable case of California Club casino that lost more than $1 million overnight, but it’s rare and can only be applied to a short-term perspective. As for the long run, you have to develop your strategy or at least use one of the time-tested ones. Feel free to use the strategies below as they are or improve/adjust them if you can.

🎲 Pass and Come

The only thing you should care about when you play real money craps online is odds. As long as the odds are in your favor, you win; once the house edge (the in-built advantage of the casino) becomes too high, chances are you will lose. Pass and Come bets minimize the house edge to a ridiculous 1.41% so that you have a fair chance to stay in profit even in the long run. Pass Line and Come wagers are actually the same with the only difference that the latter is made after the Point Number is established. Both wagers win if you roll a 7 or 11 and lose if you throw 2, 3, or 12. Pass Line and Come bets provide decent winnings odds, even though the payouts aren’t too generous!

🎲 Don’t Pass & Don’t Come

Depending on the type of craps, Don’t Pass and Don’t Come wagers may have different house edges. We would recommend you to consider craps in which 12 is considered a re-game (also called a tie, a push). When you play craps online that employ this rule you automatically lower the house edge to a ridiculous 1.36%.

🎲 Placing 6 and/or 8

As practice shows, new players can’t help but try to place Big 8 and Big 8 wagers. These are really big and hard to resist, but unfortunately, bigger doesn’t mean better. In fact, Big 6 and Big 8 are almost the worst best in the game. Both wagers are counterparts of Place bets. The latter, however, has a much lower house edge of 1.52% compared to a whopping 9% for Big 6 and Big 8. But why do Big 6 and Big 8 exist at all? Well, probably because Big 6 and 8 Big work at any time while Place bets are available only during Point Phase. Indeed Big 6 and Big 8 are no good, but you are welcome to play free craps on our website and make sure of it by yourself. A few dozen plays should be enough to understand that the formidable 9% house edge is a big deal.

🎲 Three-Point Molly

Three-Point Molly in craps online is about covering your initial wager. To start with, put a basic Pass Line bet. Seven or eleven is a win; 2, 3, or 11 is a loss; any other number becomes Point Number and advances you to Point Phase in which you should place a Come bet to execute the Three-Point Molly strategy. Once you win with your Come wager, you should instantly place one more wager and repeat the process until 7 pops up. Thereby you protect your original Pass Line bet and hedge your potential losses. The Three-Point Molly does not guarantee you millions, but it is definitely worth your attention if you want to minimize losses and play longer.

Craps Tips for Beginners

You can make any bets as long as you play online craps game for fun in the demo mode, but it all changes when you start playing online casino craps for real money. Even though gambling venues traditionally have an advantage over players (else they would have long gone bankrupt), there are tips & tricks, both mental and mathematical, to turn odds in your favor to a certain extent. Below are the most common recommendations for craps players – follow them or ignore them, but make sure to get acquainted with them in the first place.

#1 Respect the Math

We are all used to stories of random guys winning gazillions with the oddest wagers, and we do recommend you to try to repeat this when you play craps online for fun, but just to make sure it does not work. What does work is math unless you place ‘lucky bets’ at ‘lucky tables.’ Long story short, the only thing to care about is the house edge. The smaller it is, the less you lose in the long run. Is there a way to win if (theoretically) you play infinitely long? No, but craps do have a bet with a 0 house edge. It is called Odds and can be placed (after the Point Number is established) on the number that you believe you will roll before 7. Note that gambling venues tend to establish certain limitations on Odds wagers to protect their income.

#2 Place Pass Line Bets if You Are New to Craps

All online craps casinos employ a few dozen of various bets, but the irony is that the basic Pass Line bet provides the 3rd lowest house edge after Odds and Don’t Pass/Don’t Come. Pass Line is a wager on 7 and 11. As simple as that! It reduces the house edge to 1.41% only and everything you have to do after making your wager is to press the Roll button and see if the outcome matches the wager. If you roll 7 and 11, you win. If you roll a 2, 3, or 12, you lose; any other number advances the game to Point Phase explained above.

#3 Place Don’t Come and Don’t Pass Bets If You Are an Amateur Player

Betting against the dealer is fine, but in our opinion, it requires a certain boldness and experience, which is why we would recommend Don’t Pass/Don’t Come to players that know the ropes. Don’t Pass and Don’t Come may treat 12 as a loss or a tie. In the latter case, the online casino’s house edge is reduced to 1.36%. Take advantage of it! By the way, all the recommended craps casinos on our website treat 12 as a tie, which makes them quite favorable for Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bettors.

#4 If You Can Place the Odds Bet, Do it!

Finding a loophole when the house has no advantage over players is practically impossible – after all, gambling is not charity. However, craps provide you with a rare chance to equalize the odd with the odds of the casino you are playing craps at. The Odds bet is placed on a number that you believe you roll before 7 in Point Phase. Don’t even think of whether you should take advantage of the Odds bet – place it every time you can!

#5 Use the Demo Mode to Learn to Manage Your Bankroll

Throughout the article we’ve been recommending you to start with the demo mode not just like that – it will really help you to improve your skills and develop the right mindset. There’s no need to rush with the best online craps for real money, especially if you haven’t had experience in managing the bankroll. The thrill of the game will catch you, don’t ever doubt this, so make sure you will be able to stop before the no-return point established beforehand. It takes time to become a King of your emotions…just don’t put the cart before the horse.

Last but not least, keep in mind that casinos rarely lose and therefore the best you can do is have fun while gambling. After all, the happiest players are those who know how to turn craps into a joyful and refreshing pastime while not pursuing huge gains. Fortune is a naughty mistress than comes and goes, craps itself is a complicated game – even dealers struggle to have skills, speed, and determination needed to act rightly and boldly at craps tables – that said, what takes you to the next level is the ability to leave the table satisfied regardless of the throw outcome.

Top 5 Casinos to Play Real Money Craps Games

You must be accustomed to finding hundreds and thousands of different slot machines at online casinos, but do not expect this with craps: even the best online casino for craps might not offer more than two or three versions of craps while many venues do not include craps into their game lines at all. To save your time & efforts, we have united the best world and Canadian online craps casinos into a single list available up the page and reviewed 5 real cash online craps casinos so that you can understand which type of gambling venue to look for to find craps there.

✅ Spin Casino

Anyone searching for an online gambling venue offering craps, accepting a variety of currencies, and employing all the major languages would be pretty satisfied with Spin Casino, an online gambling venue licensed in Malta, Sweden, and Canada. Here you can play craps for real money as well as a plentitude of other table games and slots. As many as 16 deposit and 8 withdrawal options, including electronic and mobile wallet, makes Spins Casino easy to work with. You are free to play craps in the demo mode or for real money as long as you are signed up for the casino. By the way, it provides quite a motivation to register – a 100% welcome bonus up to €/$400 is no joke!

✅ Jackpot City

Though we find the feedback quite controversial (some claim that Jackpot City delays withdrawals and refuses to pay bonuses), we can’t omit to point out to the fact that Jackpot City is one of the oldest online casinos with more than 30 years of history behind. It’s totally up to you whether to take chances, but the truth is that Jackpot City is one of the few online casinos that provide online craps. It may not be the best craps online site, but you play a few games in the demo mode and see whether it is as spooky as haters say. And if you dare to play for real money, you should know about a ‘Provably Fair’ system that you can utilize to verify all the craps outcomes once you finish playing.

✅ Ruby Fortune

Approved by eCOGRA and holding the title of a ‘Provably Fair’ casino, Ruby Fortune not only provides online live dealer craps games in addition to an exquisite line of 450 slots and table games but also eradicates any possibility of fraud. Be it craps, slots, or any other games of chance, you can verify the outcomes (including the outcomes of all throws) at the end of the gambling session. Sixteen languages, a dozen deposit options, multi-language interface, best craps games available in the free mode after registration…what else do you need to say that you have finally found the gambling destination of your dreams?! Go ahead, rob your fortune at Ruby Fortune!

✅ Royal Vegas

Las Vegas is a gambling Mecca, and you can grab a piece of it at Royal Vegas, a trustworthy Maltese casino offering a stunning range of slots, table games…and craps! This ‘Provably Fair,’ approved by eCOGRA craps online casino provides craps in the demo mode and for real money. The abidance of languages and banking options, as well as mobile compatibility, makes Royal Vegas quite user-friendly while Live Chat allows you to smoothen any craps-related issues in a blink. Royal Vegas does care about its craps players and the latter really loves it. Whether you want to learn the basics of craps or challenge your luck in the real-money mode with high bets, Royal Vegas is one of the best places to do it. Go on, register now and get a sweet 100% match bonus up to £/€/$300!

✅ Betway Casino

A handful of chips lying on the table signify the direction that Betway Casino has long taken. Yeah, table games are not empty words for this online gambling venue. Be you a craps fan or a novice, we would recommend you to visit Betway since what it offers is unprecedented. Not only the finest versions of craps are available here but also a luscious sign up bonuses of 100%, 50%, and 25% on top of your first 3 deposits respectively. If you’re willing to commence your online craps gambling with a head start, Betway Casino is definitely the place! Plenty of deposit options, multi-language interfaces, top-notch client support, and hundreds of breathtaking slots and games like sic bo casino game are available to registered users.

📃 A Short History of Craps

The history of crabs starts sometime at the end of the Middle Ages, though it’s likely the game had been played for long before mentioned for the first time in the 14th century under the ‘Hazard’ name. The origin of the predecessor of craps is obscure, but what it is well-known that Hazard of somehow different rules was brought to America at the beginning of the XIX century by a young gambler from a wealthy family of landowners. The latter followed the rules of math and simplified the initial game rules by making 7 the main number. Nevertheless, both versions were rejected by the high society and gladly accepted by gamblers from the underclass and swiftly popularized across the country. The game became even more popular after it changed its title to ‘Craps.’ In the XX century, craps was played in the streets, houses, and literally everywhere where men could throw a pair of dice. Land-based casinos employed craps in the 70s’; the first online craps appeared about 15 years ago. But why ‘craps’? Well, the title derives from an improper pronunciation of ‘crabs’, which in the highest society of the early 20th century meant numbers 2 and 3, both granted an immediate loss.

Another interesting fact is how Don’t Pass and Pass bets were invented. At the time, gambling hubs were poorly controlled and therefore had too much room for cheating and fraud. Many indecent gambling halls used to increase their profits by abusing badly-shaped dice with higher chances for ‘loss’ numbers. The issue was solved by John H. Winn who invented Don’t Pass and Pass wagers to allow players to bet either way. Today fraud and cheating are eradicated mathematically via checking systems verifying the outcomes of all throws, but that was, of course, impossible in the middle of the XX century.

Online Craps FAQ

🎲 What Are the Best Casinos to Play Real Money Craps?

You can find an exhaustive list of craps online casinos on our website. To learn more about a particular casino, feel free to scroll up and read our reviews (‘Top 5 Casinos to Play Real Money Craps Games’). In addition to the gambling venues mentioned in this article, we would recommend you Playamo, GoWild, and Lucky Nugget, all reputable and credible brands with a few versions of craps in their collections. Note that we express our personal opinion, which may not coincide with yours. If you have time and capacity, do your own research.

🎲 Can I Play Online Craps in a Free Mode?

Sure, you can play online caps either in the demo mode or for real money on our website or at any casinos offering craps. The majority of online casinos include the demo mode so that the punters can play craps for free and learn the game before spending their money on it. The only nuance is that you may be asked to register to be allowed to play. However, on our website, you can play your favorite games without registration, right here and now! Feel free to spend as many demo credits as you want. To start, pick the craps game you like and click ‘Play Free.’

🎲 What are the Best Bets on the Craps Table?

Speaking mathematically, the best craps bets are wagers with the lowest house edge (the advantage of the casino over players). The best 3 wagers are Odds (0% house edge), Don’t Pass (1.36% house edge) and Don’t Come (1.36% house edge). A house edge of 1.36% means that the casino is likely to win by 1.36% more times than players, or, in the language of money, that it takes a commission of 1.36 dollars out of 100-dollar input (if we assume that the game continues infinitely long). Keep in mind that different online casinos may employ different versions of craps and therefore the odds may be different. However, the specified numbers are true for the lion’s share of venues.

🎲 What is the Safest Bet in Craps?

The safest bet is a wager that minimizes the advantage of the house. The three most profitable bets are Odds (0% house edge) and Don’t Pass/Don’t Come (1.36% house edge). In addition to wagers with a low house edge, there are certain strategies to make bets safer – for example, the Three-Point Molly betting strategy that you can execute to cover your bets. The Three-Point Molly strategy is reviewed in this article; feel free to read and practice it in the demo mode.

🎲 What are the Odds of Winning in Craps?

Even though casinos always have an advantage over players (except for the Odds bet, which is usually limited to a certain amount of money), in the short-term and mid-term perspective many bets provide quite bearable gambling conditions, almost equalizing your win/lose chances. As being said, the winning chances are determined by the house edge, which may be different depending on the variation of craps: Odds – 0%; Don’t Pass/Don’t Come – 1.36%; Pass Line/Come – 1.41%; Place 6/Place 8 – 1.52%, etc. For example, with a house edge of 1.36%, you are expected to lose 1.36$ out of $100 wagered.
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