Among the assortment of online casino games, you’re likely to also come across Keno online varieties. As online gaming in Canada continues to grow, players from the region are showing an interest in keno, based on the simplicity of the gameplay. If you’re looking for a fun way to earn winnings, then this is it.

Keno, just like slots, requires no special skill set to enable you to play. All that’s necessary is a bit of luck as you choose your numbers. To enhance the winnings you earn on each round, this game also has several variations for players to choose from.

Best Online Casinos Offering Online Keno

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What is Keno Online Game?

Keno games bear a resemblance to lottery games based on how they play out. However, with keno, players are expected to pick up to 20 numbers on a ticket with the numbers 1-80. Once they’ve made their selection, the draw commences to figure out which numbers earn winnings.

The amount you stand to win will be dependent on how many numbers you selected on your ticket and the wager. The more you picked, the higher your prize for any matching numbers. Check these on the game’s paytable before making your wager so you’ll also know how many correct numbers can earn you a jackpot prize.

Although keno jackpots don’t pay as much as lotteries, the fact that you can play several rounds in a day makes up for it. To win a jackpot, you would need to have gotten a minimum of 9 or 10 numbers from the draw correct.

Keno has been a gambling staple for centuries. The current version of keno is said to have come about when several Chinese immigrants went to America to work on the railroad. The name is said to be either French or Latin. However, some of the very first versions of the game were called pai-ko p’iao or baige piao. These date back to the 3rd century BC.

How to Play Keno Online

Unlike table games like poker or blackjack, you do not have too many rules to remember as you’re learning how to play keno. So even if you’re new to keno Canada sites, you can quickly get started.

  1. Find a reliable online casino accepting Canadian players
  2. Before signing up, check whether the platform offers keno games. Depending on your preference, check to see whether there are virtual or live options available
  3. If there are, proceed to sign up for a user account. Each casino has a different sign-up process, so follow the prompts you find at your chosen site. However, some of the basic details you’ll need to fill in include your name, email address and password to enable you to log in
  4. Verify your account through the stated method, whether it’s by phone or email
  5. After verification, check whether there are any welcome bonuses you can claim that are valid on keno games. If there aren’t any, proceed to fund your account. Your casino will specify the methods you can use for your deposit
  6. Confirm the transaction and wait for the funds to reflect in your casino balance
  7. After your balance reflects the deposited amount, proceed to the games lobby and choose a keno title to play

Online Keno Rules in Details

Whether you’re at a physical casino or you’re visiting online casinos, keno rules remain the same. Keep in mind, though, that each variation has its own unique rules. These make it different from other releases.

To start, players will have a card with the numbers 1-80 indicated. From these numbers, players are expected to make a selection of between 1-20 numbers. However, some game variations only let you select a maximum of between 10-15 numbers. Once you’re comfortable with the numbers you’ve picked, confirm the ticket so you can see which numbers have been drawn for the round. You will win for each number that matches with the draw numbers. The earnings depend on how many numbers you picked for the game round.

Keno games also have jackpot rewards available. For most games, you stand to receive a jackpot reward for a minimum of 9 matching numbers on your ticket.

Keno Winning Strategy

Just like with lotteries, when it comes to online keno games, winning mostly depends on your luck while choosing numbers. However, there are a few strategies out there that some players believe increase your odds of selecting the winning number selection.

  1. Use a betting strategy – Whenever you’re playing real money keno, it’s important to always weigh the risk of the bet. If the gains aren’t worth it, then don’t risk the money. Since keno’s house edge is high, only make wagers you’re okay with losing. That way, a win becomes a plus.
  2. Look for patterns – With games like lotteries and keno, some players claim there are always patterns with each draw. To see this, make a list of the results for several games. Mark the numbers that frequently get drawn. Also, have a list of numbers that don’t often come up, as well as those that haven’t shown up at all. When you’re ready for the next round, use the numbers that came up often to increase your chances of winning.
  3. Use the same numbers – If you have a lucky set of numbers, then don’t give up on them. Some players claim that eventually, those numbers will come around.

Even with these strategies, there are still more bases you need to cover to help you win. For starters, know the payout ratios of the games you choose. That’ll give you an idea of how much you can get. Besides that, also get familiar with each keno variation’s rules so you can choose the best ticket for you.

Here’s a list of six of the most popular Keno variations:

Keno Ticket Types

Take a look at the different ticket types keno offers:

  1. Straight Tickets. Straight tickets in keno are the simplest to use. That’s because you only need to pick the numbers you want. To break even, pick a minimum of 4 numbers. After the draw, you’ll earn winnings based on the numbers that match.
  2. Way Tickets. A way ticket winds up costing you less but gives you more chances at winning. That’s because you get to select different sets of numbers on a single ticket. So, you don’t have to pay for getting several straight tickets.
  3. King Number Tickets. With a king number ticket, players will find that one number, the king number has been circled. This number gets played alongside the rest of the numbers you select, helping you win keno online if it’s chosen in the draw.
  4. Split Tickets. Similar to way tickets, split tickets enable you to place multiple straight bets on the same ticket. The difference with this and way tickets is that you cannot pick the same numbers with split tickets, whereas with way tickets, you can.
  5. Computer Ticket. There are times you’d like to play keno, but you have no idea which numbers to pick. When that happens, choose a computer ticket. With this option, you’ll receive a computer-generated ticket that already has the numbers selected for you.

Playing Keno Online for Real Money vs. For Free

Whenever you visit an online casino in Canada offering this game, you’ll find there are two gaming modes available. You can choose whether to indulge in real money gaming or to enjoy free keno games. Benefits with real money games:

  1. You get to earn real money winnings
  2. You can claim keno bonus promotions at the casino

Benefits with free play:

  1. You get to try new releases without spending money
  2. It’s great for beginners to learn the different keno versions

What you choose depends on your preference. However, before you even decide to play, you need to:

  1. Check for bonuses – Find out if there are any promotions you can play with, rather than just your money.
  2. Decide on your gaming budget – Figure out how much you’d like to wager with. After all, you may lose it all.
  3. Consider your level of experience – If you’re a newbie, then don’t jump in straight to real money games.

Best Odds and Payouts for Playing Keno Online

Before you start making wagers on a game, you need to check the accompanying keno payout since keno is a game of chance. From the payout range, you can determine how much you’re likely to walk away with. That’s if the round goes in your favor.

To calculate the payout, you need to look at the odds of your number selections, the game’s return-to-player ratio, and the house edge on that particular game.

With online versions, players have a better chance at winning by selecting a minimum of 5-6 numbers up to a maximum of 9-10 numbers. That’s because online platforms come with a house edge of between 4%-35%. So, beyond those levels, the odds stop being in your favor.

Below is a table with an average value of the odds you can expect based on the number of picks you make.

Matched Numbers out of 20 Odds Possible Payout Per $1 Bet
1-2 1:4 – 1:17 $2 – $10
2-3 1:8 – 1:73 $2 – $25
2-4 1:5 – 1:327 $1 – $50
3-5 1:12 – 1:1,551 $2 – $500
3-6 1:8 – 1:7,753 $1 – $1,500
3-7 1:6 – 1:40,980 $1 – $5,000
4-8 1:13 – 1:230,115 $2 – $15,000
4-9 1:9 – 1:1,380,688 $1 – $25,000
5-10 1:22 – 1:8,911,712 $3 – $200,000

Summing Up Thoughts on Playing Keno Online Games

Keno holds a lot of excitement for players across the globe, Canadians included. This is a fact that’s evident based on the game’s popularity over the years, even with its high house edge. And although it’s like online lottery games, you don’t have to wait long durations like a day or week to find out if and what you’ve won.

We have a list of the best online keno casinos for you to sign up at to start enjoying keno games. Whether you’re looking to have fun or play using real money, these casinos are sure to scratch your keno gaming itch. Also, we have a great collection of free online bingo Canada games.

Keno Casinos FAQ

Is online keno legal in Canada?

Yes, it is. Although online casino gaming activities aren’t legal for operators in Canada, playing on sites operated overseas is. So, to play a keno game legally, simply sign up at an online casino that’s operated overseas to enjoy yourself.

Will I have to pay taxes on my keno winnings?

No, you will not. According to Canada’s Income Tax Act, players aren’t obligated to pay any taxes on their winnings from games of chance. Online casino games like keno online fall under this category. So, you don’t have to worry.

Can I play keno online for real money?

Yes, you can play keno online for real money. There are plenty of legit real money online casinos open to Canadian gamers. However, ensure these are run by overseas operators so all your gaming activities can be considered legal.

Can I play online keno for free?

Yes, you can. There are several online casinos these days that have free keno games no download options available. With this option, you can test any keno game at the casino with virtual credits first, so you can get to know the game for free.

What are the luckiest numbers in Keno?

Different players have a theory on keno numbers that come up the most often. However, these vary based on who you speak to. Generally, though, you won’t miss finding numbers like 1, 4, and 3 among lists with the most frequently occurring numbers.