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Pai Gow Poker is one of the most popular poker variations being enjoyed by Canadian gamblers. This poker variation is a slower game compared to the action of blackjack or craps, and it is a perfect choice for poker fans who want a relaxed experience while having great chances to win. While the game may first seem intimidating, it is very easy to learn. After a few hands of free online Pai Gow poker, Canadian players will quickly grasp the concept and be able to engage in real money play! If you want to learn more about playing this exciting game at Canadian casino sites, read on. We will discuss the rules, hands, and strategies involved.

What is Pai Gow Online Game?

When you visit an operating Pai Gow poker site, you will be able to enjoy this game for free or for real money. Before you get started, be sure you understand all game rules and basic strategies. This poker game is based on the game of Chinese Dominoes but uses cards instead. It is also often referred to as Double Hand Poker. When playing, you can compare the game to playing a combination of 7 card stud poker and a basic domino game.

As a player, you will make two different hands using 7 cards. There is a 5 card hand and a 2 card hand. If these two hands beat those of the dealer, you will win. If only one hand is a winner, it will be a push.

How to Play Pai Gow Online?

If you are new and want to learn how to play Pai Gow Poker, we cover all of the game rules right here. With this game you will be playing with a standard deck of 52 cards as well as a joker, and all card values are the same as with any other variation of poker.

To get started with online Pai Gow poker, just follow these simple steps!

  1. Visit a licensed Pai Gow poker online casino
  2. Create a new member account and make a deposit
  3. Access the Pai Gow Poker game
  4. Place your bets
  5. Create your best 2 card hand
  6. Compare hands with the dealer to determine payouts
  7. Enjoy winning great payouts!

If you are still learning the game, you will find that the leading site online will offer free games. You can play these risk-free and take all the time you need to learn game rules and even pick up tips from other players.

Online Pai Gow Rules in Detail

The rules of playing Pai Gow poker online are very simple. It will just take a few minutes to learn basic rules, though players may benefit from playing free games before they wager. This will allow some time to learn how to create the best possible two hands for better chances of winning. Once you are ready to place a bet and enjoy real money Pai Gow poker, you will have the chance to win some super returns.

The game starts with the dealer distributing 7 cards to every player. You will then have to split these cards to create two different hands. Your five-card hand must have a higher value than the two-card hand. After splitting the cards, the dealer will reveal their cards and will split them into two hands based on specific dealer rules. All hands will then be compared, and payouts will be distributed based on winning hands that have been created.

When creating hands, make your best possible poker hand for your five-card selection, and your 2 card hand should contain pairs or high cards. The joker in play will be able to replace an Ace or can be a wild card that is used to complete a Flush, Straight, or Straight Flush.

Combinations in Pai Gow Poker

If you have ever played a game of poker online, you should be able to quickly understand hand combinatons with Pai Gow. In this online game, there will be a Joker in play, and this will automatically be counted as an Ace unless it can be used to complete a straight or a flush. Pai Gow poker games hand rankings are exactly the same as with Texas Hold’em except for two rules.

All other hand rankings will be the same as with any other poker game. Here are the hand combinations possible, from Рtop-paying to lowest:

Pai Gow Poker Winning Strategy

The strategy will come into play when you play real cash Pai Gow poker. You will want to take time to master basic poker strategy and pick up some tips from experienced players. By learning how to use strategy, you will increase the chances of winning hands when you play at an online casino in Canada. The general strategy is to create the best two-card hand that is legal. The exception to this is when you have a chance to build a high five-card hand that will win against a straight or a flush.

If you have a full house, it is best to use the three of a kind for the five-card hand and a pair in your lower hand. Even if you do not have a pair, your low hand can win by keeping a single Ace or King. Both of these high cards will often win the two-card hand, allowing you to maintain a stronger five-card hand.

As you play more hands, you will become better at choosing what cards to keep in both hands. There are also some online strategy charts that can be referenced and these can be beneficial to new players. By employing strategy when playing Pai Gow poker online, you can reduce this house edge to as low as 2.69%.

Pai Gow Poker Odds Explained

Craps BetsPayoutsOdds
7 Card Straight Flush (with no Joker)8000 – 10.01%
Royal Flush Plus Two 2s2000 – 10.05%
Five Aces400 – 10.2%
Royal Flush150 – 10.6%
Straight Flush50 – 11.9%
Four of a Kind30 – 115%
Flush4 – 120%
Straight Pays2 – 133%

When playing at a Pai Gow poker online casino, the odds of winning will largely depend on the randomness of card distribution and how well they are arranged in a hand. With this version of online poker Canada, there is a standard house edge of 2.84%.

However, if you have the option to play as the Banker, you can lower the edge to just 1.42%. When each hand begins, the dealer will ask players if they wish to play as the banker.

There is no obligation, but there are great benefits. The banker will win on any tie, so this can help boost payouts by reducing house odds.

Pai Gow Casinos FAQ

Can I Play Pai Gow Online?

Yes. Pai Gow Poker is available at many casinos operating in Canada, and you can enjoy this game in a free play mode or for real money. The best poker sites will always have multiple betting options supported so that players with any sized casino budget can enjoy the thrills of this game.

What are the Odds in Pai Gow Poker?

The overall house edge when playing Pai Gow online is 2.84%, but each hand has different odds. The best odds are for getting a single pair, which is 1:1.40. Getting five Aces has the highest odds at 1 in 142,856.

What is Live Pai Gow Poker?

Live Pai Gow poker is a great option at Canadian casinos and allows you to play a game in real-time. It is streamed from a casino studio controlled by live dealers and offers social interactions just like you would enjoy at a land-based casino.

Where to find online Pai Gow Poker games?

It can’t be easier to find the best online Pai Gow Poker games! Just follow our featured list of the best Pai Gow Poker sites and pick up the one that you like. Don’t forget to claim welcome bonuses casino sites propose.
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