You must’ve been purchasing with your Visa or MasterCard for a long time and maybe even used it for depositing to a credit card casino, right? But do you know how to maximize the potential of your means of payment when dealing with an online gambling website?

If you’re still searching for an online venue with confidential and instant deposits and withdrawals, and willing to pay via your credit card, then follow our guide to learn everything you should know about deposits and withdrawals.

Below you will find a list of the best international gambling venues with highest online casino review scores, including Canadian dollars casinos and more exotic hubs, as well as a complete guide on how to withdraw and deposit to an online casino via a credit card and what payment system to choose.

To capture your interest, let’s start with the most noticeable advantages of using credit cards for online casino deposits:

📌 Worldwide coverage: accepted by gambling websites all over the world. 📌 Instant balance replenishment: depositing take no longer than a couple of minutes. 📌 Safety and security up to the highest world standards set by major payment systems.

If instant, safe, and low-cost deposits are what you’ve long been looking for, do not hesitate to read our thorough review on credit card deposits and withdrawals.

Best Credit Card Casinos 2023

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Things to Know About Credit Card Casino Deposits

Any credit card casino offers plenty of other depositing options, including unusual e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, most gamesters prefer good old Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. and for good reason: after all, the giants of the industry that generate transactions for more than $3.8 trillion annually have brought their payment systems to perfection. No doubt, alternative payment gateways are growing in popularity, but de facto credit card casinos are still topping the game.

Even though online casinos accepting credit card are impossible to miss, depositing conditions differ from one venue to another. Knowing the basics will save you a lot of time and help in understanding how credit card casinos operate.

So what are the differences between a credit and debit card and how do they work? Both are issued by banks, but only the first enables its holder to borrow funds with an obligation to pay them back with or without some interest, according to the agreement with the bank.

There are four basic types of credit cards: reward, secured, charge, and standard, but rarely any of them gives advantages when dealing with an online casino that accepts credit card. The type defines interest payments, annual fees, transaction charges, penalties, and other characteristics. Whichever one you use, the depositing procedure to online casinos that accept credit cards won’t change.

How to Deposit with a Credit Card?

Gambling sites that use credit cards are popular not just like that: the average number of credit cards per cardholder is 2.69, meaning almost every new owner is expected to start another credit card or two within a short period. In addition, online casino credit card technologies ensure better protection than, for example, debit or prepaid card casino; however, when it comes to overspending, it’s always upon the punter to control expenses at the credit card online casino.

Making an online casino credit card deposit is really simple:

  1. Log in to your online casino account (sign up before it);
  2. Go to the ‘Cashier’ section (it may have a different title);
  3. Choose the appropriate provider (Visa, American Express, UnionPay, etc.);
  4. Select the transaction amount from the given‘$50’, ‘$100’, ‘$500’ or type it in manually;
  5. Fill in the payment info: card number/expiry date/security code (CVV/CVC);
  6. Submit the deposit.

Usually, a credit card casino deposit is processed immediately so that you have your funds transferred by the time you finished the depositing procedure.

How to Withdraw Winnings with a Credit Card?

Withdrawing from an online casino using credit card is exactly the same as depositing. However, only Visa is accepted by almost every venue for both depositing and withdrawing, whereas all the analogs are less common.

Once again: whether these are US, European, or Canadian online casinos that accept credit cards, they may not provide equal withdrawal options. Make sure to check this in advance and look for decent alternatives if the desired withdrawal option is not provided in your credit card casino Canada.

The lack of depositing and withdrawal options is usually connected with legal regulations of the jurisdiction. It all changes quickly and something that was legal yesterday may not be allowed anymore and vice versa. For example, the UK is pondering over the ban on some types of gambling, and it’s unclear whether the upcoming election is to work for or against local gamblers.

Important: gambling hasn’t yet been fully regulated in many countries, so make sure to keep abreast of the ever-changing laws, or at least follow the advice of experts and gambling professionals. To withdraw from a credit card casino online

  1. Go to the ‘Withdrawals’ tab in the ‘Cashier’ section (may have a different title);
  2. Choose your payment gateway;
  3. Enter the credit card payment details;
  4. Select the withdrawal amount (the casino may have daily/weekly/monthly withdrawal limits);
  5. Submit the withdrawal.

An average real money casino takes up to 48 hours to process the withdrawal. Big winnings paid to the US or Canada online casino credit card are usually undergone AML checking procedures. You can be asked for identification in accordance with the AML policy of the jurisdiction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Credit Cards for Casino Deposits

Be you a fan of an e-wallet casino or crypto, just face it: credit card online gambling will hardly lose popularity in the years to come. But is it worthwhile to play at best credit card casinos, or are they for laggards that overlook more convenient alternatives?

Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of depositing into a credit card online casino in Canada and the rest of the world. Pros:

✅ Widespread and secure. ✅ Straightforward, intuitive, no tech knowledge required. ✅ You can borrow funds. ✅ You can build a favorable credit history. ✅ Low or no fees in most online casinos.


❌ Assumes responsible gambling (you can overspend); ❌ Interest fees (applied when you miss the payment deadline).

Weighting all ‘for’ and ‘against’ is up to you, but the fact is that credit card online casinos still hold a leading position in online payments and will likely remain popular.

Last but not least: no matter if you are willing to play at an online casino with credit card or any other means of payment, take your time to explore our credit card casino list. The represented websites have lots of depositing and withdrawal alternatives so it won’t be hard to choose a versatile and flexible credit card casino approved by experts.

Worldwide Credit Card Casino Options

You must be familiar with Visa, American Express, and other major brands. Now that you know how they operate, it’s time to choose the best one. Below we unfold the most popular payment systems accessible in international online venues.

Note that fees, interests, bonuses, etc. are established by the issuer (in most cases, the bank), not by Visa or any other payment network, so if fact, the convenience of using this or that payment gateway is fully determined by the issuer.

💳 Visa

You can find online casinos that accept Visa everywhere, even in countries that suppress gambling. Using Visa is a win-win option for both players and gambling websites, as it has the highest global coverage of all payment networks: 3.5 billion cards, more than 200 countries, 16 000 financial institutions, 160 currencies – the numbers talk for themselves, huh? Visa survives where most alternatives fade away.

There are 3 types of Visa: Basic, Signature, and Infinite, each one different in features, fees, and rewards. Though most of that has nothing to do with gambling, why to refuse perks? Explore the details and choose what fits you.

💳 MasterCard

Revealing almost the same services except for the bonuses that may be different from Visa’s, MasterCard presents three options: Standard, World, and World Elite.

Whereas you may never need any of the extra bells and whistles provided by World or World Elite when depositing to a MasterCard online casino, there are two standard features worth mentioning:

💳 Maestro

We deliberately included Maestro to our review to clarify: Maestro is a debit card running under the umbrella of MasterCard. The biggest advantage of Maestro is that it leverages the bigger brand, enabling punters to pay in some territories where MasterCard is unavailable. The main markets are Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands – you can easily find a Maestro casino there.

Anyone seeking a debit payment option is welcome to use Maestro! On one hand, you won’t be able to borrow funds since it is against its very principle of Maestro operation; on the other – you will be safe from overspending.

💳 American Express

One of the most renowned brands, American Express offers membership rewards, special offers, lots of online services, insurance, and much more. American Express cooperates with thousands of companies all over the world, but none of its benefits can give you discounts at an American Express casino. Nevertheless, there are about a dozen different American Express credit cards at your service.

💳 UnionPay

A less popular UnionPay may be the best option for American punters. More than 80% of merchants in the United States accept UnionPay and the best online casino gambling sites that accept UnionPay are not lagging behind. The Chinese payment system is spreading all over the world at an astonishing speed: it has reached $15 trillion in transaction volume and continues to grow. Most features are standard (ATM access, POS purchases, tax refunds, e-commerce, etc) except for a 0% fee for cross-border transactions.


With more than 89 million users in 20 countries outside Japan, JCB is the only payment brand headquartered in the land of the rising sun. JCB is accepted in 190 countries and territories and provides exclusive access to 9 JCB Plaza Lounges worldwide and the JCB Global Shopping online mall.

Depositing to an online venue with a JCB credit card is pretty standard: choose JCB in the Cashier section, enter your credit card number, expiry date, CVV, and you’re there!

Closing thoughts

Whether you pay with a growing UnionPay or Visa, you are unlikely to receive any online casino benefits for using this or that payment method. Most of the subtleties that define the expediency of using a specific credit card are defined by the issuer and very rarely by the gambling website. Always do your own research and follow the advice of experts to choose the best gambling destination.

Credit Cards Casino FAQ

💠 How safe it is to use credit cards in a casino as a deposit method?

Leading companies like Visa spend millions of dollars on safety and security. All major brands – Visa, Maestro, American Express, UnionPay, and JCB – use up-to-date data safety technologies, including SS encryption, chip-and-pin, and 2-step verification to keep your sensitive data private and protect it from unsolicited access.

💠 Can I use my credit card in an online casino?

You can use it for depositing and withdrawing on any gambling website that provides these opportunities. To check whether your payment network is supported, go to the ‘Cashier’ section (may have a different title) and browse through the available options.

To deposit with the selected payment method, enter your credit card number, expiry date, security code CVV/CVC, specify the amount of transaction, and submit the payment. The details will be saved in your online account so that you can withdraw without re-entering them.

💠 Do online casinos offer bonuses for using an online casino credit card deposit method?

Usually, online casinos do not offer such bonuses, so consider yourself lucky if you grab one. However, some venues endorse players by removing fees. At the same time, you can take advantage of regular bonuses provided by all gambling websites: no-deposit/welcome/sign up rewards, loyalty bonuses, rewards to best players of the day/week/month, referral accruals, etc.

💠 Can I withdraw my winnings using a credit card?

You can withdraw winnings via any gateway supported by the online casino. To check whether the casino supports your payment method, go to the ‘Cashier’ section (may have a different title). To withdraw winnings, enter your credit card number, expiry date, security code CVV/CVC, specify the amount of transaction, and submit the payment. If you have already deposited funds to the online casino, you do not have to re-enter the details except for the withdrawal amount.

💠 Are there any fees at an online casino for using a credit card?

The fees consist of the fees charged by the casino and the card issuer. Many online casinos promote deposits by cutting fees for big payments, whereas issuers may charge 1-3% depending on the payment type.

Withdrawals fees are subject to the same logic, but may take up to 5 business days: during this time, the casino checks your profile and may ask you to verify your ID according to the AML policy of the jurisdiction.

💠 Is there any difference between using credit and debit cards in an online casino?

These two operate differently. Whereas the first one allows you to borrow funds from the issuer (bank in most cases) and pay after the end of the established period with or without interest, the latter works with the actual funds that you already have on the balance. However, both are widely accepted all over the world and it’s up to the gambler whether to choose one or another.

💠 Does it matter if I use gold or platinum credit card in an online casino?

Typically, casinos do not provide any perks for using a specific type of credit card, but there are certain differences for you as a card owner. Gold and platinum types usually have different limits, rewards, annual fees, welcome offers, charges, and some other nuances like concierge services or hotel benefits. Other than that, there are neither discounts nor privileges for depositing or withdrawing with platinum or gold credit cards.

💠 How fast my deposit will be processed?

Credit card deposits are one of the fastest methods to deliver money to your gambling account. In most cases, it takes no longer than a minute or two to process your deposit so that you can play instantly after submitting the payment. However, ETAs may vary depending on the casino, so make sure to check it beforehand.

If the payment is delayed, contact the customer support service of the online casino.

💠 What maximum and minimum deposit can I make with a credit card in an online casino?

Credit card depositing limits are set by the casino. The minimum is usually $10–$20 while the maximum is not limited. Larger deposits may have smaller fees and some other privileged established by the casino. Important: make sure to control your spending; if you are prone to overspend in online casinos, think of using a means of payment that doesn’t allow playing with borrowed funds.

💠 Will I get more bonuses for using a credit card of a specific brand?

Bonuses for using payment systems of specific brands are very rare, especially when it comes to major companies such as Visa, Maestro, American Express, JCB, and UnionPay. Although online casinos sometimes promote new or exotic payment channels by cutting fees or providing various perks, chances are you will find a standard list of bonuses: welcome rewards, loyalty bonuses, extra credits to real-money deposits, as well as daily/weekly/monthly ratings and tournaments with succulent prizes for top punters.
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