How We Review Online Casino Sites

CasinoHex team strives to introduce players only to the best gambling sites operating on the local markets. We want you to feel safe and protected when playing, so approach the process with seriousness and attention. Our experts take into account tens of criteria to make sure that a gambling site is worth your time and money. We guarantee that every online casino on our website is carefully reviewed and can be trusted. That is why we want to share our experience and show you that our platform publishes only the best brands on the market.

Main Criteria Of Our Casino Evaluation Process

Before being published on the website, every gambling site undergoes a detailed and comprehensive review based on the criteria below. Understanding how the reviewing process looks like will help players to know what features to consider when choosing an online casino. Here’s how our evaluation algorithm looks like.

Which factors prove that internet casino is a scam?

There is a list of rad flags that indicate if a gambling site is not reliable. When seeing that a platform meets at least a few of the criteria below, it is better to stay away from it:

Who is responsible for the casino rate?

To create the most comprehensive, interesting, and updated review, we involve many specialists.

However, the most important element of the reviewing process is our audience. You can directly influence the casino rating by awarding it with points and sharing your opinion with us on our “Contact Us” page. Thanks to attentive users, we have an opportunity to introduce players to the best online casinos where they can gamble safely and conveniently.