casino payment methodsAre you looking for options to enable you to make casino payments for a chance to play and win in Canada? If so, then you are in the right place. Boasting the most significant number of online casino players globally, it goes without saying that Canada is a lucrative market for casino payment platforms.

One of the most important considerations that a punter takes when looking for a casino is how easy it is to transfer funds in and out. In this article, we will highlight some of the most common casino payment platforms in Canada. We will also list new faces in the market.

Usual Payment Methods Canadians Choose Every Day

One of the essential features that gamblers look for in a casino is how fast they can make deposits to enable them to play and how easy they can withdraw their winnings.

Here is a list of some of the commonly used casino payment methods by Canadians:


This is one of the oldest payment methods used by casino players in Canada. It is a trusted brand, thanks to the advanced security measures to keep players’ personal information secure.

Payers do not need to engage a third-party payment processor to set up an account for them when using MasterCard.

To make a deposit, simply select MasterCard casino, enter your name, your credit number, and lastly, the three digits on the back of your card, and you are ready to transact.

It has instant processing time that allows punters to start playing their favorite casino games right away.


Founded in 1958, Visa is a renowned brand with more users than any other charge card company. It offers players a wide choice of online casinos with unparalleled coverage of the industry.

Using Visa to deposit money in your casino account is just like shopping online. You are neither required to set up an extra account nor have a unique number that is required from the bank.

Players just sign in to an online Visa casino site, enter the credit card number, and go.

Unlike other casino payment platforms whose transactions take time before funds clear, deposits to online accounts using Visa are available immediately for playing.

Visa safeguards users’ personal information as well as funds with high-end encryption, so you do not have to worry about your data being exposed.

Moreover, the platform allows some of the users to withdraw money from their casino accounts with select cards.


PayPal provides a great way to transfer money in and out of online accounts. Once linked to a bank card in the back end, players enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals that are seamless. You just need to select it as the payment method and leave the rest to your computer.

PayPal allows you to put a deposit limit which helps to keep track of every dollar that you spend on gambling.

PayPal can prevent you from gambling addiction to an extent by limiting your recurrent transactions so as not to allow for deposits above a specifically stated limit.

This is one of the most secure deposit methods since you do not give away your personal information. All the data is safeguarded by sophisticated SSL encryption.

You can always benefit from the platform’s strong customer support 24/7 and a detailed FAQ section that is constantly updated with emerging issues that players face and suggested solutions.


Neteller is part of a flagship payment product by the PaySafe Group. It has a reputation for being an e-money transfer that is easy to use with fast transactions.

It is widely used and one of the oldest in the industry. Online casinos that accept Neteller have sterling security that includes a dedicated team that monitors transactions.

Moreover, it employs a 2-factor authentication process that ensures player information is well secured.


Look no further if you have been looking for an online settlement platform that will allow you to fund your casino account from the bank account using direct debit.

iDebit has partnered with many Canadian banks and uses online banking technology to make deposits seamless using your online banking login details or eWallet account.

As an eWallet, iDebit allows you to send, receive or store money. It can also act as an intermediary between you and the bank.

New Faces In Canadian Casino Payments Catalog

With the increasing numbers of online casino players in Canada, there is an equally growing demand for payment methods.

Banks and other payment companies have responded by developing modern ways to help punters make their payments faster and more secure. Some of the latest options available in Canada include:

Apple Pay

This is one of the most sophisticated casino mobile payment methods available to Canadian players. Developed by the technology giant Apple, punters use their Apple devices to make deposits. All transactions are validated using your fingerprint.

Unfortunately, players looking to make withdrawals must find an alternative method. However, the platform provides secured and fast transactions making it very popular with online casino players.


This is one of the most innovative casino payment options introduced in Canada. Although due to the volatility of crypto assets, this digital payment method is not yet widely accepted by crypto casinos.

However, it is characterized by high-speed, secure, and cost-effective transactions. Punters who already own cryptos are not affected by conversions and can anonymously transfer funds or make instant withdrawals.

Canadian casinos accept several cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.


Founded in Vancouver, Canada, in the year 2000, Citadel has become a casino payment gateway for many players looking for instant payments.

It allows you to anonymously transfer money to your online account by allowing you to have two separate accounts: the Citadel account and your bank account.

The Citadel account has access to your bank account funds but not financial and personal details. You can never be too careful keying in your bank details on every merchant’s website in the online world. Citadel removes this hassle.

With the latest encryption technology, all transactions are safe and private, and there is no waiting time to make a payment. This is a significant factor for punters who want to get on with playing. It also welcomes several currencies.

Moreover, this payment method can be used on any device with ease. Be it a tablet, desktop, or mobile, with instant payments available 24/7.


This is a smartphone app that allows you to make a mobile payment easily from anywhere. All you need to do is download the app to your iPhone or Android device and register an account.

Once logged in, you can choose the amount of money to transact, and it will be quickly moved to your account, allowing you to start playing.


Best Skrill casinos provide a safe and convenient means for players to move money around online rapidly. It is simple to use, and the whole process is secure.

When you provide your bank details to Skrill, you can then use your e-wallet to make deposits and withdrawals at a multitude of online gaming platforms.

The good thing with this settlement platform is that you do not have to keep entering your financial details at every site that you play.

This makes holding multiple accounts easier and allows you to keep all transactions in one handy place, away from the bank statement.

Final Thoughts

Since the legalization of the gambling industry in 2009, Canada has grown to have one of the biggest gambler numbers in the world. This has resulted in the increase of casinos and payment methods to meet the deposits and withdrawals of money to and from these platforms.

Currently, Canada’s range of casino payment methods is quite extensive, and punters have a wide choice to select from. However, players need to check for the casino payment options’ features to settle for the one that best suits their gambling needs.


What payment methods are the fastest?

Skrill is one of the fastest payment methods used by Canadian casino players. It conducts transactions in a matter of seconds involving simple processes that see funds reflect on your account balance instantly.

Do all mentioned payment methods offer withdrawal?

The simple answer to this question is no. Some of the casino settlement methods do not offer the option to withdraw money. Such include MasterCard and Apple pay.

Safety issues with mentioned payment methods?

Top Canadian casinos ensure that they always partner with banks and other settlement platforms that operate safe and secure transactions. The use of encrypted technology to protect player details is key. For example, online casinos that accept Interac are the best about security.