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For years luck and fortune have been a part of everyday life. People hoped that there were higher powers that could make their lives better and simpler. Apart from symbols like a horseshoe or a four-leaf clover, there are many animals that attract fortune and prosperity in different cultures.
🐈 Cat Lucky in Japan
🐘 Elephants Lucky in India
🐷 Pigs Lucky in Germany
🦇 Red Bats Lucky in China
🐴 Horse Lucky in Sweden
🐬 Dolphins Lucky in Rome
🐸 Frog Lucky in Egypt
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You can not only buy a statuette with this symbol but even have it as a pet. Just imagine: you will not only have a loyal friend but also a real-life talisman that will bring luck, wealth, and positive energy. We decided to explore the topic further and made a list of the luckiest animals on the planet. Read descriptions, choose the one you like, and change your life for the better!

🐇 Rabbit 🐇

Did you know that for many years, gamblers used to carry rabbit’s feet to any casino? Now, when most players moved online, the symbol became more virtual – it’s believed that saying ‘rabbit rabbit’ first day of the month brings luck.

These animals are rather fertile and are associated with new beginnings. Who knows, maybe making a few bets in the new online slot is exactly what you need? There are even several machines, which represent the symbol. For example, White Rabbit Slot from Big Time Gaming.

For centuries rabbits were considered a symbol of prosperity because they multiply themselves faster than any other animal on earth. So it’s not surprising that gamblers from all parts of the world are so fond of rabbits and the luck they bring so chances of winning the lottery are rising quickly.

🐠 Goldfish 🐠

Goldfish, a type of carp, was domesticated around 2,000 years ago and was kept in tanks and ponds. They were the symbol of wealth and fortune, and only the Song Dynasty members could own them. In Chinese culture, the main attribute of this beautiful fish is abundance. Even the Chinese word fish is pronounced the same as abundance.

Their ability to reproduce themselves in a huge quantity made goldfish a symbol of attracting wealth. And it’s a great option for gamblers, who don’t want to spend much time taking care of a pet – just purchase an aquarium and a goldfish, place it near a computer and make a few bets. Who knows, maybe you’ll get huge wins right away?

🐸 Frog 🐸

The frog is the symbol of prosperity, luck, fertility, and even happiness. It originated from Egypt and Japan, as well as from some Chinese regions. This symbol can often be seen in offices and cabinets of those, who want to attract money and luck.

And considering that the frog symbol is found in multiple cultures, we should take it seriously. Frogs appear in spring when it becomes warmer and everything is waking up. It is also associated with rain.

One of the most popular variations is the three-legged money frog, which is also called the Feng Shui frog. It is thought to bring prosperity and luck. Purchase one of these statuettes and place it on the desk, while playing a game of poker or spinning the fortune wheel.

🐘 Elephant 🐘

An elephant is a sacred symbol in Hinduism and many Asian cultures. It is most appreciated and worshiped in India, Thailand, and Burma.

Elephants symbolize power, wisdom, and strength. If you want to bring good luck to your home, place a picture or a statuette of an elephant facing the door. Most entrepreneurs from Asia have elephants in their offices and believe that they protect companies from bad luck and can increase wealth.

We understand that it’s difficult to have a real elephant as a pet but you can still choose one of the slots with elephants and try your luck. For example, Pink Elephants by Thunderstruck.

🐱 Cat 🐱

This is the most popular and domesticated animal in today’s list of lucky symbols. And even though some are afraid of black cats, in Japanese culture they are actually thought to bring good fortune and wealth. Actually, the Japanese have black cat statuettes all over their home and office.

But if you are allergic to cats or don’t want to own a pet, pay attention to Maneki Neko or Fortune Cats. These figures of cats with raised paws bring good luck and prosperity. Actually, there are multiple online slots with the Fortune Cat theme, so there is even no need to buy a statue or to own a black cat.

🐞 Ladybug 🐞

You are probably well familiar with a belief that harming a ladybug is for bad luck. This originated from farmers, who wanted to protect these little creatures, which effectively protected crops.

Feng Shui often uses the ladybug symbol for positive energy, wealth, and prosperity. It’s also a common belief that if a ladybug lands on an object like furniture, car, or house, you’ll receive a new version of the object. You will hardly have a ladybug as a pet but there is plenty of souvenirs, which you can place near your computer or even put in a pocket when playing on the go.

🐷 Pig 🐷

Sometimes a pig is considered an unclean animal. This belief derives from Islamic texts but doesn’t have supporters in Asian cultures. For example, the Chinese believe that the pig is a symbol of wealth and luck. It brings a huge fortune when used correctly. That is why you may find so many pig characters in video slots!

Another reason why this animal is so popular is its fertility. Farmers always had food and keeping pigs was a good way to ensure a family’s prosperity. Piggybank is another money symbol: feeding it with coins is a sign of a stable financial future. So go to the nearest store, buy a piggy bank, and place it close to the computer (especially when playing in an online casino).

🦗 Cricket 🦗

The thought that crickets are able to bring luck emerged in 500 BC when their songs were heard for the first time. The Chinese always had a love for singing insects and crickets have occupied a solid place among all.

These fertile insects lay hundreds of eggs, which symbolizes financial prosperity and wealth. To attract money place the cricket symbol in the southeaster sector (according to Feng Shui). Even though there are not many online slots with cricket symbols, there are lots of statuettes and pictures you can buy to decorate and improve your home.

🐬 Dolphin 🐬

These beautiful creatures symbolize strength, protection, luck, and of course prosperity. You can find hundreds of stories in European literature on the amazing features that dolphins possess. It is thought that a picture of a dolphin brings luck and fortune.

Facing a dolphin has always been a good sign and a symbol of luck. But if you can’t afford to go to the sea or ocean (especially during the quarantine), you can always choose a casino game with a dolphin theme or at least make it your screensaver.

🐴 Horse 🐴

The presence of horses in Greek mythology is clear evidence of how popular this noble animal was even thousands of years ago. Horses embody strength, energy, and power. So those, who use their pictures, statuettes, or even own a horse at home, are doomed to be lucky and prosper.

If you’re not ready to take care of a horse or your apartment is too small, consider buying a horseshoe. It is a common symbol of luck and wealth. Hang it above the door or put a small souvenir in the pocket. No wonder why horseshoe is an immutable symbol of most of the video slots.

🐯 Tiger 🐯

Tigers occupy one of the leading positions in Chinese Culture. Did you know that the pattern on the tiger’s head resembles the Chinese character that means ‘king’? Chinese people are sure that tigers are nature’s kings. And while most Chinese lucky animals are made up, tigers exist in real life.

Tsai Shen Yeh, the Chinese God of Wealth, is depicted sitting atop of a tiger, showing his power and strength. Thus, you can often see these statues on work desktops and near computers. Some gamblers have tattoos with tigers to take luck with them wherever they go.

🐦 Phoenix 🐦

Dragon and Phoenix are two creatures that come hand in hand and form the so-called ‘ying’ and ‘yang’. Phoenix, the heavenly bird, embodies luck, prosperity, and success. Its unique feature is turning bad luck into a good one, opening opportunities in a variety of fields: work, business, hobbies, and whatnot.

Always place the Phoenix statuette in the lucky direction (i.e. overlooking the screen). And to double your luck, choose slots and games that have Phoenix features. For example, Phoenix Sun has a high RTP and multiple chances of winning.

🐲 Dragon 🐲

Dragon is not only the most popular tattoo sketch but also one of the most popular lucky animals across the world. It originated from China and symbolizes a wide range of things: wisdom, success, abundance, wealth, and of course luck.

In Chinese culture, the dragon is considered the supreme creature among all beings. There are hundreds of shrines and temples to honor this amazing animal. When placing a dragon statue on the east side of the home or office, it will bring you wealth and prosperity. In fact, most casino card dealers wear red as a sign of a dragon.

If you don’t like the symbol or are not planning to make it a part of the home interior, there are plenty of online casino games with the dragon symbol.

🦄 Unicorn 🦄

It is unknown whether the unicorns existed for real but they always have positive associations. Almost every culture in the world tells about unicorns, who embody happiness and good fortune.

And even though this magical animal is not the first to cross your mind when thinking about lucky symbols, it’s still considered a positive sign for those, who have it. If you want to increase your chances of winning in an online casino, download a unicorn wallpaper or even buy a t-shirt with it. All methods will do!

⭐ Gather all the luck you may find ⭐

There are hundreds of good luck talismans and animals, which make us hope that the universe takes care of us. Even though we have all the skills and knowledge, we hope that there are other powers to work in our favor. The lucky animals above may be of great help and comfort not only when gambling but when starting a new business, taking an exam, or moving in with a person you love.

We don’t guarantee that they will do all the jobs for you but at least will be an additional tool in the arsenal.