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Truth be told, among the three popular roulette variations – French, European, and American – the latter one is the least attractive as it has the lowest RTP of only 94.74% compared to 97.3% for European Roulette and 98.65% for French Roulette. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you cannot catch your lucky break, especially if you feel like you’re destined to win at this particular roulette. So if you’re interested in American Roulette, we’ve gathered the best online casinos under the roof of Casino Hex, based on our experience and gambling sites reviews; feel free to browse through our tailor-made list of top-notch roulette platforms, and don’t forget that each and every roulette variation except for live roulette can be played for free, so you don’t necessarily have to throw your hard-earned money into the game.

Best Online Casinos with American Roulette – December 2022

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American Roulette Game History

One of the oldest pastimes of gambling lovers, the roulette game is considered to originate either in France or China with a significant advantage in favor of the latter. Centuries ago, Chinese soldiers used fortune wheels to decide the fates of their captives, and later Roman soldiers used similar wheels of fortune to bless their commanders during wartimes.

As for the recent – and the more recognizable – history of roulette, it goes back to 1655 when the French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the modern roulette wheel instead of the originally planned perpetual motion machine. The roulette wheel contained numbers ranging from 1 to 36 and was very similar to the one used today. In 1824, though, Francois and Louis Blanc added an extra zero number to the wheel to increase the house edge and thereby make roulette more attractive for business.

The American version of roulette was brought to the U.S. by fleeing French immigrants at the end of the 18th century. New Orleans became the first roulette center, but not before yet another section – double zero – was added to boost casino profits. Which, as you’ve already noticed, has remained on the wheel until today, making American Roulette the least profitable of all roulettes.

On the flip side, though, the relatively low long-run expectation has nothing to do with the possibility of huge short-term wins. First of all, there’s no game on the planet with a positive mathematical expectation, meaning no game will make you a winner if you play it infinitely long; secondly, there are dozens of roulette millionaires as well as those making a constant profit on American Roulette.

Best Developers with American Roulette Games

Almost all software developers have at least a few roulettes in their library roulette is one of the most popular online games. There are many other types besides the three main versions of roulette – Multi-Wheel Roulette, Multiplayer Roulette, Live Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Rapid Roulette, Mini-Roulette, etc. – so you might have to do some research to find your beloved variation. As for the recommended roulette brands, we do have our favorite top-3:

Playing American Roulette for Real Money vs. Play For Free

Playing for money against playing for free is an eternal question that has no simple answer as it all depends on your goals and preferences. However, if you want to win – or at least enjoy the game for a long time without squandering your bankroll before you can say Jack Robinson – then we would definitely recommend you to start off with Free Play. Luckily, the lion’s share of online casinos will allow you to play roulette games for free for as long as you want, and sometimes even without registration. Every time you run out of virtual credits, you can get yet another batch by restarting the game.

But the real thrill starts when real money is at stake. Experienced players know that online roulette with real money bets is a totally different game from its gratuitous analog as it’s reigned by emotions. It would only be wise to begin with small bets and accept bigger risks once you gain more confidence in your playstyle and can control your emotions – let alone you must know the game perfectly, managing your wagers from the risk/reward perspective.

Game Types of American Roulette

There are no sub-types of American Roulette, meaning the game will always have the same rules regardless of the software developer and platform. Whether it’s online live roulette or mobile roulette, you’ll get the same wheel of 38 divisions, the biggest payout of 35:1, and the highest winnings odds for Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low bets.

However, the one thing that might be different is the betting limit. For example, there might be several types of betting limits: the standard one (say, up to 300 credits), the high-roller one (from 5 to 500 credits), and the VIP one (from 10 to 1,500 credits) – or there might be any other limit variation. Anyway, make sure to choose the table according to your budget, and don’t forget that Free Play is also an option.

And if you want to take your roulette experience to the edge, then you might be interested in one of the unusual roulette variations: Double Ball Roulette, Mini-Roulette, Slingshot Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Pinball Roulette, 3D Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Key Bet Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Jackpot Roulette, etc. There’s no limit to the imagination of software developers, which gives you huge room for choice regardless of how refined your taste is.

Breaking Down Playing American Roulette Online

Roulettes are simple. You make your bet, spin the wheel, and collect your winnings if you've been lucky enough to win. In this regard, American Roulette is no different, but we would still recommend you to start with Free Play so that you could learn to manage the bets, the odds, and the payouts – the three cornerstones of any roulette.

Rules of Playing American Roulette

Now we’re going to guide you through the game so that you could better understand what you need to become a full-fledged roulette player:

  1. Choose the American Roulette you would like to play. Different roulette tables accept different bets, so, first of all, make sure to choose the table according to your budget.
  2. Make your bet. Making a bet is the only way you can affect the game. There are 10 types of bets, 7 types of payouts, and 7 different odds to manage. Learning the odds and payouts is crucial as this will help you to understand the game. For example, if you’re willing to win more frequently, you can take Even/Odd, Red/Black, or High/Low, the bets with the highest winning odds (47.4%) and the lowest payout (1:1). And if you want to win big, then think of wagering on ‘Straight Up,’ the wager with an incredible 35:1 payout.
  3. Spin the wheel. If you’re playing against the machine, you have to spin the wheel once you’ve placed your wager. In live roulette, that will be done by the dealer. Once the wheel stops, there are only two possible scenarios: win or loss. Based on this – or regardless of the outcome – make your next bet and spin the wheel once again.

All Bet Types in American Roulette

Since you can only control the game by placing bets, it’s only wise to thoroughly study all types of bets before playing. The bets are divided into inside bets, the ones placed on a single number, small groups of numbers, or adjacent numbers; and outside bets, the ones placed on groups of numbers.

Inside bets:

Outside bets

Best Odds and Payouts for Playing American Roulette

Keeping it scientific, we can only reiterate that American Roulette is a worse choice than French Roulette or European Roulette as it has a lower return expectation due to an extra double zero section integrated into the wheel. However, your returns also depend on what wagers you choose. You can calculate the risk/reward ratio yourself based on the odds and the payouts:

As you can see, there are three types of wagers offering you a high winning frequency, as well as those with high potential reward yet slim probabilities. You can proceed from that when playing, as well as you can play for free before risking your money.

Best American Roulette Games

Top American Roulette Casino Games for Casino Hex Players

We’ve painstakingly researched the market to unite the best gambling platforms under the roof of Casino Hex. As a result, we’ve arranged a top-notch collection of roulette casinos with mind-boggling bonuses and an impressive gaming diversity – you can see it at the top of the webpage. Besides, we’ve reviewed a few popular American Roulette variations so that you would know where to start from. So, whether you’re seeking free casino games or real-money games, the next top-5 would a good starting point: American Roulette by Microgaming, Premium American Roulette by Playtech, American Roulette Pro by Skillonnet, American Roulette by RTG, and American Roulette by NetEnt.

American Roulette by Microgaming

A leader of the global online gambling market, Microgaming would be the safest choice regardless of what game you want to play. American Roulette by Microgaming features the same 38-pocket wheel with the wagers you already know. The minimum bet is 1 CAD and the maximum is 50 CAD, meaning the betting range flexibility is enough to feel comfortable with any budget. And, of course, you can play Microgaming Roulette for free for as long as you want – for that, hover the mouse over the game and click on ‘Free Play.’

Premium American Roulette by Playtech

Just as you might have expected, Premium American Roulette by Playtech features the same standard set of rules, but it has improved graphics and sound effects, which adds to the atmosphere of the game, wrapping you in a life-like ambience of a brick-and-mortar gambling hall. The betting range starts at a minuscule wager of 0.01 credits and goes up to 200 credits, giving you more than enough room for maneuver. Premium American Roulette by Playtech suits both high-rollers and beginners – and even those who don’t want to put their hard-earned money at risk.

American Roulette Pro by SkillOnNet

You may not be familiar with SkillOnNet, but it’s quite a promising software provider, which has already developed quite a few exciting games, including American Roulette Pro. Run by the same rules as any American Roulette variation, Roulette Pro features three different types of betting limits: Standard (up to 300 credits), High-Roller (up to 500 credits), and VIP (up to 1,500 credits). Other than that, the game has an eye-catching design and an all-encompassing FAQ section where you can find almost any answer regarding American Roulette, including the statistics on ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ wagers.

American Roulette by RTG

No matter how much you hate double zero, American RouletteRoulette by RTG just can’t help it as it features an all too familiar wheel with 38 pockets and plenty of opportunities. The betting range starts at one dollar and climbs up to 250 dollars, probably too high for inexperienced players. On the other hand, just like any roulette, this one can be played for free, which we would recommend you to start with. Place reasonable wagers, develop your own strategy, control your emotions, and you will become a better version of yourself before you know it!

American Roulette by NetEnt

Other than the pretty tight betting limits ranging between one and 10 dollars, American Roulette by NetEnt is a well-done game with impressive graphics and sound effects. Plunging you into the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casino, the roulette includes all the wagers you would expect to see, including Straight, Split, Corner, and more. Besides, NetEnt is one of the most credible software providers, so you can always feel safe when playing games by this brand. Choose your wager type and size, spin the wheel, and may luck smile on you this time!

Summing Up Thoughts on American Roulette

One of the most popular online games, American Roulette might seem inferior to the other two roulettes. Well, it does provide lower winning odds compared to French Roulette and European Roulette, but that does not always affect your performance. On the contrary, the history of Canadian online casinos knows quite a few American Roulette millionaires. All in all, though, it all comes down to whether you are playing for pleasure or gains – and whether you are gambling for real money at all. With real money involved, you might consider French Roulette or European Roulette as potentially more profitable, but if you’re playing for fun, American Roulette will deliver it to you in the best form!

Adam Lane
Site Editor at CasinoHEX Canada

Adam is an editor at CasinoHEX Canada. He checks dozens of online casinos daily. Adam’s career as a professional gambler started almost 10 years ago.


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