craps 1 The majority of people, who see a craps table for the first time, are puzzled with the great number of figures and phrases depicted on it. Craps rules may also seem quite complicated for inexperienced players. However, the real life proves that everything is much simpler in this fast and entertaining dice game. Here, we will try to give you some useful tips about how to play craps and especially online. Let’s go!

It is natural that the craps play in any online casino cannot recreate the atmosphere at the craps table in the land-based casino. The social aspect (communication with other gamblers, dealers, load exclamations, etc.) is missing. However, online casino craps rules are the same as the ones for Las Vegas craps and they are based primarily on a few most important bets gamblers can place on the layout. We are sure that our craps for dummies guide will help many novices in this casino game.

Craps:Think Fast and Win Big

The first thing you should know concerns the speed of the craps play and the bankroll. As we have said above, this is the very speedy game, which requires fast decisions and the well-formed bankroll. Basic rules of craps are focused on its betting system. When you choose any craps online game, the careful explanation of these rules and available bets will be necessary for you to read. In general, they are the same for every craps game. Only in online casinos you use your mouse and different buttons to play it.

So, one of the basic bets in craps is the Pass Line bet. If you place your virtual chips on the Pass Line, you bet on the shooter. Your first roll is called the come out roll. If you make the Pass Line bet and the roll shows 7 or 11, you win and this bet will pay you money. If dices (a pair of dice is used in craps) show so-called ‘craps’ (numbers 2, 3 or 12), you lose. However, another number can be rolled out. If this happens, this number becomes the ‘point’. For example, if the point is number 5 and you roll this number before you get 7, your Pass Line bet will be the winning one.

To Pass or not to Pass?

The second important betting option is the Don’t Pass bet, which you make on the Don’t Pass line when you are against the shooter (or against the casino in online craps). This bet wins when the shooter rolls craps (numbers 2, 3 or 12). The craps odds of these two bets are quite good. The Pass Line bet house edge is 1.41% and 1.36% for the Don’t Pass bet. Many gamblers choose the following craps strategy – they usually bet on the Pass Line.

There are lots of other possible betting options on the craps table, which are usually riskier than two previous ones and have different casino odds. The Odds bet becomes available when there is the point number and you can bet on this point. At certain moments of the play Come and Don’t Come bets become available. They are similar to Pass and Don’t Pass options. If you place chips on the Field area of the layout, you make a one-roll bet that one of seven numbers will be rolled next. There are also Place or Buy bets, Proposition bets, etc.

If your answer to the question ‘how do you play craps’ is ‘not well’, you should not miss the chance to master your skills together with Online Casino HEX. We will teach you how to win in craps with the help of useful articles and craps video tutorial materials, which will appear on our site very soon.

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