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The number of UnionPay casino sites is growing in leaps and bounds. More and more new UnionPay gambling sites are being launched almost every day, and more and more existing online casinos start accepting UnionPay as the main payment option. Did you even know that UnionPay issued over 7.5 billion cards globally? We bet you are now wondering why this payment provider is so popular and how these online casinos work. That’s why we are here to help you sort everything out.

In this article, we will tell you what UnionPay is and in which countries it is available right now. We will also show you the advantages and drawbacks of using UnionPay in online casinos. Of course, we will provide you with a list of the best online casino gambling sites that accept UnionPay. You will also find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as other interesting facts. So, let’s start.

Best UnionPay Casino Sites 2023

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Learn More About UnionPay Deposits

You are probably familiar with such names as “Visa” and “Mastercard”. These are definitely the giants on the global payment market, but they are being overtaken by UnionPay – the Chinese payment provider that makes the payment processes as simple and easy as they can get. You can feel it even when you make a casino deposit using UnionPay.

How to Make Casino Deposits With UnionPay?

If you decide to play casino games for real money, the very first thing you should do is to make a deposit in one of the UnionPay casinos or other gambling websites. With UnionPay, making casino deposits becomes even much faster and more convenient than it was before. Now, let’s see how to use this method for topping up your casino balance:

Also, don’t forget that each online casino that accepts UnionPay offers some beckoning welcome bonuses which sometimes require entering special promo codes. If it’s needed, find these promo codes and enter them when making your first deposit.

UnionPay Markets Coverage

Near 17 years ago, when UnionPay was established, the company was focused mainly on the Chinese market. As of now, the service is available in 174 different countries, being the biggest card issuer in the entire world. So, let’s take a look at some of the greatest markets covered by UnionPay.


China is home to UnionPay. That’s where everything started. Union has managed to become so popular in China that almost every Chinese family has at least one UnionPay card. There are more than 26 million retail outlets and other merchants accepting UnionPay. UnionPay has also launched several convenient services available to Chinese customers, including UnionPay mobile services and UnionPay QR code payments. They are available in over 20 city subways, more than 8,000 food markets, over 500,000 various restaurants and cafes, more than 1,500 hospitals, and even 1,200 schools. If you hold a UnionPay card, it won’t be difficult for you to withdraw some money or perform any other financial transaction, as there are almost a million ATMs located in different cities across China. However, pay attention to the fact that China’s government has imposed new limitations on UnionPay cards, as many people used them for circumventing the existing withdrawal limits. You will be able to withdraw no more than RMB 10,000 a day.

As you see, UnionPay is the most popular card issuer in Mainland China. However, what about online gambling? And it is legal to play at China online casinos that accept UnionPay as a deposit option? In order to answer these questions, we should dig a little bit deeper into the country’s gambling laws. According to them, all forms of gambling, including online gambling and gambling overseas, are completely prohibited in the country. In fact, Chinese players are still figuring out new ways of entering gambling sites that use UnionPay and playing their favorite casino games for real money. The restrictions imposed on land-based gambling led to the growth of offshore China online casino UnionPay sites and other gambling portals. Since players themselves are not fined or arrested for playing in the online casino using UnionPay, they keep doing what they love.


When it comes to online gambling in the USA, things are a little bit better. Though many gambling activities are considered to be legal at a federal level, online gambling is still not fully regulated in the USA. Each state has the right to determine the legal status of gambling inside its borders. That’s why there are many states which have old gambling laws that do not address the topic of online gambling for real money.

There are also several states where the US UnionPay casinos online are absolutely legal. These are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Nevada. If you are living in one of these states, you can easily enter your favorite UnionPay online casino USA and start gambling for real money. However, players from other states also want to be involved in real money gambling, which results in the growth of foreign gambling sites where they can make a UnionPay casino deposit and play casino games with no problems.

If you want to play at the best UnionPay casinos in the USA, it’s pretty important to get a UnionPay card. Of course, you won’t book a flight to China with a purpose to get a card. There’s a much easier way. You can simply find the nearest IBCB bank outlet in your city and request a UnionPay card there. It’s a Chinese bank that has a lot of branches across the United States so that you can get a UnionPay card without leaving your state. UnionPay cooperates with Interac, PayPal, and GlobalPayments, which makes it easier for you to make transactions online. Not to mention, 80% of all ATMs in the US accept UnionPay cards.


Japan is another huge market covered by UnionPay. With the easing of the Japanese visa-issuing policy, more and more tourists from China started visiting Japan. No wonder UnionPay has also become widely used here despite being known as a cash-only country. As of now, there are more than 400,000 retail outlets in Japan where you can use your UnionPay card and more than 70,000 ATMs where you can withdraw Japanese Yens.

Of course, it’s pretty easy to get a UnionPay card in Japan, as there are a lot of banks cooperating with this company. For example, you can easily get a UnionPay card in Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS, the biggest bank corporation in Japan. Sumitomo Mitsui, the second-largest bank in the country, also issues UnionPay cards, which makes UnionPay easily accessible for all UnionPay casino Japan gamblers. The other partner banks include such giants as Bank of China Tokio Branch, ICBC Tokio Branch, Travelex, and ANA. You will be also happy to hear that Origami Pay, one of the most popular mobile payment services in Japan, links with UnionPay to extend the services beyond the country’s borders.

With so many UnionPay possibilities, it shouldn’t be a problem for a Japanese gambler to access a Japan online casino UnionPay and make a deposit. The only roadblock is the legal status of online gambling in Japan. While lotteries and some skill-based games are allowed in the country, all online games of chance are prohibited. That’s why the only way for Japanese players to gamble online is to look for foreign gambling sites that use UnionPay and welcome players from Japan. If you are also looking for a decent Japanese online casino using UnionPay, we recommend you to take a look at the list of all Japan online casinos that accept UnionPay as a payment method.


Though most gambling forms are legalized in Canada, online gambling still remains in the “grey” area. It’s not prohibited not legal. There’s no local regulatory body to issue the licenses to the online casino operators. The exception is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which is the only authority that received permission to license gambling activities within the Mohawk Territory. Just like in the US, each Canadian province can legalize or ban any online gambling activity. Anyway, Canadian players are not restricted from visiting the gambling sites that accept UnionPay as a banking option. They can easily play at the Canada UnionPay casinos that are licensed either by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or by any other reputable international regulatory body.

If you want to make a UnionPay casino deposit in one of the best UnionPay casinos in Canada, you should have a UnionPay card. Since the number of tourists from China is sharply increasing, Canadian gamblers can easily get it in branches of Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China that are located in the biggest provinces, including Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta. There are also many ATMs in Canada where you can top up your UnionPay card and then use it to make a deposit in the UnionPay online casino Canada or other gambling sites. By the way, if you are looking for a decent Canadian online casino UnionPay, we recommend you to check out the following popular gambling portals:

The full list of the best Canadian online casinos can be found on our website.


Most Malaysian players have Visa or MasterCards credit/debit cards. However, since the trends are changing in the global payment market, UnionPay is confidently taking the lead, outrunning the world-know payment providers. UnionPay entered the Malaysian market by establishing working relations with one of the biggest local banks – Public Bank Bhd. Nowadays, more than 90% of ATMs and thousands of retail outlets in Malaysia accept UnionPay.

As for Malaysia UnionPay casinos, players can easily access foreign gambling sites that accept UnionPay as a payment method. Online gambling is not regulated in Malaysia yet, as there are no references to it in the country’s Betting Act of 1953. That’s why the UnionPay best casinos that accept gamblers from Malaysia are regulated by international authorities. So, Malaysians can visit any Malaysian online casino UnionPay they want, make a UnionPay casino deposit, and start gambling.

Benefits of Using UnionPay as Online Casino Banking Method

Of course, UnionPay has many strengths and advantages, which make it worth using at online casinos. There are a lot of another debit/credit/prepaid card providers in the online casino industry, that’s why UnionPay tries to stand out and keep its services at a high level. Now, let’s see what makes this option so convenient for casino players.

Help With Managing Expenses

UnionPay allows you to make a casino deposit easily, with keeping an eye on the amount of money you spend on UnionPay online gambling every day. As you know, gambling is fun, but it sometimes becomes a problem for some UnionPay online casino players. That’s why it’s pretty important to manage your spendings wisely and understand how much of your monthly income goes on playing casino games. With most online wallets and other online banking systems, it’s almost impossible to keep track of your expenses. When using UnionPay, you can not only control the amount that is spent on gambling but also stop yourself from overspending, as there are certain upper limits applied to UnionPay deposits by the online casinos accepting UnionPay, the amount of money on the UnionPay prepaid cards is limited, and there are self-limitation options available for UnionPay users.

Global Coverage

UnionPay has already stepped out of China borders and become a recognizable banking option in many countries around the world. More than 65 reputable international financial institutions are closely cooperating with UnionPay in order to ensure the highest quality of the UnionPay services around the globe. Now, the holders of the UnionPay cards can easily use their funds in different countries, in different retail outlets, and at different UnionPay online casinos, thanks to a single network.

To be exact, UnionPay can be smoothly used by casino players from 174 countries and regions around the world, which makes it one of the most accessible banking methods in the online casino industry. Of course, there are some roadblocks on the way of becoming the world-leading payment provider. For example, UnionPay was used by scammers in the underground banking in Macau. It was also caught on offering its services to North Korean gamblers (at least, that’s what local news portal claims). Of course, all these events put a dark spot on the company’s reputation, but UnionPay is still regularly expanding its coverage, introducing its services to new markets and adding new territories to its list. So, your country is also likely to be on the UnionPay list.

High-level Security

To make transactions completely safe is the first priority task for the UnionPay company. It uses advanced data protection technologies in order to avoid third-party interference in the payment process. The company holds the valid encryption certificates, which proves that it protects the personal and financial information of its users from being stolen. UnionPay also uses other security measures so that you can be sure than all your deposits made in online casinos that accept UnionPay are safe and protected. There’s no way cybercriminals can steal your sensitive data or use it for their own purposes. However, you should also make sure the online casino you are playing at is well-protected and uses all the necessary security layers.

Cons of Using UnionPay Casino Deposit Method

Now, when you think that UnionPay is one of the most convenient and the best banking methods out there, we should add a small fly into the ointment, as the service has some considerable drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Personal Information Disclosure

When making transactions with UnionPay, you automatically agree with all the Terms and Conditions of the service, which include disclosing personal and banking information. It means that UnionPay gives the casinos access to your sensitive data. That’s why many players want to avoid this option when it comes to an online casino UnionPay deposit. On the other hand, all UnionPay online casinos that can be found on this page are well-protected with the latest firewall and encryption technologies that prevent your personal data from leaking out of the gambling website. If the casino you are playing at is safe, then all your data is safe either.

High Fees & Low Deposits

Since UnionPay can be used in 174 different countries, it should contribute its services to many financial institutions. The latter, in turn, may differ significantly in charging fees so that the price for using UnionPay may be different from country to country. Besides, the local tax policies also influence the size of fees you pay for using UnionPay. Another big disappointment is that most UnionPay casino online sites impose strict limitations on the deposits made with UnionPay. Probably, they want to keep all the UnionPay transactions under the radar because of the personal information disclosure we have already talked about. While for casino beginner it should not be a problem, the high-rollers looking for making huge bets are unlikely to stick to UnionPay.

UnionPay FAQ

Is it Safe to Gamble at UnionPay Casinos?

Many players get worried when it comes to disclosure of personal and banking information. However, you can be sure that UnionPay uses high-tech firewall technologies and advanced encryption protocols in order to keep all your data safe. As for the UnionPay online casinos, all the gambling websites listed on this page are absolutely safe to gamble at. Each of them is licensed and regulated by no less than one reputable gambling commission and is thoroughly tested by international and world-recognized auditors. The UnionPay online casinos are also using the latest SSL encryption technology, which makes your sensitive information double-protected.

Are UnionPay Deposits Instant?

Without any doubt, UnionPay deposits are completely instant. First of all, UnionPay processes the payments with a matter of seconds. Once you confirm your deposit at the casino’s cashier, your money will be immediately withdrawn from the UnionPay card and sent to the gambling website. Second, all UnionPay online casinos are also offering instant deposits, which means that your casino balance becomes topped-up as soon as your funds are withdrawn from the UnionPay card. You can start playing for real money immediately after the deposit is confirmed, without waiting until some extra verification procedures are finished.

How UnionPay Casino Works?

If you are not a newcomer to the online casino world, then getting started at a UnionPay casino won’t be that difficult for you. As usual, you will be asked to sign up before you are able to play for real money. After the account is created and the verification procedure is passed (if needed), you will have to make your first deposit. What you have to do is to open the banking page, choose UnionPay as a deposit option, and enter all the required banking details. Once the deposit request is submitted, your money will be immediately sent to the casino, where you will have an opportunity to play your favorite casino games right in the browser.

Do All Casinos Accept UnionPay Deposits?

Unfortunately, not all online casinos accept UnionPay deposits. There are several reasons for that. First, since there’s some risk involved in the disclosure of personal information, some online casinos prefer not to include this option into their lists of banking options in order to make their players hesitate about the safety. Second, UnionPay is not available for casino withdrawals, which makes it not really favorable for both players and online casinos. Furthermore, UnionPay was initially focused on the Asian market. However, it is now accepted in 174 different countries, so we are sure that the number of UnionPay gambling websites is going to grow very soon.

Can I use UnionPay for Winnings Withdrawals?

One of the biggest drawbacks of UnionPay is that you are not able to use it for withdrawing your winnings from online casinos. Just like many other pre-paid cards, UnionPay cards can be used for making casino deposits and for buying some other products or services online. However, there’s no way to top up the UnionPay card since it has no required banking details. So, if you make a deposit with UnionPay, you will have to look for an alternative withdrawal method. In most casinos, you will be offered to withdraw your winnings using debit/credit cards, e-wallets, online banking systems, or direct bank transfer.

Do UnionPay Gambling Sites Offer Bonuses?

Absolutely all UnionPay gambling websites, without any exceptions, offer different types of bonuses and promotions for both new and returning players. You can take advantage of various bonuses, starting from free spins on the selected slot games to reload bonuses and cash-back offers. Each UnionPay online casino welcomes newcomers with tasty welcome bonuses that can include several deposit bonuses, free spin packages, and even some comp points. You will also be offered to benefit from different daily, weekly, and monthly promotions that are being regularly updated so that you will always have something new to try out.
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