Three card poker online is one of the many poker games you’ll come across. Its origins go back to the mid-1990s, in Britain, where it was known as Brag.

At that point, an English professional poker player, Derek Webb, found the game too slow. That’s when he came up with this poker variation. Years after that, it came to be known as three card poker.

This poker variant offers a unique gaming experience since you only get dealt three cards. There are different strategies players find useful when playing this game. Whatever you choose, you can enjoy this poker online variant at the best online casinos for Canadians.

As a plus, these games are also accessible on platforms that support mobile apps, where the rounds are even faster due to automation of the card shuffling and dealing.

If you’d like to indulge in this game online, several Canadian-friendly casinos offer it. But how do you land at the right one? That’s why we’re here.

We check various online casinos accepting Canadians to determine whether they’re worth visiting to enjoy this game. Here are some of the things we check before we add a platform to our recommended list.


Any casino worth visiting needs to have a license from a recognized regulator. That includes renowned regulators like the MGA, the UKGC, and Curacao eGaming, among others.

Platforms that fall under these bodies are safe enough for Canadian gamers. That’s because they specify strict rules regarding matters like:

  1. Fairness of games
  2. Player security and privacy
  3. Use of secure banking methods

Banking Options

The more available banking options there are, the better. Besides giving players several options, we also check the accepted currencies and whether the site has Canadian-friendly options like InstaDebit, among others. The available payment solutions also inform us of the level of security transactions have on the site.

Game Variety

This poker option has several variants available. The casinos we list must have an impressive variety of releases for us to recommend them. Besides that, we also check the table bet ranges. Different players have different preferences. So if a casino accommodates both high and low rollers, then we’ll let you know.

Payout Speed

Part of the thrill of casino gaming is being able to win, and get your payouts, whenever you need them. That’s why we also check how quickly a payout gets processed after you make a request.

Mobile Experience

Online casino gaming is about giving players convenience with their gaming activities. You’ll notice that all the casinos we recommend have mobile gaming solutions available. That’s either through native apps or an instant-play browser option.

Why Play 3 Card Poker Online?

3 card poker online is a fast-paced game. You can expect to play a minimum of 70 games in an hour at your chosen casino. The best part about this game is that you stand to win often, based on the house edge, which can go as low as 2.2%. You’ll only need a few beginner tips on how the payouts work before you get started.

How to Play Three Card Poker Online

If you’d like to practice poker, this variation is one of the easier ones to understand. It plays out on a setup similar to a Blackjack table, using a single standard card deck. To get started:

  1. You need to make an ante bet. You can also make a Pair+ bet at this time if you’d like. You can also opt to make a Pair+ bet rather than an ante bet though it has a lower hit rate
  2. After that, you and the dealer will receive three cards each. Both hands get dealt face down. The game starts with the player to the dealer’s left and ends with the dealer’s play
  3. If you made a Pair+ bet, it gets paid out immediately after you receive your cards. If you didn’t, then take a look at your cards. Based on what you have, you can decide whether to fold or to continue with the game. If you choose to fold, then you’ll lose the money for the ante bet
  4. If you proceed, you’ll need to make a play bet equal to the ante bet
  5. Wait to see if the dealer qualifies. For this, they must have a Queen high or better. If they do, then you both flip your cards to see who wins. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, then the ante bet gets refunded so you can start a new round

Three Card Poker Variations

Just like with other poker selections, 3 card poker comes in several variations. The 3 card poker rules for each option vary slightly. Ensure you familiarise yourself with your chosen variant’s rules before you proceed to play.

This is a popular variant in Macau and is also called Fortune Three Card Poker or Q Poker. In this alternative, players have a higher house edge of 2.5% at play during each round. Besides that, a 5% commission applies to all winnings.
With gameplay similar to this poker variation’s regular game, this alternative is one of the more popular options since your odds at winning are better. The difference comes in the size of the play bet. Unlike other variants, this version allows your play bet to be up to 3x your ante bet if you have a pair or better.
Also called Face Up, this variant is mainly popular in California. There’s no qualifying hand for the dealer who also gets their cards dealt face up. That increases the house edge to around 4.30%, with some casinos even charging a 1% commission on wins.
Three Card Prime maintains most of the original version’s rules. However, you get the bonus bets Six-Card, Prime, and PairPlus. You also get a bad beat payout which is a free payout that players get when they lose with a straight or better.

Bet Bonus Variations


It is the most common side bonus bet you can see at Three Card Poker tables. You will get a payout on this wager when you have a pair or better. This is a separate bet that the player can make with Ante or even instead. There is a circle above the Ante box, the chips must be placed there. This is a kind of bet, where you bet on what you get a significant combination. Usually, the size range of Pair-plus and Ante at the gaming table is the same.

AntePair Plus
Straight Flush9:140:1

Ante Bonus

A bonus contribution, which a contestant may wish to make for extra winnings when he has a straight, square or straight-flush in his hand. This contribution is made prior to the hand, as is the initial ante. By participating in casino contests, it is possible to win.

Straight Flush4:1
Four of Kind3:1

In three-card poker, players have the opportunity to get a bonus payout, and you don’t need to place an extra bet to do so – just show the dealer one of the bonus combinations. These include straight, three-card and straight flush. The bonus is paid out regardless of the dealer’s game combination, as well as its strength.

Bonus payouts can also vary, and the table below shows the odds range.

Three Card Poker Strategy

While you learn how to play 3 card poker, you’ll come across a few strategies aimed at helping you win more real money. Although using gameplay strategies isn’t an exact science, some tactics can help you lose less often.

Before learning any gameplay tip, ensure you know the rules of the game you’re playing. With this variant, there are two commonly used tactics you can follow:

The good thing about playing at online casinos is you can find free 3 card poker modes. These help you learn the gaming ropes without you spending anything in the process. It’s also a good way to test how effective these strategies are.


What’s the best hand in 3 card poker?

The best hand possible while playing any version of this game is the Straight Flush. That’s when you land three same suit cards in sequence. Though the probability of landing this is low, about 0.22%.

What are the odds of winning in 3 card poker?

Depending on the variation you’re playing, the 3 card poker odds you find may vary. The odds range tends to be around 96.7%. However, some side bets can bring down your winning odds to around 81%.

What is the best strategy for 3 card poker?

Different players use different strategies when playing. However, the most commonly used three card poker strategy is the Queen-Six-Four. With this, you would need to fold whenever you land card values lower than Q-6-4.

Why three card poker so popular among Canadians?

The player receives only three cards, from which “cut” versions of classic poker combinations are made. Three types of bets, independent of each other, are accepted. The gameplay is fast, and the optimal strategy is very simple. At the same time, the RTP is quite high.
Adam Lane
Site Editor at CasinoHEX Canada

Adam is an editor at CasinoHEX Canada. He checks dozens of online casinos daily. Adam’s career as a professional gambler started almost 10 years ago.


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