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Caribbean Poker online gambling has been around for decades. Playing the game involves players receiving five cards from a single card deck to create their hands. The best part about this version is that the game is against the dealer, not other players at the table. While online, you can play either live or virtual options.

Caribbean Stud Poker is said to have come about in the 1980s. The details of its origins vary, depending on where you get your information. However, it’s clear that this game was first experienced by players in Aruba. Hence its name.

Best Caribbean Stud Poker Site

Once you’ve decided that this is the best online poker variant you’d like to play more of while in Canada, then come to us. We have a list of recommended online casinos that offer real money Caribbean Stud Poker. That way, you can also earn real cash while having fun.

The sites on our list are numerous, all with different perks to suit your unique gambling style. So take your time searching for the perfect fit. To know more about individual sites, go ahead and read the reviews. We have a rigorous vetting process where we check various aspects of the casinos we list. To review and rate each real money Caribbean Stud Poker website, we follow very strict guidelines:

Why Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online?

Caribbean Poker games are among the easiest poker options to play. That’s because you only compare your hand to the dealer’s. Wagers online are also considerably lower than at land-based casinos. Plus, you can make a side bet on the game’s progressive jackpot. Besides that, online versions are plenty and offer free game modes you can use to practice.

How to Play Carribean Poker

Before you decide which gaming sites you’d like to sign up at, you need to know the rules of the game. Learning how to play Caribbean poker is easy since the rules are straightforward. To get started:

  1. Make your ante bet. You can also make an additional progressive bet
  2. You’ll then receive five cards. The dealer will get four face-down cards and one that’s face-up
  3. Check your hand and decide whether to fold or raise, based on the dealer’s face-up card. If you fold, you forfeit the ante bet you made and the hand you got dealt
  4. If you choose to raise or call, you’ll need to make double your ante bet
  5. The dealer will then reveal their cards. They qualify if they have both A and K high. If they don’t, they’ll lose to you regardless of your hand. Your raised bet gets returned, and you receive even money on your ante
  6. If the dealer qualifies, then you compare your cards. If they have a better hand than you, you lose all your wagered money. But if your hand is better, you’ll receive even money on your ante

The raise bet will then get paid out according to your hand’s value on the paytable. That’s as follows:

Royal Flush 100:1
Straight Flush50:1
Full House7:1
Two Pair2:1

In case you and the dealer tie, all bets get pushed. Also, if you made a progressive bet, it’ll get paid out according to the paytable. However, a Royal Flush will earn you the entire prize pool.

Even with these in mind, it’s good to practice as much as possible on the free titles. That way, you can understand how the strategies and rules work. Once you feel you know the ropes, sit in on a live game to see how other players tackle the game. Then, you can consider playing some real money rounds.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Whether you play Caribbean stud virtual or live casino releases, strategies are necessary to give you an outcome that helps you lose less. We cannot say which the best online gambling Caribbean Poker strategy is.

That’s because every game round requires a different approach based on the hand you have and the dealer’s revealed card. However, here are some of the tips we’d recommend based on how your game proceeds.

Caribbean Stud Poker Basic Strategy

With this strategy, there are only two points to remember. It’s the easiest strategy for new players to use as they learn more about the game. The two points are:

  1. Never fold a hand with small pairs – That’s because the pairs can be valuable against the dealer’s hand
  2. Always fold weak hands with less than an A or K – Since that’s the dealer’s expected qualifying hand, anything less than that is sure to lose

Caribbean Stud Poker High/Low

At various online casinos, players can find this variation, which allows them to either place high or low ante bets. You can use such platforms to make bets that can help you get the returns you’d like. For higher wins, tables with high limits, sometimes up to $500 would work. For low limits, players can pick tables with ante bets as low as $0.10.


A progressive jackpot is a prize pool that accumulates with each player’s progressive bet on the game. Winning the jackpot here requires you to have a:

  1. Flush
  2. Full House
  3. Four-of-a-Kind
  4. Straight Flush
  5. Royal Flush

Since you can’t know when these will get dealt, we’d advise that you don’t make a jackpot bet. That’s unless you’re feeling lucky during that particular game session.

Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker is a variation of Caribbean Stud that enables you to try and create the hand you desire. The rules are the same, except that you can discard cards you don’t want from your dealt hand at a cost. Switching one card will require an additional 1x your ante bet, two cards will need 2x your ante bet, and so on. You can do this for only five cards which will cost 5x your ante bet. However, the amount you spend swapping cards doesn’t get added to your bet amount. You cannot win it back.


  1. Ante wager. It’s the wager placed before any card gets dealt at the start of the game.
  2. Bet wager. It’s an extra wager that’s double the player’s ante wager.
  3. Fold. This is choosing to leave a game round after all cards get dealt.
  4. Hand. These are the five cards that each player gets dealt.
  5. Qualifying hand. It’s the dealer’s hand holding at least an A and K high.
  6. Stub. These are the remaining cards after everyone’s received their hand.
  7. Suit. These are the four card categories of diamonds, hearts, clubs or spades.

Caribbean Stud Poker FAQ

What Is Caribbean Stud Poker?

It is a poker game variant where you get to play against the dealer, not other players, to see who has the best hand.

How to win Caribbean Stud Poker?

Whether you’re new to this game or you’re a professional, knowing the rules and having the right strategy is the best way to try and win.

What Is The Casino Advantage Playing Online Caribbean Stud Poker?

While you play this game, the strategy used determines the house edge, which can be anything between 1.81% and 16.61%.

Can I play Caribbean Stud Poker for free?

You can try playing a demo version of Caribbean Stud Poker game. Most of online casinos propose their gamblers to start from the free games to try their skills. Once you feel yourself confident and ready to win real money, you can start playing the paying versions of the games.
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